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Is it real or is it memorex?

The odd time, every now and then, I get a question about the whole “Gang Stalking” thing, I mean is it real? Are you all mental, and so forth. At this stage, I am not as worried, because I am pretty clear the vast majority are those who have not truly done any real research, investigation, and some are just there to keep agency profiles going in the background.

Informant System

At this late stage between information into the informant system, from several good sources, about how vast the system is, how far back it goes, how many individuals are truly getting onto the criminal informant system, and in too many cases for simple things, such as the young girl who became an informant, and not just an informant, a “drug informant”, because she had unpaid parking tickets, the informant system is no joke, is vast, in every part of just about every society, and has taken over more than anyone can image.

The research is there, on just how far back this system goes, how the system functioned in East Germany, how it’s affecting communities in America and other societies. Research from lawyers and other “credible sources” since that’s who some are willing to believe, and story after story, about lives affected by this system, such as the Rachel Hoffman story.

Threat Assessment Teams

Also the other part of the research on how files for monitoring are created, how local councils, workplaces, and communities work, and who and who can not create a file on someone. CEO of most companies can request such files be created, HR, officers, and other officials, local community if the person has a history, is acting out violently, such as the Jane Clift case, don’t hang up that phone too hard.  The list goes on. These files are not just used for monitoring, anything above a three is no longer passive monitoring, and thus people start to complain about being followed around, the Gang Stalking type themes, that weirdness in the background. That’s your normal variety Gang STalking, but combine that with some of the type these workplaces hire.


Some of these local monitoring types along with being informants, working for the local monitoring units are nothing but dirtbags that are also working for government agencies in the background, CIA, CSIS, and other agencies. These types, the ones that I have been unfortunate enough to come across have been nothing but scum bags, hired with specific purposes. Hired to be there in the background, disrupting, and destroying the lives of some of these individuals that are on such lists. These types are already working in the background, and these are the lowlives in some cases that give those unique instructions, “you are just going to bang into the target, just bang into them, we just want to see how the target reacts to stimuli” meanwhile it’s like the 50 blanking time the person has been banged into, and every other twit on the informant system has taken similar, or exact instructions. Frustrating, when you can find a way to listen in, and figure out what’s happening, it’s truly scary.

People in most cases, do not question what they perceive to be authority, they follow, and do exactly what they are told, or advised.

John St Clair Akawi

His story about his work with NASA, what he did for them, on a daily basis, and what they did to him after he left them, is one of the most compelling pieces of research from someone who over 20 years ago, could reference technology that was being used on a regular basis to monitor average citizens, much less 20 years later.

I have increasingly found, that his information could be verified, such information about such technology is now just coming to light, but he reported this stuff what like 20 years ago? So it’s all very interesting.

DT Stockton

The document has a lot of good information that I continually research, and try to verify, such as who is on the informant system, who they target, who got into the country by being on the informant system, are people in such situations given or rather previously where they at times given preferential treatment, because they could be controlled? Because honestly if it’s up to me, such as system would not be given preferential anything, it’s a Judas system, and it’s not the correct thing for anyone, it just destroys it does not hold people, communities, or things together, and it’s not a system that I would vote for, but if I could, it is  a system, that I would take over, and control someday, and that’s the best that I can say about such a system.

All in all, the research is there, what to believe it, great, if not, no skin off anyone’s back. Some people see the truth, trip over it, and pick themselves up, and keep right on going, if that’s you, and you have come across this blog, don’t worry about it. Maybe our paths would cross another time.

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