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There is nothing more admirable, adorable or astounding, especially when it’s in a young person. Take for example some of the following children.

Each adorable in their own right, or capacity, each with the potential to truly shine, and each with their own fan base or following.  The only thing is that when a child, or young person does have potential, it’s important to ensure that they are in the correct situation, and have the correct things happening to them. You want to ensure that those around them are the correct influence, and that the adults, or other young individuals around them are not exploiting them in any manner.

It’s important to keep an eye on these children, not only in the spotlight, but in the background. What goes on behind the scenes? Are they in the correct situations? If we as a society are going to continue to have children with such potential, then it’s important to be the watch guards of such children, the village, or friendly neighbourly hand, that helps guide, guard, and keep that watchful eye so that we don’t lose such children, with such potential.

JonBenét Ramsey . -She was the sweetest little girl, she had all this potential, but the child ended up, being molested as the report seemed to indicate, and she ended up dying. To this day, they don’t seem to know conclusively who was in her situations, or what exactly ended up happening, but she was a child with potential, who should not have been in such situations.

The problem with such situations is that everyone sees the spotlight, they see the shiny and effulgent of it, and they think that everything is fine, when everything is clearly not fine. Try as hard as I might, I never comprehend or understand why a child that age, had to be in such situations, or the adults around such children that are willing to exploit them openly.

She didn’t have to die, but all too often, children in such situations are openly used and exploited by the adults around them, and without much recourse.

People watch and openly think that the situations are cute, or ooh, just adorable, but behind the scenes the worst things are happening, all too often, and most individuals don’t want to get involved, but sometimes, just sometimes, maybe if they did, the correct situations could happen.

I think in her case even if people comprehended that she might be being exploited, or even molested, would they have done the correct things, would they have called the police, or child welfare?

She was from a prominent family, and would anyone have done the correct thing, if they know, or comprehended that the incorrect things was thus happening or occurring? With JonBenét Ramsey, I can only speculate, as I am not that familiar with the case, but the reality is people in such situations, often all too often, find it hard to get involved, get destroyed for trying to do the correct things, or just stay quite out of fear, whatever the reason, let’s hope other such tragedies can be averted.

This child, this beautiful child, had a great deal of potential, and it will never be actualized, because the individuals in her situations, or those around her, enabled the incorrect things to happen. (I am not going to comment on those beauty pageants, at this time, except to say I think they do more harm than good.)

Honey Boo Boo -The Child Rosey Donnell claims to be the next Shirley Temple.

Whenever I see Honey Boo Boo, I have to agree that she is adorable, but I think she is working a little bit too much, and that comes across as being exploited.

Don’t get me wrong, I think she is a lovely child, again a child with just so much potential, but I caught her the clip of her recently, where she is pretending to be asleep because she does not wish to answer questions, and I really wish someone would pull the child aside, and look into her welfare, to
ensure she is doing ok.

I think children in such situations at times are too often in some ways not doing ok, and they need the society at times to lend a casual ear, or a neighbourly eye, because that too often is what the situation requires, and that too often is what is not getting done.

I keep wondering if there is a safe way for this child to be in the correct situations, without what I see and view as exploitation. Even if she works the allotted hours, she seemed truly tried in that one clip, and yes she is a child and children do get tried, but I am wondering if we as a society are enabling the child to be in the incorrect situations, but continuing to encourage the appearances?

I think it’s great that her family wants her to be a star, what family does not, and she is seriously cute, and quite a character, but just ensure she is not being over worked, cause she’s still pretty young.

Grace VAn Cutsem everyone’s favourite internet meem. I honestly hope that the child is faring well after the Royal Wedding, everyone recalls this child, and even though I have not heard that much about her recently, or her family, it can be a real let down being in the spotlight and then having things go silent, dead. That can be a real let down.

“The 3-year-old is Prince William’s god-daughter, the child of his friends Hugh van Cutsem and Lady Rose Astor. She’s also the great-great-great-granddaughter of the famous New York lawyer and politician William Waldorf Astor, the man who opened the world-famous Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

Grace would be about 5 years old now, and see is forever an internet meem, but I hope that in real life, the child’s welfare is doing something suitable.

When we see children, or young adults with potential, it’s important to foster that potential, and nourish that growth, but at the same time, it’s important and relevant to ensure that they are truly in the correct situations, and not just the appearance of it. Prior to her passing, very few could have imagined, or even gleamed that JonBenét Ramsey wasn’t fully in the correct sort of situation.

(The JonBenét Ramsey (and Susan Smith) case reveals a pattern of trivialization of child molestation evidence.)

I hope as a society we do out due diligence, and continue to foster and nourish potential with the one hand, but keep a watchful and vigilant eye with the other.

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Indigo Ribbon Ballons

November is Indigo Ribbon Month

It’s that time of the year again, Indigo Ribbon Month is almost upon us, and it’s time for Targeted Individuals everywhere to unite, and raise awareness to the plight of Targeted Individuals, and the issues relating to the items faced by targets everywhere.

Every year we encourage targets to either light an indigo candle, or create a quilt affiliated with their plight, to aid with raising awareness. We also encourage Targets to create their own unique campaigns around the globe.

In recent years the campaigns have really taken off, and we hope to feature some of those campaigns, and initiatives on this website, along with updated quilts, and hopes and prayers for those Targeted.

Indigo Ribbon Day : November 23, 2012.

Indigo Ballons

This year for Indigo Ribbon Month, keep an eye out for them. This year the theme is Indigo Ballons, all across the city that you are located, keep an eye out for the Indigo Ballons. They are supporting Targeted Individuals, and they are coming to a city near you.

Taking Part

To take part, just visit your local party store, and you can purchase some plain indigo ballons, to take part. Blow them up yourself, or fill it with helium, and then release them, or carry them around. I am hoping to encourage a legitimate release of Indigo Ballons, on you guessed it, Indigo Ribbon Day. November 23 keep an eye out for those, bright, beautiful, ballons of hope. It’s your time. It’s your day.

White Ballons

Whit Ballons with Targeted Individuals, or Indigo Ribbon written on the ballons are also fully acceptable if you are unable to find or locate Indigo Ballons, but most party stores, or local malls, even dollar stores might have something similar.

As long as you are out there raising awareness, and getting the message out that is what really counts.
For more details, please visit the original site, or the twitter site.

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