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Local Monitoring Units and Frequency Suits

The Frequency Suits

As mentioned I first came across these items last year at some point, the
frequency suits seem difficult to image, they are basically transportation
suits, or as close to teleportation suits as can be without going over.

They enable a person to likely ethic travel using a frequency to be in one
location to the next. They seem pretty futurist, except when I first came across
them, they were being used by the local dirt bags in the community, these items
had been handed to some in the local monitoring teams. They were using them to
access homes, person, luckily the items do not enable you to steal things.

The reason why I first blogged about them was interesting, I had my own personal
reasons, but also one of these monitoring individuals asked me to mention it on
the site, he was familiar with the blog, and advised me that the suits were
being used in the community to rape, men, women, and children, and he wanted to
know if I could do something, to just mention them, so I mentioned what I could.

(It’s kind of funny, because even though I am what they hunt and place under
surveillance, or Threat Assessment Monitoring, that one person still understood
that I could maybe make a difference with my posting.)

Back then no one comprehended what they were, That was about a year and a couple
of months ago. At the time no one comprehended what the suits were, some
called them network suits, anti personnel devices, I just called them frequency
suits, which proved correct. I think I am the one that dubbed that nickname,
and based on the research it’s likely proven to be correct.

Some time later over a year now, I’ve been eligible based on some research
comprehend the suits a bit better, and the local individuals who do the
monitoring. Most of the one who monitor Targeted Individuals are as unfortunate
as they seem. One was assigned monitoring due to his parole officer giving him
the assignment, a local community pedophile, who is now monitoring a situation
with children. Another that I have come across, let’s call him Mike, is a local
head hunter, someone who is not on the monitoring teams perse, but works with
them, a head hunter who get’s hired by corporate companies such as CIBC, Rogers,
etc. To get rid of the problems they can’t officially make go away.
The other two low lives that I have come across are a couple, that are a real
piece of work, Andrew and Lisa, not necessarily their real names. From what I
have been eligible to research and gather on these two, they are what need to be
off the face of humanities burdens, two of the lowest creatures, I have never
met. They are pretty much strangers, would not know them by shight, but this is
the feedback that I have received. Two drug addicts, who conspired to remove
other surveillance team members by infecting over 30 men, and women with
a highly communicable disease. Raping others, because the male of this pair is alleged to
be a child molester, and rapist.

They have allegedly destroyed that many innocent lives for something called a
unit commander position, you have to comprehend these two creatures, the ones
they destroyed trusted them and called them friends, all they did was destroy
them, from what I have been eligible to gather in my research.

They have two children in the situation, and there have been allegations, that
they are harming the two children, in unsuitable ways. I came across these two
accidentally in my research into these monitoring teams, shift commanders, and
frequency suits, it’s been a heck of a year, this is the mire, I prefer not to
blog about, but it’s a necessary evil.

These are two individuals who utilize these frequency suits to do some of the
worst things to the community at large, they have no human decency whatsoever,
they are the type to laughingly request to take out a hit on someone, and not
think twice about it, to openly rape families in these frequency suits, to
destroy lives, and to use their situation within these monitoring teams to do
the worst things.

The worst thing about these two evil creatures is that they do all this low
bread nothing stuff behind the scenes, then pretend to be the correct sort,
cause if I’am in this situation, they are using the teams to open, files on
innocent people, and then destroying their lives, they also have access to men,
women, and children, that they ought not to have.

My feedback is this, these local community monitoring units, sent out by the
Threat Assessment Teams need an overhaul, in too many cases they are using the
lowest common denominators in the society, to do the monitoring, thus explaining
the home break in, and other dirty things that happen in the course of Targeted
Individuals being monitored.

The frequency suits need an overhaul, lowlives have access to these items,
lowlives that can utilize these items to do harm to innocent men, women, and
children in communities. Behind the scenes these are the sorts of things and
people they utilize to destroy innocent lives, and this is what needs to be
exposed, and this is what needs to discontinue happening.

The research into the frequency suits, which some use to call anti personnel
device, shows they likely trace back to the United States Military, and have
been utilized long enough to have made it to local monitoring teams, otherwise
there is no other research that I could locate on this topic.

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  1. Hello this Avery G. Anderson Sr. and I’m a victim of organized stalking and harassment with the use of electronic weapons with the V2K and cumputer to brain interface program attached alone with the terrorism. My attackers got a 24/7 system of attack on me by some people I actually a one time could have called friends but through their involvement with a ex of mine who work for some pyschologists at one time they felt the need to drop me into a Targeted Individual program very simular to that reported on the internet with all the tactics and deception. I’ve found that my old job for some reason is in on the crime. This info I got from recording people talking thru my a/c vents, tapping into my phone and recording my surroundings when I was at the job to meet with the human resource manager whom according to some of the people I’ve recorded claim that guy is an organizer orchestrating the attacks and telling others what to do. A lot of this data I’ve turned over to the local police and the GBI plus I’ve let a lawyer listen to some of it and she called what they’re doing a legal tort known in the legal field as ” INTENTIONAL INFLICTION OF EMOTIONAL DISTRESS” she also said that they maybe also violating my civil rights. She wrote a summary of what she heard and I gave a copy to the GBI. The situation is tough and the people are very cold but hopefully help is in the future for those of us dealing with this hedious crime against humanity. I would like to continue hearing about anything that can stop these criminals. Thanks


    Comment by Avery Anderson | September 22, 2012 | Reply

  2. time taken for this necessary device, great informative!
    stay eligible!!!

    Comment by lappdq | September 23, 2012 | Reply

  3. It’s more likely that the psychopathic US Airforce losers are assaulting you with magnetic waves to make it appear that way. They can completely disable your brain and body with magnetic wave weapons from their jets and essentially it works like the date rape drug. It doesn’t allow them to transport from place to place it just messes with your memory and body like date rape drugs that make you unable to fight back or remember properly.

    Comment by April Cahill | September 24, 2012 | Reply

  4. Somebody is trying to kill my family,and i can’t get any help.they have it my f das mily too.
    They talk thru my body like s vantrilquist,snd i hsve haf himnoid technology on ke.i sm something to god,smd am being paitent as i habe been controled my whole as i can see in thos mood motification room.this could possible cause harm to the country as a penalty.i would to get protection and to a hospital to get this black majic virtual stuff and chemicals out my body

    Comment by Andre cheatom | September 26, 2012 | Reply

  5. so…are you clinically insane, or just off your meds?

    Comment by what | October 1, 2012 | Reply

  6. Hello. I have glanced over the thing about the suits. Gangstalkers -Please ~ They negate the respect that the Gang Stalking World website has: they are feeding negative things – misinformation – in through +representatives! Never take this !

    Comment by Brian Connors | October 1, 2012 | Reply

  7. Hi, when I read your blog it sent shivers up my spine. I have received the same information via MKULTRA, V2K. I have been raped in my sleep with no recollection of what happened but just the aftermath. I have found paraphernalia around my room such as rape kits, loose Advils, a hypo needle etc. I am now unemployed because of my experience and homeless. Some of my perpetrators, Casey Christie, Harry Kim, Kelsey Carter and my old landlord Rick Willisand The Riverside Police dept. are getting away with the worst form of human slavery and crimes against humanity if they are not brought to justice. I refuse to be silent and I refuse to be a victim.

    Comment by deb | October 17, 2012 | Reply

  8. How dare you mix etherial David Icke stuff with the seriousness of Gang Stalking and its Police State implications that will affect all of us soon. Gang Stalking is not some UFO or paranormal stuff; not when they train teenagers in all localities follow citizens. Citizens who they have turned into victims and the object of harassment.

    Comment by jk9267 | October 23, 2012 | Reply

  9. What I say here has to do with a new situation and many people have been targeted. It is called receiving the same annoying phone calls everyday. You may be familiar with “Rachel, from card-holder Services.” The FCC took their sweet time cracking down on this one. Robo calls and automated calling. Because of the nature of the calling, money does not seem to be it’s sole objective, rather to annoy people. The thousands of complaints are gowing into hundreds of thousands of complaints a the FCC claims it can’t stopped.

    If I may, consider the following as a motivation: Sixty Congressmen admitted to be Socialists, we have a Communist president, not to mention the Marxists in all government positions, who believe in chaos to achieve their goals. By targeting hundreds of thousands of people for harassment by “annoying phone calls from busineses” their goal may be to get us mad at the system that has kept us free. Isn’t strange that the victims of these annoying calls can’t seek relief from the business themselves, because there is no way to communicate with them.

    I have also been an victim of electronic harassment in more than one state. and, it’s tied to Army types in my case. More important, the different types of harassment has stopped in my case. I wasn’t afraid to go out and speak to Church groups and place paper in stranger’s hands in 3 states. Most of the literature I handed out tied this harassment to an experiment in building a police state. What I discovered is that by coming out of the closet, so to speak, and getting known the harassment stopped like it never existed.

    If you don’t like what is happening, put a stop to it. Don’t forget to put the blame where it belongs:the Marxists, the communists and especially the liberals who would not say boo to a Communist because it might offend them.

    Comment by jk9267 | November 13, 2012 | Reply

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