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Robot Sentient Project 2

The Robot Sentient Project

The Project is once again for those who missed it the first few times out of  the University of Boston Massetucettes? The program is managed by the director within that division, at least that’s the feedback I have from someone who claims to be affilated with the program.

My concerns with this program are many. I think again the program is interesting, the fact that you can seperate a persons spiritual layers, and enable others to interact with them in a remote fashion. The difficulties I am having or encountering with this program are, enduction into the program, and ensuring that the guidelines, paramators and objectives of the program are meet. I assume they must have some? If the boundaries for this program are not meet, then will they have accurate results? Many social psychology experiments or programs have such paramators, and objectives, and I can only hope they had some for this program.

As mentioned some familiar with the program have taken to referencing to it as the Nazi Sentient Project, in regards to some of the allegid experimentations that are ongoing within this program. There is now also an unconfirmed rumour of the United States Military, Special Opperations Branch being loosely affiliated with the program, which I can neither confirm or deny.

What has been mentioned is this, the program started in the United States, recieved funding from various sources. (Rumour is that a possible royal source, assisted with funding the program, but what royal person in their right mind would do such a thing, so I am going to exclude that portion for now.)

The program enables someone to interact with the full spiritual being, and layers of an individual, for play, experimentation, invoked, evoked responses, it monitors a person activities, enables a remote user to see through a persons eyes, etc. Some of the stuff sounds awfully familar to items cited here in this report.

Moving forward, the items I am concerned with are the induction into the program, many have come forward to claim that they have been illegally inducted into the program without consent, consent for any such programs are to be granted in advance of the situation. The allegations are that such consents are not happening, before remote induction. Remember, men, women, and children are a part of this program.

When someone is interacting with an individual, or accessing their mind files, there is a world of difference in people’s or individuals views, values, expections, so for example, if a adult is interacting with a young child, their is room for explotation on a variety of levels, I know of no controls in place to prevent these types of exploitations.

Eg. Since you can have remote intimate contact, the child could be in jeporday that way, meaning being physically, and sexually exploited, being accessed by more that one individual or several, or I dare say a group of individuals and exploited that way. They could simply be exposed to someones explicit views that throws the child off his or her natural courses outcomes.

The other forms of exploition could be more subtle, eg. Individuals have different race, religions, gender, wealth, and life expectation in general. Depending on whom one is interacting with, willingly or unwillingly, this could have horrrific consequences for an individual. Young girls could interact with someone who things pay equity is not a good idea, and they could litterally be influenced, taught or programed to not desire equal billing, or a place in this world, they could even be taught to be subservient without fully comprehending the effects of the interactions that are happening or occuring.

If you are one religion, eg. Of an orthodox religion, you might well be exposed to individuals that have not orthodox views and practices against your will, and because interactions are not voluentary, you may well be forced to interact in such manners unwillingly, or unknowingly.

If you have specific race related views, be it yourself or your children, you may be exposed to individuals you deem inappropriate, be it their views or values. Eg. Neo Nazi meets young black panther, or Black power movement meets young white supremsists, indivuals are entitled to their views, and image being inducted into a program, unwillingly where you interact with someone who has very different view, who has access to all your mind files, (mind files litterally means technology, similar to how MRI’s are used to access mind files, brain files, individual memory files.)

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  1. Free to Publish: Gangstalking Cartoon at

    Comment by Stefan Keith Howard | September 21, 2012 | Reply

  2. It exists. Know how it feels like. That’s near where I live. It is horrible -to know about it- but most what it can do.

    Comment by julia nhg | October 2, 2012 | Reply

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