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Day Break Cometh part 2

Robot Sentient Project

I have blogged about this before, but I was just getting some more updates, and I had a couple of scenarios that I wanted to throw out there.

Now as everyone knows who’s read the blog, it’s this type of experimental project that happening out of Boston Massachusetts The idea of the program is to turn humans into robots remotely. By turning them into robots it just means to be eligible or able to remotely manipulate their movements, speech patterns, vision, hearing, etc. The idea is for a remote host to enter the persons etheric, and other realms remotely, interact, and eventually take over some of the hosts functionality. Now it that wasn’t interesting enough, it actually enables some pretty intimate interactions between host and handler.

I am not fond of the program myself, but it does have interesting implications for humanities future. That’s the tall and short of it, now I am going to put a few scenarios out there, and see if this makes sense.

What if the people at the robot sentient project, started getting sick, let’s say something jumped from the etheric layer, or one of the other layers to the to the material layer, our flesh and blood selves, what would happen them.

Even if it was something like the rhino virus that could be uncomfortable for many people that are taking part in this program, knowingly and unknowingly. Because at the robot sentient project some are participating willingly, and some are not, so that could be a very uncomfortable scenario.

Also some people believe that at those other levels pre-existing beings get created, image if there were astral, or etheric being being created, because of some of those close interactions at the robot sentient project?

As mentioned before it rumoured the project is getting funded in part by two possibly royal individuals, who use the program to enhance their utter most layer, by literally utilizing other individuals etheric, astral, and other layers. Need better vision, a new soul, more graceful moments? This is the program for you. Sounds crazy, but that’s where the program is.

Now image if instead of the rhino virus something else broke through? I don’t know, let’s say H1N1, it’s so retro, and we haven’t even heard a peep about it online for sometime, but image if something like that broke through, hum?

Now I don’t know how many people are being utilized at the robot sentient project, I have heard anywhere from a few thousand to several hundred thousand, including men, women, and children, if the incorrect thing occurred, and God forbid that it did, imagine we could have another Spanish flu on our hands or something like that, but that’s only if something crossed over from one of those others layers, they are always assuring everyone that nothing ever will but, I think some additional monitoring would be the most suitable thing for this program.

Also with all the intimate contact that i am hearing about, I am wondering, and hoping that they are keeping the children away from the adult handlers, because things can get pretty sticky at times with such programs, figuring out who’s who and what’s not. Anyways it all sounds very interesting, and I will keep you updated, with the little tidbits that I get here and there.

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  1. What do ADS -weapons and assaults have to do with your article? Is their a connection..I think not. perp on man!

    Comment by Swstalkee | August 5, 2012 | Reply

  2. They HAVE to admit it now!

    If this is true I have been tracked since before 2010. But there are pockets of resistance: walk into a psycologist office, and sit on the waiting room. Do not prompt anybody for anything, until they ask you. When asked, tell them you need a session regarding paranoic behavior. This is resistance codespeak for “I am in on the thing.” Schedjule an apointment with the psychologist and play along, prying them for infromation on gangstalking. All truth shall be revealed. And the truth shall set you free.

    Comment by Batzarro | August 7, 2012 | Reply

  3. back when i was a pirate i was being gangstalked by a group of squirrels. They stole my acorn car!! They were driving me NUTS!!!

    Comment by j.h. | August 7, 2012 | Reply

  4. i thought i was being gangstalked because my whole family forgot my name but then i remembered a few days earlier i started calling myself Dragon because its way cooler and hadn’t told them yet. But yes, whenever you stare at someone for a long time because you know they are out to ruin your life, if they even glance back then you can rest assured it is true.

    Comment by oilyegg | August 7, 2012 | Reply

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