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I didn’t think he was serious

I didn’t think he was serious

I didn’t think he was serious. When the future king of England abdicated from the throne of England it came as a complete  surprise to many people in the nation, many were heart broken and it put the nation into a crisis until his brother stepped into the situation, but the reality is the situation didn’t have to happen. It occurred because those in the situation with him had been enabling him for so long, it was the only invariable conclusion.

When he started dating Wallis Warfield Simpson, a still married woman there was only one place the relationship could go, but then she divorced, and he was still serious about the relationship. Many understood he was serious, that he was dating someone not only deemed inappropriate, but if he was going to marry her, (which was never going to happen.) then he would have to abdicate the throne, but they just let him stay in the situation, because it was easier then dealing with everything else that was occurring or happening, and then what happened?

The King of England at the time passed away, and his heir apparent was crowned as the King of England, only to abdicate a short time later because he was serious about the Wallis Warfield Simpson situation. It caused turmoil for many, many felt betrayed, many didn’t see it coming, but there were so many others who did see it coming, who enabled the situation to continue for a really long time.

His friends toddied up to him for nothing, his entire social circle understood whom he was dating, and some understood what would happen once crowned King if he continued in such a situation, but they again enabled it to happen. Then the day came when the reigning monarch at that time passed away, and the abdication crisis happened, but it really didn’t have to happen, because enough people understood it, people who could have tried to put a stop to it well in advance, or they could at least had a contingency plan, but the Monarchy operate in a specific manner, and they do things the same continually. That means at any given time a crisis could be happening, could be getting enabled, and all but the unsuspecting public would never see it coming.

There are many interesting plot points with the situation including going so far as to threaten the King with being committed to a mental institution if he didn’t cooperate, once it was time to get him out of the situation.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil and all that, but honestly human stupidity and their enabling behaviour is equally disruptive, to the course of humanities future prospects.

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it?” ~ George Santayana
(The quote in the past has also been attributed to Winston Churchill)

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