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The Dark Monarchy

Best Script I Ever Read

The Dark Monarchy is seriously the worst script that I have ever read. It sort of takes place in an alternative type of universe, so everyone is sort of different than they are suppose to be, you basically have all these rich society types doing the incorrect things to everyone all the time, and no one is the wiser, and if they are the wiser they either go along with it because they have their own dark secrets to protect, or they are removed before the truth can ever come to light.

You have a bunch of weird subplots that are also happening, and this faux rich family that’s at the heart of everything. OUtside they appear to be rich and famous, but behind the scenes they are a mess, their lives are falling apart, they are sick with just about every disease on the face of the planet, and they are always being blackmailed, or blackmailing everyone to keep their dark secrets.

At the heart of the subplot is the main character, the young four year old god daughter *(Chase Van Busen) of this Paul Bernardo type character, who is being badly molested and abused every way possible by two of the characters, sort of these Karla Homolka, and Paul Bernardo types.

It’s a little like eating popcorn as you are reading it, the characters are as dark and twisted as they are suppose to be beautiful and glamorous. You have these unbelievable type situations happening, where most of the main
characters are working in a the prostitution industry, behind the scenes in some way shape or form, to help keep up appearances and stave off the blackmail that seems to keep happening throughout the series.

One of the main characters a Duchess we find out throughout the series literally slept her way to the top, to get into the position that she is in, but not only did she sleep her way to the top, but at some point in the series you find out that behind the scenes she was a call girl for hire, and was really servicing most of society in the background to get into the
situation. The plot is one of the most delicious ones I have come across in a really long time. It get’s delicious because the young Duke who is a complete psychopath behind the scenes discovers this dark secret, and finds out it’s something that was known to everyone but him, he then goes on this dark quest to eliminate anyone in the society who can prove this secret. In the mean time he is filled with his own dark secrets, including his inappropriate relationship with his young charge Chase.

As people discover these secrets, whom they can’t eliminate, they either blackmail or pay off, and in the middle of this is a young, vulnerable innocent little girl who is a the heart of this darkness, throughout the series you wonder if anyone who comes across the horror of what’s happening to Chase Van Metsem will ever do anything to protect this young vulnerable girl. The character at first reminds me of the Claudia type from interview with the vampire, until you realize this is a truly innocent person, being made out to look like a maid up doll, and made to seem much older than she
actually appears to be.

The characters that come and go in her world, are the same, pretty almost effulgent looking on the outside, but on the inside they are all dark and twisted, and all end up being a part of this dark and evil twisted sinister plot, of deception, and heartache for an unsuspecting child, and society at large.

The part of the plot that’s interesting is that in addition to blackmailing their enemies, socially eliminating them, or just plain murdering them, they also use these hired Threat Assessment Teams to remove their enemies from their outcomes. They are literally able to use their power, fame and influence to frame innocent people, that’s one of the parts of this dark twisted drama that’s most interesting. So throughout the series you have these innocent targets of these twisted individuals who use this system that’s in place to quietly, and systemically get rid of innocent people in the background, who have either come into contact with their dark secrets, or

who are going to be coming into contact with their dark secrets. Behind the scenes just about everyone sleeps with everyone else, some for personal reasons, some for revenge, some for blackmail, and some because they are being forced to work behind the scenes men, and women to keep their dark secrets. The plot is heartbreaking as it is delicious, when you realize that most people who come into the situation will never realize the truth in time to do anything suitable, or if they do, they often lack the fame, power, and the same social influence to do anything truly influential. It’s the most delicious plot every created in history, and it’s part of the darkest storyline you can imagine, because while the world falls in love with the outer facade of those in the situation, the inner world is this dark twisted labyrinth, that very few people get out of alive.


*(Chase is listed as Van Busen and Van Metsem at times throughout the series, background on this is that she ends up being a part of  two fairly influential families.)

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