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Personal Identifiers work

My personal identifier made my life easier. If you have not done so, do so now, set up your personal identifier. Just say “I want to set up my personal identifier.”

I was able to confirm that satalight vibrations are being used as a tracking tool to confirm location. I was able to confirm some of the information that was sent out about me.

The threat assessment teams use to be able to open files for the most trivial things, and now you can request that those doing the local monitoring of your file, have a personal identifier, as well. Also it’s a bit easier to confirm what’s being written when and why. Also keep in mind that these Teams can mislabel individuals, Eg. Putting someone on an international terrorist watch list, because they linked to a third party website, are just some of the things these teams have gotten away with in the past.

I would go into more details, but my recommendation is to try it for yourself, and see how it works. Basically if you are being targeted, request a personal identifier for yourself, and suggest that those around you have one, especially if they are still on a Threat Assessment watch list.

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  1. by website i do mean, A Spiritual place. All of witch sounds strange. Its like becoming a citizen of egypt if you know what i mean.

    Comment by Adrian | March 2, 2012 | Reply

  2. I want to set up my personal identifier. I got some of the best most conclusive video evidence out there, My family and I have been stalked for now over 2 years and in this time I have investigated many angles of this harassment which is suppose to be so called “undetectable” I will tell you this much… I have found that most of the perps surveillance is done via infrared technology and to view a clip or 2 of small taste i would like for you to view this link.
    Now please note only mention GHOSTS because I do not want no more added harassment. Nonetheless I can tell you even more extensively how this sort of technology is applied and used against people with 99.9% never even having a clue what is going on. Thanks for your more these are NOT supernatural but infrared bugging devices in action.

    Comment by don | March 5, 2012 | Reply

  3. I learned just last night that the main neighbor persecuting me and harassing at home and with EH from above lied about her profession. She is actually a Lawyer with the Attorney General’s office in Minnesota.

    She has all sorts of contacts with law enforcement, of course.

    Also the wife of another lawyer told me that what his being done is the “removal of my Civil Rights.” My digital files are really being messed with. A parking ticket showed all my correct data but listed my race as “unknown.” That might explain some of the skinhead stalkers. They must not be totally blind that I am white, and have stopped following me.

    I guess a lawyer would know how to do this. She has seemed the most innocent of all the neighbors though.

    She does want us out of here. The last tenant had a pet that peed all over the carpets and that woman died of cancer.

    I am not so scared as I was due to the fact that our nation is turning into such an open joke and the other countries seem to understand what we are turning into. At least it is not just me…

    I do believe that this is an elaborate scam and once they cannot cover this up anymore they will offer us “protection” from all these “criminal groups.”

    We are going to pay for this scam big-time by voluntarily giving up what is left of our privacy and civil rights.

    Comment by Just a Target | March 10, 2012 | Reply

  4. and yes I wish to be notified of comments… the other comments were great…

    Comment by angelica | March 17, 2012 | Reply

  5. dont feal bad i feal you i will do 113 fold to all those who did me that wau 4602

    Comment by andrew rodriguez | June 4, 2012 | Reply

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