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I have had a lot of experience of the last few years trying to control my dreams. Trying to unsuccessfully remove some unwanted elements, and trying to control what some of my dream characters did.


Like many others I wanted to be in control of what some dream characters did. I tried many things in my dreams and none of them worked. I am a very forceful character at times, and I like to get things done, I like to get things done my way. However what I learnt from my dreams is that when you try to control things it does not always work. In fact sometimes you make more enemies than friends. Control is not what dreams are for. Dreams are for the soul to roam free, to let loose. The things you can not and would never do in the real world are what the dream world is for.

To try to control characters and what they were doing was pointless and wrong. What worked for me was to encourage my dreams. Love the characters, try to correct them when I thought that they were wrong, give advise in my dreams, but ultimately let my dream characters make their own choices, and hope that they make the right choices. People can be controlled in two ways, by force, or by love. In Shakespeare love is what is used to tame, not force.

Even in dreams if you try to force things to go your way, they can back fire. I learnt to let my dreams flow, let the characters make their own choices but to love and be supportive along the way and that seemed to have worked.

Because dreams are just that dreams, you never know when you are going to accidentally snub someone, do something to hurt someone deeply in a dream. I often think at times there is a human shared consciousness. Where maybe people share the same dreams, even without knowing it. Morphic Resonance, a shared consiousness.

In the real world, or this realm I for the most part have control of what I do think, feel, how I interact with others, but in dreams not always. Dreams are a wild territory. I don’t always remember all my dreams. Sometimes you wake up happy and never know why, or sad, and you know that you have to go back to sleep and fix something that went wrong, correct something. That is what is so beautiful about the dream scape.

Anyways this was not about the dream scape so much as things that I have learnt. In this realm I interact with very few, so there should be very few who I could have offended, but who knows my dreams are so wide and varied that maybe along the way I hurt, snubbed, humiliated, someone deeply and for that I would be sorry. Deeply and heartfelt sorry, because my dreams have often been a place of contentment.

I wish I could control all the things that happened in my dreams, but I can’t. One thing I can do is pray for my dream scape, I know that sounds weird, but just like you would pray for things to get better in the awake world, I believe you can pray for things to get better in dreams as well.

I just wanted to share this, and make sure that any hurt that I have caused in my dream scape is rectified, and soothed away as much as can be.

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  1. One thought on dreams: I think a part of it is the soul going free though I am not sure how much of that we really experience subconsciously. I think and have previously heard that the brain organizes and sorts the information we have taken in during the previous awake hours during this time. It is somewhat like “defragmentation” on a computer where patterns are identified and things are grouped together for fast retrieval. It is your brain being efficient for you so that it functions faster and better during the day. I know this is not a spiritual outlook of dreams but this implies dreams could simply be conscious glimpses of a subconscious organizational process which could bring out just about anything from people to object to years earlier. I would say the conscious glimpses are the spiritual part as God or the soul is choosing when we would take a snapshot or few second view of what is going on in this rapid and complex process. Otherwise dreams are not formally remembered though they are authentically experiened as they are strictly in the subconscious. Conscious awareness is an important thing to think about. But certainly having someone tampering with your dreams is an assault on your biology and freedom and should be thwarted, neutralized and the perpetrators brought to justice.

    Comment by Gregory Morse | November 21, 2010 | Reply

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