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Gang Stalking World Updates

Updates will be back in the new year. In the mean time please enjoy the current content on the site. Emails will not be responded to until after the New Year. Thank you all for your patronage to the website, and I look forward to working with you in the New Year./”>[…]

Threat Assessment 101

It recently came to my attention that someone wrote a post titled “It’s not community notifications, either,” and this person thought that that they had discredited the theory of the Threat Assessment Teams and how they work./”>[…]

Bridging The Gap

Average citizens are being placed under covert investigations. Could you be a target? NO? Guess again, you might be surprised who is being investigated and why? If you value your privacy learn how the game is being played. Informants are all around us./”>[…]

John St. Clair Akwei vs NASA

John St. Clair Akwei vs NASA -A recap of this case from the early 90′s makes for very good reading. John St.Clair Akwei vs. NSA Ft George G. Meade, MD My knowledge of the National Security Agency’s structure, national security activities, proprietary technology, and covert operations to monitor individual citizens. for the Lawsuit filed […]

Gang Stalking vs Hollywood Star Whackers

Randy Quaid is claiming to be a target of what he calls “Hollywood Star Whackers.” He claims that other stars on on a similar type of hit list. Stars such as Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, and ofcourse Lindsay Lohan. Randy Quaid claims that he has been followed around, and that he has been scammed out […]

Support The Websites That Support The Research

For several years the Gang Stalking sites and Targeted Individual sites have been doing research to help Targeted Individuals, finding out what is behind Gang Stalking, how the networks are being set up and run. If you would like to support the research and service that has already been done, if you find it valuable then please support the sites and the research.[…]

How did I become a target?

How did I become a Target? Scenario 1 Work. Jane has been employed at Mcat Technotronics for several years, recently her and some co-workers have not been getting along. They have started rumors, moved her stuff around, and been hostile. Jane has complained to HR and finally an investigation was opened. All the co-workers denied […]

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  1. Have a great Indigo Ribbon Day. I think this will give you an idea of how many Targeted Individuals actually contribute to legit sites, vs supporting other endevours. I don’t believe for a moment that there are as many real targets as some would like to have you think, but there are a lot of shrills, and that is where it’s hard to separate one from the other. In either case, hope you have a good one.

    Comment by gangstalking | November 15, 2010 | Reply

  2. Mind rape is misleading in the title of the previous post (cannot post comments on it for whatever reason). Mind rape is being raped while conscious as opposed to being unconscious or sleep raped. “Mind rape” is better as this is not literal but figuratively speaking.

    Comment by Gregory Morse | November 16, 2010 | Reply

    • I was not trying to be misleading with the title. I was not aware that there was a difference between awake mind rape and unconscious, but now that you mention it, I guess that you are correct. I am not in the habit of reciting or sharing what happens in my dreamworld. I am sure there are some who think that I am quite the head case for sharing what is happening in my Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, and the things that I am recalling, but what is happening is so drastically different, that it’s worth reporting, because what I am experiencing, even though it is only while asleep is very similar to what has been described in the John St. Clair Akawi lawsuit.

      Also I was on another forum, and a guy had a similar even happen to him, and the images and types of things being presented in his dream is very similar, but thank you for the correction. I guess I could change the title to dream rape, but the point of the post was to say that I believe that the experience, even though it is only limited to R.E.M. sleep/dream state is worth reporting, because if it is what is happening, then this could be on going with others and it’s worth it to report.

      I can not imagine leaving an innocent person to go through something like this by themselves in their dream state or not. I did get the suggestion that a steel cased helmet or other might work, so I will see. I don’t like sharing personal things like my dreams, but they are so distinctly different than what is normal, and the physical headache that correspond to them was worth reporting.

      The only thing that I wish I had done naturally different is have far more research on this type of thing to back it up. Most people are so unsophisticated that they can not even imagine that Gang Stalking could be happening, much less electronic harassment, and what I reported, be it R.E.M. dream sleep or not has got to be hard to believe. I am sure most people will just think, well if it’s happening in the dream state, how can you be sure that you are not just having a series of different dreams, than what is normal? However my dream scape is so very specific, so very shall we say mapped out that there is very little variance. My dream states for the last few years have been fairly specific, but what I am hearing in the dreams, experiencing is what I have reported back, because they are different enough.

      I believe I will be able to make short work of what is happening, as far as getting this resolved, but thank you for clarifying this for me. I did not realize that there was a difference between calling it mind rape, vs dream rape. I will post this and make the correction.

      Comment by gangstalking | November 16, 2010 | Reply

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