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Mark M. Rich. Status Update

I have stated before that after my years online, that I can not vouch for any target, too often I find that they are not what they appear to be, but still, I found this status update compelling, and thought you might like to read it. I have decided to settle for just posting the links. The information may be genuine, but it may also have details that are not fully accurate, the reader must decide for themselves.


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I feel that some aspects of this mission are stagnating. In some ways I have done what was needed in exposing the upper echelon of what I believe is behind Gang Stalking, these Threat Assessment Teams then join forces with local appendages.

The local appendages are where you get all the strange and various different versions of what is behind Gang Stalking. Due to community oriented policing each area is governed differently, and when a target is stalked, they will be stalked in accordance to the area that they are in, so some areas it will be street gangs, others cults, other the mafia, others specific ethnic groups, or diametrically opposed groups, this could be also why some see criminals behind this, but others get chased by those in corporate suites, as I have pointed out, if you travel from one area to the next, one city to the next you will see the variations.

Some of these teams try to work as a group, so let’s say they will try to coordinate and dress in something with a military theme, baseball hats, ribbons, missing hubcaps, things to let them know that they are working for the same team, tracking the same subject/target. It’s all part of the lower monitoring process, that these teams use.

Anyways, I do feel in some areas a lot of progress has been made this year, but in other areas things have not progressed. I think when you are around the right people, the right places, the right circumstances come your way, and when you are not, well the opposite happens.

This year I have been lucky to feel that in spirit I was making the right progress and in the right places, but in flesh it’s just continually been the opposite, and that has not changed. I have not found the right circumstances to appreciate my unique character as far as being in the right places are concerned. When you are in the right places, around the right people, things flow, the right ebb, everything goes well, since early last year this has been true in spirit, but in flesh it’s the opposite and I need to fix that. Yes I know that I am being systemically destroyed, and the whole goal of that is to ensure that things don’t go well, that things don’t flow, but it is my belief that even with these odds stacked up against you, Karmically things can balance out if you are around the right people and places. Clearly I am not or there would be more of a flow.

Financially it’s been a challenging year, and that has to change. The last several years have been challenging, and this year has been more so than most. For many of us, there is no rescue coming in this regard or this capacity. The only rescue is what we make for ourselves. There are lot’s of people who want to offer aid and assistance, but if financial assistance is what you need, and that is not the aid being offered, then it does you little to no good. As I mentioned a well known author within the community has become homeless, and it’s just made me realize that you can put a lot of effort into saving others, but sometimes you need to save yourself.

Someone did write in to say they had offered him a place to stay, but he has chosen to try the streets because for survival I think he realizes that his chances are better. It’s really frustrating, because I know that over the years, I have been comforted by some of the material he has provided to this community, and it’s frustrating because the assistance he needs is not something that I am able to offer at the moment, my circumstances are too close for comfort right now, and I really have to ensure that they stabilize. At times like these it’s so easy to feel alone, even though I know there is a community, it’s a community who’s efforts at times support the shrill elements, while letting other elements out in the cold.

I am going to try to keep tabs, and hope he finds friends or others that he can stay with at least over the winter months, but having to share and live with others is still not a condition that any target really fancies seeing themselves in. Most of us are fairly independent, and as much fun as staying with friends and others can be, it also means giving up a great deal of independence, but most of us do not have huge resources that we can draw from, unlike many others.

On the other hand, I am sure that the truth is there, but many are reluctant to talk about it. For every break through like the Threat Assessment Teams, there is a drawback like Google suppressing the Gang Stalking search term.

The other target is very open, he has always been extremely explicit with describing all that they are doing to him, which I have always admired. I do share a lot of what is happening, but not all. There are some shocking abuses of power that I do not feel comfortable with sharing that are happening, but I know the risk that comes with being an activist and those are calculated risks that have to be taken if this is ever to be exposed.

So to sum things up, there are things that are going well, that are moving forward, but I have other things in my life that are stagnating, holding me back in a sense, preventing me from spreading my wings. I believe at my core that this happens when you are not aligning yourself with the forces or the resources that you need to align yourself with, so somewhere I need to take an introspective look at the things in my environment on all levels and assess what is not working, and correct that. So I am going to be spending some introspective time.

I feel that I have a lot of goodness inside that can be shared, but I also feel that a lot of that right now is being blocked and prevented, and I do wish to change this, so spiritually all that good that I have internally and I like to think that I have some left. I want to engender the circumstances that will allow that to come forth externally, that is my goal for the upcoming year. Yes I know, some wait till end of December for these little resolutions, but I like to strike while the iron is hot.

If you can do nothing else to be of assistance, then at least offer up your prayers at this time, they would be most appreciated.

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It’s all about the conditioning.

If you watch the strip search call prank, the girl in the video does not seem like the type of girl to take her clothes off, do naked jumping jacks, and then perform a sex act on a complete stranger. Even had an authority figure told her to outright over the phone, the chances are she would initially have resisted if that was her first command, but that is not what happened.

McDonald’s Strip Search Prank

First she was told she was being held due to a stolen pursue, then they got her to remove some articles of her clothing, but not all. Then a male was invited in to be guard, then he was told to have her perform little acts of compliance, all the while crossing the line. Even when the man’s fiance came in and saw that the girl was clearly naked, she turned a blind eye, because she believed an authority figure was pulling the strings over the phone. Remember they never see the authority figure, it did not even turn out to be a real authority figure, just some guy over the phone pulling a prank. This prank happened all over America, and almost every time, similar compliance was garnered. It shows that people will do what they are told, they will comply.

The Stanford Prison Experiment

In the second video the kids are told that it’s an experiment, they agree to it, but in less than a week, they are conditioned to think of themselves as prisoners, to snitch on each other, and the reason that the experiment ended early was the fact that the experimenter became caught up in the act, and the guards when they thought that no one was watching, were getting the prisoners to perform degrading acts, and synthesised degrading actions on each other. It took less than a week to condition them into compliance.

Many people on these forums talk very bravely about how they would not be conditioned how they would not comply if it came down to it, and there are some who really would likely not comply, but there are so many others that would comply, that would go along with doing what they are told without question. The airport body scanners are the first time as a society that you can see this in action. You have TSA agents doing what they are told, even if they disagree or think it’s wrong, they are going along with it. But then you have citizens who are going along with it and doing what they are told. They are being conditioned to obey. Stand with your hand behind your head. Stand still raise arms, and let someone touch you in an uncomfortable, or degrading manner. Let the same be done to your child.

Obedience To fake authority

Many don’t see it yet, but this is the early stage of conditioning. Once this is a success and goes through without any resistance, then other measures will be implemented. Many Americans can not see themselves as the type that would willingly be herded onto cattle cars, and lead off to reeducation camps, or holding cells, but the reality is, they are so conditioned, and are being so conditioned, that tomorrow if an authority figure told them that is what was needed, or necessary for the good of the country, the chances are that they would comply, much like they sheepishly comply in line to naked strip searches, degrading pat downs, and their children having to undergo the same. The young are being conditioned for compliance, by following their parents example. What fine examples are being set for the upcoming generation.

Pilot refuses naked body scanners

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I was just following orders

I was just following orders.

This was what the Nazi’s said. Why they were able to do horrific things to their fellow citizens. They were just following orders. Well TSA agents are just following orders.

I watched the pictures below. People submitting, a child with a grown man who’s hand is passing over his leg and possibly genital area. A woman who has her hand in between another womans breast. Another person who has her hand close to another womans posterior. Then the TSA agents who are telling people to stand with their hands behind their heads, and I realize much like Nazi Germany, they are just following orders. The orders are much more mild now, but this is how it begins. You start with small commands, and then eventually you can escalate to horrific commands, and the people are just so use to doing what they are told, and following orders, that no one notices when the line get’s crossed.

In the video what starts off as a simple strip search call prank, leads to a full scale sexual assault. The insanity could have been stopped at anytime by either the victim or the perpetrator, but both were too accustomed to following orders of an authority figure.

Under normal circumstans any male in our society would know better under most circumstances to never, and I do mean never be in such close proximity to a child, and never have your hands roming below the waist in such proximity, but under these new guidelines the TSA agents are just following orders and doing what they are told. So the question is, if they are told that they must do a naked pat down someday, will they follow the orders, touch naked body parts, will they still follow the orders?

How many of these agents will be abel to step out of line follow their conscience do what they know is right and stop following these orders? If the social psychology experiments are any indication, not very many, and no matter how horrific the orders get, the compliance will continue and that is how you train up a society to go along with horrific things.

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