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Your forums are infiltrated

Your forums are infiltrated.

I have been on several large forums latetly and the discussions are all the same. The people are talking about how the forums are infiltrated, how the quality of the conversations are not the same.

I have to agree with the forums that I have been to, the chatter on these forums, where once bright and intellegent, almost revolutionary, seem to be quite different now.

One forum that is listed as a conspiracy forum constantly makes fun of members who post conspiracies, or calls into question the mentality of anyone who would believe them. A lot of these forums were set up by intellegence agencies in the first place, and the rest that were not are so over run that they may as well have been set up my shrills. That’s how it’s working.

Hijacked threads, threads where the conversation goes off topic, nothing get’s done, you just waste your time. Good threads don’t go anywhere, no one posts to them. Or if a topic is discussed and a good point made, several posters will post in the thread till the useful or relavant point is off the main page. The people on the forums, know how to work, and control the boards, and it’s working.

I saw one forum, where they shamed the posters into shuting up about talking about a conspiracy. They made the posters feel stupid, and so the conversation almost died, till one poster pointed out what was happening.

I can tell you what use to happen on some of the organized stalking forums, where people would join, a real target would feel that they were being signled out for barbs, or a real target would afterwards realize this forum is not about activism. They would point out that it feels like something is getting done, but the forums are there to ensure that nothing is getting done, no real progress is being made, but lately it’s worst and worst, and this seems to be happening on many forums across the internet.

It’s something members of the various forums have likely noticed, but I just wanted to bring this awareness to the surface, so that it could be more readily discussed, and evaluated.

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  1. I am a victim of gangstalking and so is my friend and we went to talk to a pastor about it and he is a pastor for the police department and he didn’t act like he believed what was happening to us and what the police are doing and how they are harassing and bullying us and all he did was make up excuses for the cops and found reasons they said this or that or did this or that and so we think he is in on the whole thing they are doing and so guys like that could be infiltrating these sites and posting things. I wish we could find an attorney who would do something about all this stuff the cops and city hall and social services are doing to us.

    Comment by Margaret | November 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. The Moderator of the forum calls the shots. When the moderator is a genuine TI, or genuine, he will keep the forum clean from trash and keep it relevant. If the moderator is a secret intelligence or perp or black ops then all the perp sabotage you describe will be obvious.
    there is an additonal problem, me as a genuine TI, I get disconnected from genuine forums when I apply I do not get a membership confirmation from the moderator, so genuine TIs are blocked out from genuine forums, because we are under constant electronic intrusive surveillance, identity fraud and other black os, to keep us isolated and sabotage any good result potential.

    Comment by Joanna Iatridou | November 12, 2010 | Reply

    • I thought that this was the case as well but it’s not always true. If you run a small forum, and you moderate all the people, then it can be done, but then it get’s very labour intensive, eg. You have to put a lot of time into removing the informant vermin. I have been there done that. Even if you hire moderators who you trust at first, you can expect them to be co-opted at some point. A self moderating forum might work, but it also allows the shrills to vote for their posts and the posts of their friend, and they push their shrill theories and stories, while messing everyone over.

      I agree that if the moderator is good, then they can help keep a small forum inline, but it also means deleting a lot of shrill accounts, and the shrill register multiple accounts, pretend to be multiple people, much like on the ones that make comments on these posts, a lot of them are shrill and try to use the comments for their own bs propaganda.

      I would like to form a forum about the Threat Assessment Teams and finding solutions on how to get your F.O.I.A. from them, how to use lawyers, how to protect yourself if you can’t afford this, and talk about activism. The problem is a forum will take up even more time, and it just gives these loser shrill access to me that they might not otherwise have, they just can’t understand the fact that they are hated and despised. Oh well. Your suggestions are appreciated, but I have tried a lot of this. One way to keep the shrills away is to only discuss relevant topics, like the Threat Assessment Lists, it’s a bit like garlic for vampires.

      I also have your problem with registering at forums, and not getting approved. The real problem is there are a lot of them, and very few real targets. They support each other, form groups, eg. Fake groups, blogs, enquirer articles, and I am not even sure some of these homeless targets are real targets anymore. Like I said I know one girl that was a target, and then the next video she was using the one handed sign language, but they kept her on as a target, pretending, handing out good information with the bad, those ones are so hard to distinguish from other legit targets.

      What I do know is that people are better taking their own action. What will work for one will not work for another, some are lazy, scared, and one should not have to do everything.

      Comment by gangstalking | November 13, 2010 | Reply

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