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Randy Quaid. Gang Stalking Target?

Randy Quaid is claiming to be a target of what he calls Hollywood Star Whackers.

He claims that other stars on on a similar type of hit list. Stars such as Britney Spears, Mel Gibson, and ofcourse Lindsay Lohan.

Randy Quaid claims that he has been followed around, and that he has been scammed out of money by lawyers and others. He claims not to be mentally ill, and that close friends such as Heath Ledgar, and David Carradine, were killed not by accident, but as part of a conspiracy.

The claims sound almost too outlandish to believe, but if you did a bit deeper into the story, a pattern starts to immerge.

I don’t know about Hollywood Star Whackers, but I do believe that Mr. Quaid is in fear for his life, and he could well be in some kind of danger. He says he has been harassed for at least the last 20 years. This is what I think is going on.

I think Randy and wife Evi at some point in their past likely landed on a list. Eg. Under occupational health and safety laws, you can be placed on a monitoring list via what’s called a Threat Assessment Team.

The team will contact those around you and explain why you have been flagged. Unfortunately this type of monitoring can also systemically destroy your life. This is the part that leaves many claiming conspiracy.

A lot of people are on these lists, some who should be there, many others who should not. I think what the Quaids should do is hire a lawyer, one who is familiar with privy laws, occupational health and safety laws, and mental health laws.

From what I have read the downward spiral really started after 26 of his co-workers complained of verbal and physical harassment. Claims such as this in today’s society get reported, and this can get you placed on one of these lists by the threat assessment teams, and it can also serve to blacklist your life. The other sad reality is that people on these lists die, because the monitoring often crosses the line to targeting, and a conspiracy of sorts.

I don’t know for sure if this is what’s going on with him and his wife, but I do have a strong suspicion that this is the case. The targets of what I just described, refer to this as Gang Stalking. You can read more about threat assessment teams and Gang Stalking at this link.

Follow the information about the Quiads here.

To learn more about this phenomenon you can visit

Closing The Gap

Bridging The Gap

I know many do not yet take the concept of Gang Stalking seriously, many others live it every day and know all too well the conspiracy does exist. Being on these lists are leading to individuals being targeted systemically. In many cases the systemic targeting ends in death, suicide, institutionalization, jail, or social poverty.

This is the time that Targeted Individuals can now make a difference. November is Indigo Ribbon Month, it is the time to raise awareness of what is happening.

Only by sharing our stories one by one, till they can no longer be ignored can we get this exposed. When you can name it, then you can claim it. Gang Stalking sites have been working tirelessly to expose this conspiracy, with the help of those around us, this can be exposed, and the needless suffering of innocent Targets can hopefully stop, or be curtailed.

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  1. This website is designed to lure real gangstalking victims in and then try to convince them that the reason for this gangstalking has some legitimate purpose, like to protect society under occupational health and safety laws. But gangstalking has nothing at all to do with any constructive purpose. It is solely for protecting a privileged group from exposure so they can continue to enjoy the profits of human trafficking, drug dealing and on and on. There are plenty of violent people working for the police and military after all, right? Duh.

    Comment by Fuck You | November 4, 2010 | Reply

    • The purpose of this website is to get at the truth. The truth is that the reason our fellow sheeple go along with messing our lives into the ground is that they believe it’s for the good of society. The difference with this website and the rest, we tell the truth. The others don’t, or can’t.

      I have never debated the illegal stuff that happens within Gang Stalking at a ground level, all I am trying to do is ensure that the real finger get’s pointed. Also how the heck do you expect to get this stopped if we don’t have the real truth? Do you want target to keep going after vigilante Gangs? Or do we get at the truth and say this is what set’s off the targeting, this is what is behind it. The rest is who they outsource or higher out at these group levels for the remote monitoring. I have never arguded that a lot of this crap sparks of Behavior modification experimentation. Cointelpro tactics, etc. But what I have spent countless years researching, is to get at the truth, what is behind this.

      If target then understand that ok, this is what is being used, they can now added Threat Assessment Teams to people to request Freedom Of Information Acts from. They can now go to a lawyer and say, this is what I think is happening, what started it, the type of list that I could be on, and I want something done about it. For the police reports, or requests to human rights agencies, we can finger this practice, hold them accountable. That is all that I am trying to get done. I don’t see anyone else doing that. Yet I get all the slack, and when we do get a break through, or something does go right, those same disreputable people try to take the credit. Disgraceful, but that’s how this system works.

      Comment by gangstalking | November 6, 2010 | Reply

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