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How did I become a Target?

How did I become a Target?

Scenario 1 Work.

Jane has been employed at Mcat Technotronics for several years, recently her and some co-workers have not been getting along. They have started rumors, moved her stuff around, and been hostile. Jane has complained to HR and finally an investigation was opened. All the co-workers denied any harassment was ongoing. HR to keep the situation quite has placed the blame on Jane. She has been referred to the company psychiatrist. She has refused to go. The HR staff is now getting reports from those that Jane complained about, saying that they fear for their safety, and that she is a problem. HR worried about getting sued if Jane does act out violently has referred her to the companies, Threat Assessment Team.

The team reviews Jane’s file, past employers, social networking sites, family, friends. Jane lives alone, has few associations. The team has decided that Jane requires further monitoring. She is assigned a threat level, and monitored at work. A company psychiatrist has evaluated her remotely and diagnosed her as possibly suffering from a persecutory disorder, and suffering from a false belief that she is being persecuted.

Jane later acts out, get’s into a verbal confrontation with one of her harassers, and is put on probation. Jane decides to leave the job. The employer decides that Jane was very disgruntled, and alerts the Threat Assessment Team. The team decides that Jane requires further monitoring. If she acts out violently in anyway, and they did not alert those around her, they can be sued. Remote monitoring is soon to be set up around Jane. She is also given an elevated threat level.

Scenario 2. School

Raul has started college. He is getting comments and taunts, they don’t like his accent, he is a stranger to many people around him. Raul makes it clear that he does not appreciate the taunts, but this spurs on his harassers more. Eventually Raul and one young man get into a psychical altercation. All the harassers come to the defense of the harasser, placing all the blame on Raul. The student affairs department is notified. After this Raul notices increased harassment, and starts to complain. Complaint after complaint is ignored. Complaints to staff or about staff who are also taking part is ignored, and his mobbing continues. Eventually the Student Affairs department have his file sent to their threat assessment team, after some of the students express concern about his being around them, and that they feel uncomfortable or threatened. Raul is unaware of this, and just trying to get his mobbing stopped.

The Threat Assessment Team review his file, determine that he owns guns, and could be a real threat to the campus. They determine he might be suffering from schizo-affective disorder.The campus and those around Raul are put on alert, they are asked to not say anything, and to report any actions that might be deemed suspicious or problematic. Eventually Raul decides to leave the program due to the overwhelming harassment and lack of support, but since there is no way to tell if this now disgruntled young man will return, he is assigned to remote case file monitoring.

This means that those around him will be alerted, and asked to be the eyes and ears, and report any little incidents, or odd behavior. All the information will be logged and stored in a central database for processing, and review, by the team. Those around Raul are contacted made aware of the situation, and comply with the request for none disclosure as they are legally bound to do.

Scenario 3. Community

Emily Claft see’s a child ruining a flower bed, she confronts the parents, the father tells her off. She goes to her local council to complain, and the customer service rep over the phone is no help. Emily slams down the phone in disgust. She writes a letter saying that the woman was very unpleasant to deal with, she says she wishes the woman would drop dead, and feels that if they had been in person, she would have hit her.

The council review the letter, determine that Emily could be violent, and she is assigned a medium risk classification, only to be seen in two. Emily has noticed that she is seeing strangers around her where they should not be, such as the clinic, and other previously private places. The strangers are alerted every time her name comes up, that she is dangerous and should only be seen in pairs. They are asked to report any future incidents. Her information is disseminated to a wide variety of agencies.

She is placed on a community notification list. The list is also used to alert the community of pedophiles and other violent criminals.
Emily finds it impossible to function, and decides to move.

Later I will review how the local monitoring team functions. How individuals are moved in around the target as part of the monitoring process. Also understanding the role that Community Oriented Policing likely plays, and how community notification lists function.

The information is all there, and the reality is it’s all backed up. The above information can be found by reviewing the Threat Assessment Teams guidelines, and a real life case scenario.

Please keep in mind there are likely dozens upon dozens of ways that an individual could become a target, the above are just a few scenarios.

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  1. I agree 100 percent. I am a x postal worker and many of my coworkers gaslighted or lied about the harrassment i suffered. And to this day the harrassment continues. I have filed charges everywhere and no luck yet. starkeep

    Comment by starkeep | October 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. thanks for putting up the books with new covers i hope the convention brings more stuff to light. i am hanging in asia cambodia to get away from dew. i do understand stay strong.

    Comment by janna | October 23, 2010 | Reply

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