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Threat Assessment Teams & Gang Stalking

Threat Assessment Teams & Gang Stalking A closer look Many Targeted Individuals wonder how they could be placed on a list in the first place? Who has the power or the authority to do such a thing? If you live in a country such as the U.K. your local councils have this ability as displayed […]

Closing The Gap

Closing The Gap looks at how easy it is to be listed. Have you ever written a harsh letter, had a verbal confrontation, or filed a workplace grievance? You could be on a list. Strange run of bad luck? Moving a lot, changing jobs a lot, strangers saying mean things? Closing The Gap is an eye opening look at how laws are being used to turn citizens into enemies of the state.

Are you being followed around by groups of people that you don’t know? Strange occurrences?[…]


Targeted Individuals need to understand is the concept of Infiltration. This means that agents, hired operatives, civillian informants, etc will try to infiltrate your organizations or your life. I recently posted an article about Infiltration of online groups. This has been happening for some time now. Many people think if they are posting online that […]

Activism Efforts

These are suggestions that might be useful when making F.O.I.A. requests. I think it would be a good idea to request freedom of information act information. Not only trying to obtain personal records, but also systemic records.

For the human rights appeals, I think those should be redirected at local and other levels, but in addition to your other efforts, you might also wish to ensure that you point to these Threat Assessment Teams and their active and open case file monitoring. […]

Biometrics 101

The ways that you can and will be tracked. Gang Stalking World 10/2010 The future of tomorrow might look very different than the here and now. In the future you might walk down a street and have a billboard start advertising to you. It will know your gender, age, and race, the ads will be […]

Indigo Ribbon Produts

Indigo Ribbon Month is right around the corner. Wear your Gang Stalking or Indigo Ribbon Products in celebration of Indigo Ribbon Month. Buttons T-shirts, Mugs, hats, and so much more, visit the link. Help support the sites that support the research. […]

Obedience to authority

What would you be willing to do if an authority figure asked you to? Most people are surprised at what others in society are willing to do if an authority figure asks them to. Many refuse to believe that complete strangers would harm an innocent person if an authority figure asked them to, but there […]

Where are the Whistleblowers?

When it comes to conspiracy theories some express denial that they could exist. Many express the false belief that someone would blow the whistle and get the conspiracy exposed, thus if there are no whistleblowers the conspiracy must not exist, or it must be false.

The argument seems solid enough on the outside, but let’s look at some past and current events and see if the argument actually holds water. […]

Sherlock Investigations

Sherlock Investigations. I just had a visit from Skipp Porteous of Sherlock Investigations. He dropped by to assure me that his company is real, and not fake. He says that he still thinks that Gang Stalking is fake. Now I really respect that he took the time to drop by, so I wrote a response, […]

Less EMF

Are you being electronically harassed? Do you need to protect yourself? Visit this store has been working over the last several years to bring the public products that will protect them from emf. […]

Indigo Ribbon Campaign

November is just around the corner The Indigo Ribbon Campaign. The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing. ~ Albert Einstein The Indigo Ribbon Campaign is an awareness campaign in support of Targeted Individuals. The Indigo Ribbon is a ray […]

Yvonne Hiller Gang Stalking Target?

Yvonne Hiller. Kraft Food Plant Shooter likely Gang Stalking target. Ms. Hiller complained about harassment at work, and in the community. She complained about chemical being sprayed on her. She lived alone. Had set up cameras around her home. She had even complained to the workplace occupational health and safety committee. Her calls for help […]

Welcome to Gang stalking World

Gang Stalking is a systemic form of control, which seeks to destroy every aspect of a Targeted Individuals life. Using occupational health and safety laws, warning markers can be added to a targets file. Once a target is flagged, a notification is sent out, and the target is followed around 24/7 by the various communities that they are in. A covert investigation might be opened, and electronic means used by the civilian spies as part of the covert monitoring and surveillance process.

The citizen informants can be parts of these community oriented programs, but are often just average citizens. Everyone in the targets life is contacted, advised as to why the individual has been listed or flagged. Advised not to discuss the notification and asked to be a part of the ongoing, never ending monitoring (systemic harassment) process. This process is covertly designed to destroy the target over time, leaving them with no form of support.

A Targeted Individual Perspective

What is Gang Stalking?

Gang Stalking is experienced by the Targeted Individual as psychological attack, that is capable of immobilizing and destroying them over time. The covert methods used to harass, persecute, and falsely defame the targets often leave no evidence to incriminate the civilian spies.

It’s similar to workplace mobbing, but takes place outside in the community. It called Gang Stalking, because groups of organized community members stalk and monitor the targets 24/7.

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