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Below are some questions, comments are popular believes that the aveage person often has to overcome in order to believe that Gang Stalking is happening to other citizens.

It’s Costly. Who has the time?

1: When you think about it, gang stalking is illogical. First, it is costly. Secondly, who has the time, unless they’re paid a lot, which brings us back to “it’s costly.”

(Skipp Porteous.

A: The reality is that Gang Stalking is not costly. The network for surveillance and monitoring a Targeted Individual is already in place. When a name is added to the notification registry all that has to be done is send out the targets information. Resources are simply reallocated to keep the latest target under surveillance.

The Stasi were successfully able to control and monitor East Germany society using this method. The citizens have the time to monitor their communities, and to protect their communities from what they believe are dangerous, or unstable people in their neighborhoods.

The listings work the same way that listings do for violent offenders, in the U.K. Jane Clift was placed on the exact same list for violent sex offenders, she was listed as medium risk only to be seen in pairs, even though her offense was primarily writing an unkind letter, with strong wording.


Someone would blow the whistle

2. If my own files were tagged “violent individual, only approach in twos or more” I know that my GP would be questioning it, sor starters.I don’t believe that we yet live in a world where some ‘entity’ could contact everyone I know and make them believe that I’d flipped my lid and must therefore be watched and reported on 24/7 without SOMEONE saying something directly to me about it, or querying it with authorities sufficiently to raise questions about the origin of the flagging/notification.


A: The reality is that if you recieve a notification letter you are bound by a none disclosure agreement and are forbidden from saying anything to the person the letter is pertaining to or discussing the details with everyone else. Think of it as the same way others have found themselves bound to secrecy due to the national security letters. When the request is from an authority figure, and it comes with a possible penalty, people will keep silent.

In the scenario above your GP would be bound by law to not give you the details. Though your GP may have questions, they may not be able to do anything other than trust the system to conduct it’s own investigation. If you were flagged as medium risk, only to be seen in pairs. Your GP would simple ask an assistant to accompany them during your visit.

Many targets falsely believe that friends and family would disclose something like this, but the reality is many do not. Many follow the directions that they have been given.

Targets are narcissistic to believe that groups would track them.

3. But seriously…who are these stalkers? How are there large, organized, groups of people that set out to just go after YOU. Do you think you are so important that a whole squad of people spend their waking hours (getting paid, I assume) to stalk and harass you? It’s a very narcissistic attitude. How could anyone even justify the expense of maintaining such surveillance?


A: Targets are often accused of being crazy, narcissistic, or wanting to be the center of attention to believe that groups of strangers would spend 24/7 tracking them. The citizen informants are just average community members in some cases, while others might be paid informants with very specific agendas.

Targets are not narssaistic. Most targets do not believe they are that important that groups of people would follow them around, that is why it often takes years for the target to clue in and believe that this is happening to them.

Again there is no expense when you have a network already set up to monitor individuals in a community. It simply becomes a matter of shifting resources. Monitoring an additional person is no more difficult than setting a place at the table for one more, when you have everything already in place.

Targets are making it up.

4. Gang Stalking and being targeted is just in the mind of the targets.

A: This is also not true. Not only are these notification lists true, but individuals such as Jesus Mendoza have filed lawsuits in federal court to have the harassment stopped. They have presented video and photographic evidence of their harassment, and some lawsuits have successfully revealed information that was not available before, such as the fact that some forms of electronic surveillance has been approved for the monitoring of targets.

Targets are mentally ill

5. I have heard that Targeted Individuals are mentally ill?

A: Many Targeted Individuals are being portrayed as mentally ill. They are being remotely assessed, and people that they have never meet or come face to face with in many cases are listing them as mentally ill.

In many cases something that was used in the former Soviet Union is being used in many democratic countries. The psychiatric reprisal. This practice was used to list innocent members of society that the state did not like as mentally ill. They would often then be sent to a state psychiatric facility. The practice continues today in many democratic countries.

Why would a stranger go along with this?

6. Why would a complete stranger do such harmful things to complete strangers?

A: Obedience To Authority. When reserchers tried to understand why the citizens of Germany went along with the Hitler agenda to remove their neighbours, or to do horrible things to them, many had just been following orders, doing what they were told by an authority figure. People find it hard to believe that strangers would do horrific evil things to strangers, but the reality is as long as they believe it has the blessing and approval of an authority figure, people are willing to do horrific things.

If you watch the video above, you will see that strangers are willing to steal the wallet, drug, and kidnap the child of a complete stranger. They are willing to do this simply based on the word of an authority figure. In the video it was not even a real authority figure, just a stranger pretending to be one, the target in the video was a complete stranger.

Targeted Individuals in their communities are listed as a possible danger to themselves or others, they are possibly listed as mentally ill, or other unwarrented labels. How much more easy would it be for strangers to do horrific things to targets, when many might see them as deserving of such treatment?

Who funds these vigilante gangs?

7. Who are these Vigilante gangs? Why would they go after targets?

A: It is the opinion of Gang Stalking World that the Vigilantee gangs was a myth perpetrated by those who wanted targets to appear mentally ill when they went to the police for aid and assistance. It is the opinion of Gang Stalking World that words such as Gang Stalking, Targeted Individuals, were originally created by those who wanted to keep the information about these occupational health and safety notification lists secret. Thus when targets went to the police they could just claim that Gang Stalking did not exist and continue to list the Targeted Individual as mentally ill.

Today what has happened is that Gang Stalking World and many in the Targeted Individual community have adopted these terms. Through proper research, the terms much like the term mobbing, has now been given the correct connotation. In many circles the finger is now being pointed correctly at occupational heatlh and safety laws, mental health laws, and the official policies used by the state to place individuals on notification lists.

There are individuals that do follow targets everywhere they go, for the most part they are just the average citizens of the state, who are going about their everyday lives. They have been trained under these occupational health and safety programs how to communicate with the one handed sign language, and many recieve notifications if there is anyone one a notification list in their area. They they will place the target under surveillance, monitor them, and report them if an incident happens. Within this structure there are illegal elements who go out of their way to provoke targets. It is the opinion of Gang Stalking World that these deliberate elements are often used for the express purpose of making the target appear to be mentally ill to the eyes of society, ensuring that they will not be believed when they do go for help.

I don’t believe that Gang Stalking is systemic.

8. Gang Stalking is not systemic. It’s only being done by a few people, not the hundreds and thousands some of these sites claim.

A: The reality is that these listings are systemic. They are used for various situations in many cities, town, companies, universities, and communities.

A recent example of such a system being used, was when Colton Tolley recently brought a gun to school. The emergency text messaging system which most students are signed up for went into effect. It was credited with saving lives.

The sad reality is that similar warnings are going out about targets, and they are either on the exact type of listing used in the Tolley case, or similar. These systems are being used right across the board. Targets are being listed with a variety of designations such as: “Medium Risk, only to be seen in pairs.” or “May be a danger to self and others”, plus a variety of other designations.

When a target goes into a community, and a similar warning is issued saying the person has a possible mental illness, or other label, then those who get these phone calls, or text messages, naturally go into a state of panic, or frenzy. The target is then followed around. The average citizen does not have the time to find out if a target has been falsely labeled, or if they are a true danger, they just react. Once the identity of the target is established, and they travel the same route daily, they are then easier to identify. If a target changes routes, they might have a slightly easier time of traveling, until they once again become easy to pick out of the crowd.

Text Warning System

Arkansas Tech University has an early warning text messaging system as an additional means of communicating with the campus community during emergency situations on the Russellville campus. Students who register for the service will receive a text message warning in the case of a serious campus emergency. Signing up for the system is optional, but it is strongly encouraged.

Police informed campus officials, and in 15 minutes the entire campus was alerted via text messages, warning sirens, and Twitter updates.

As outrageous as it sounds, all Jane Clift did was write an unpleasant letter and she ended up on such a system as medium risk, which is a high risk warning.

Intelligence agencies don’t stalk average citizens.

9. Why would intelligence agencies want to target average citizens?

A. Various agencies including intelligence agencies and police share information via a process called deconfliction. This allows them to share information at a local level with federal forces. They take a holistic approach to policing, believe that today’s petty criminal, could become tomorrow’s terrorist, or assist with funding terror, drug, or other federal level criminal activities.

Why would the government stalk you?

10. Who would anyone including the government want to put someone on a list to be stalked?

A. It is the belief of Gang Stalking World that individuals are being targeted and placed on lists via these Threat Assessment Teams. In the following report it details how the agencies use a four part process to determine if the target is eligible for case management monitoring.

Under these occupational health and safety laws Threat Assessment Teams have this capacity and ability. The threat assessment teams works in a four part process.

1. Identify persons of concern
2. Gather information/investigate
3. Assess information and situation
4. Manage the situation

Some of these stories are too outrageous.

11. The stories range from very mundane to very outrages, why the variation in targeted stories?

A. It’s the belief of Gang Stalking World that the stalking and harassment experienced by the Targeted Individual is dependent on the area in which they reside. Under the Community Policing program, each area operates the way they see fit.

The harassment in this regard and capacity tends to be very territorial. Thus in one area a Targeted Individual might experience very urban level types of violence to their targeting, in another area the harassment may be more subtle. Each area operates the way they see fit, so you will get a variety of different targeting depending on where you go.

One part of the city could be very unfriendly, and you walk into another area a few blocks over and it’s a completely different atmosphere, that is because of the community police aspect.

I don’t believe that there is a network of criminals

12. Why do some targets claim that criminals are responsible for this targeting?

A. It’s the opinion of Gang Stalking World that there is a criminal level involved in this targeting, but the programs are still officially operated by law enforcement at the upper echelons. At lower levels, you can find a variety of different groups and members operating within this structure. That will include cults, religious groups, criminal elements, various sectors of society. There will be different networks operating within this element. Remember a large part of what this does, and how this functions is that it keeps people in line. On a lower level there are a myriad of illegal and unjust practices that are occurring, but since this aspect of the targeting is unofficially sanctioned, then it’s far more difficult to prove.

I don’t believe all the mind control claims.

13. Why do some Targets claim that this is part of MK Ultra?

A. That is because within the targeting itself there are illegal aspects that are happening to many targets, which are deeply reminiscent of past psychological operations, eugenics and behaviour modification programs that have been carried out on prisoners, the poor, mentally ill, women, and others. These past experiments have all been conducted by governments.

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  1. As a victim of this crap for years i agree with most of
    what you are saying. The stalking is done by one spreader and he electronically tracks on to cells and radios and then the term gangstalking applies. His spreading has caused many to beleave and harrass the individual as if this person was god leading the mindless people against the target as if he is a enemy of the state. Which seems top be the objective of this targeting. With all the govt agencys there is none private or otherwise tht will investigate this crap other then different groups filing charges. I have filed charges at every agency and they go nowhere. starkeep

    Comment by starkeep | October 18, 2010 | Reply

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