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United we stand. Divided they fall.

Nation of wimps?

Are we becoming a society/nation of wimps?

Ok that’s probably redundant but the question is why?

I was watching the Beyonce video ring the alarm, and so a few months back I went to go looking for some background, sometimes these artists use music, songs, videos to express how they are feeling, and sometimes a song is just a song.

Anyways rumour has it that the song might have been used to warn away a rival of Beyonce’s who she felt was going after her now husband. I won’t bore you with the details, but the reaction to the video was really interesting. Even though the words of the video are about a domestic situation, I think the meaning could be applied to other senarios, such as anything that a person has worked hard for, and feels that they have a claim to. Jobs, activism, world cup.

A lot of people found the video to be too angry. LMAO. No really they felt that the video was too angry, and at the time it the song didn’t do that well, and people were really worried about her, but felt the violent theme was over the top, from what I have read.

Now when I was reading some of the comments, I really wanted to laugh and I was thinking, are you kinding me? I can think of past times, and some videos where the female of the species really expressed how they were feeling. Eg. Alanis Morrisette and her anthum, You outta know. That song was nice and angry. Can’t recall the video, but the song qualified as angry.

Then a few years later I think Avirl Lavine came out with some sort of a watered down version of another sort of angry song, I can recall thinking that the video was pretty light, in comparison to some others, but at the time, I remember that many felt that it was an appropriately angry song.

What I am wondering is, how are our natural instints being watered down, are we moving towards a soceity were emotions that were once deemed normal, natural and healthy are now going to be seen as inappropriate, signs of mental illness? Are we being emasculated as a society. (This goes for everyone.)

I mean what’s the future going to look like, emo kids, metro sexual males, is the future brave new world, where all emotions are controlled? (Nothing wrong with emo kids, or metro sexual males.) No more anger, jeolousy, rage, these emotions use to be normal, even healthy in some cases, but more and more I see people reacting worried, scared and concerned when people express such emotions. Are we going to be so watered down someday that we are too polite to have any true emotions? Are true emotions going to be medicated away?

I think it’s great that we have a polite society, but sometimes it can go too overboard. We like victims in our society, the person who get’s hit, but does not hit back, don’t get me wrong sometimes this can be a nice thing, but sometimes, the bullies in society need to get dealt with where it hurts to truly understand. Fits fights use to be normal at one time in society, now they are cause for suspensions if not expulsions.

Somewhere along the line we are losing our ability to think, our emotions in some ways are being watered down, but in other ways we are retaining our mob mentallity.

I think it’s great that we hunt down people who put kittens in garbage cans, kids who throw puppies into lakes, and mean women who make fun of dying girls. We retain our right to have a mob mentallity in these cases, but then on the other hand we complain when people show emotions in society.

What I found really interesting was when people were calling for revenge on Jennifer Petkov, many people were ok with the fact that her son was picked on at school. I hear positive comments in regards to this, but then on the other hand we were outraged at her for picking on an innocent girl. People were also happy that her and her family were hiding out in the basement, but that also meant her four children were being terrorized, again just what we disliked about her actions.

For those who don’t know, Jennifer Petkov made fun of her dying 7 year old neighbour, the world found out about it, and her kid got into fights at school, her husband got suspended from his job, and they were harassed. What’s really funny is that people see examples like this where a community can mount up, and come together to harass people that they think are vile, but refuse to believe targets when they claim harassment after being put on  warning lists.

Jennifer Petkov and her husband Scott Petkov are regretting their actions, reports say. Her husband has been reportedly suspended with pay from his job. He is employed as a forklift repairman in Warren. Scott Petkov has confirmed that the company might be planning to fire him, while his eldest son was sent home from school after entering into an argument with a student, who confronted him about the photos on the web. Strong reactions from every quarter has jarred the Petkov’s back into their senses. Jennifer Petkov said that she feels horrible for what she has done and hoped that the little girl has not seen the pictures.

The point is at times society is too watered down, ready to take offense at the smallest turn, but on the other hand, many who are ready to seek out and take revenge never stop to examine their own actions.

I think we are becoming watered down, but on the other hand we are also taking the revenge mob mentallity to the extreme at times, looking for that next person who needs and is deserving of punishment.

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  1. please uh feel _free_ to read about the constraints found in loony bin these days. try to get out of one on lef’coas’ Tilma these days isn’t as certain as the criticism you get.
    I guess the neo liberals thought why not have a free for all ans so the fascists got brutal.

    Comment by JanJaySam | October 15, 2010 | Reply

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