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When I first came online I was looking for information on harassment. I then found the term bullying, mobbing, etc. Then I found a link to Gang Stalking sites. Like most other targets, I cautiously joined a forum, hoping to find help, a way to get my targeting stopped.

At first I was really cocky about the whole thing. They were saying it was vigilantes, and I just thought vigilantes, I’ll show them. There have to be police officers that will take care of this. I thought I would have the whole thing solved in a few months. Not so easy.

In time I found out that many of the forums were phony, you can learn a lot by attending them and sitting and just watching. Target after target came, and when they presented good ideas, useful ideas, things that would move things forward, those ideas were shot down. I watched target after target, after target, get discouraged, call the moderator a perp, some even gave examples by posting past threads, but no matter who came up against the mod, they were shot down by the others, ganged up on, and sent packing.

In time I realized that some took on multiple names and personalities within the group. The group was controlled, you always felt like something was happening, like things were progressing with each new piece of information, you felt it would go somewhere, but things always went back in a circle, you were never allowed to discuss the government aspect of the targeting for too long. The group was basically a control forum, for the crazies on the line. Like group therapy, but controlled. Almost like having a handler run things, but maybe not quite. I am not fully sure, cause I don’t exactly know how the handlers work, but have a fairly good idea.

I left the groups and branched out started doing my own little thing, and targets did come, some provided really useful and helpful information back in the early days. I lucked out a lot of times, and in the real world I can be pretty observant at times. I did go back into town, and I had caught onto some of the hand signals that they were using to communicate, so it gave me an edge.

I still stayed with the groups to observe, but stopped participating. What I did learn is that though they work together, I don’t think that they always know who they are at first. Eg. I don’t think it’s like the informants are told, XYZ is an informant, go work with them. I think that they are given their own assignments, and then once they do meet up with others, they soon figure out who is who, who is working for what cause, and then they ban together. Soon you had interconnected networks of informants, doing different things, but like an octopus, they all were pushing forward an agenda. So even if this one started this site here, or that group there, this organization here, it was the same thing.

Still I did my own thing. Then what use to happen is I would go looking for targets online, I would find them on forums, and other locations. I use to touch base with the more active targets, to really try to encourage their activism, but soon realized that this was a mistake. See in finding the others, the informants also figured out who the more active targets were. Behind the scenes they soon went about snuffing out their lights, and turning them into informants as well.

I always assumed that if I knew the identity of the informants, I would share it, but that has not always been the case. On the support groups, I realized how futile it was to try to expose perps, even if you knew they were perps, they just then went on to attack the other person, and then would gang up in groups.

The potentials that I did get in touch with, two I remember very well. One guy was pretty cool, he was going out there with his camera, really into activism, but like a lot of targets he was not wealthy, and was staying in sheltered housing. Anyways he posted a video I think like the Friday to say that they were hassling him, when he would try to earn a few bucks here and there, they told him to move it along. The next time he posted a video he had been arrested for loitering, and was to present himself at the station. Then I noticed something else as well, in his subsequent videos he was using the one handed sign language. He had never done that before, and I have no doubt that prior to this he was a legit activist.

So much like the movie the lives of others, he was in my opinion turned in a short space of time. Later on things he said indicated as much, and their was a mention that it was like being violated by the state, or pimped out. Either way, I noticed that he would later do little things, like try to get people to go out to specific protests, or sign specific protest forms online. From what I could tell, I suspect that he was being put up to it, and getting the unsuspecting to entrap themselves from then on. The other thing I noticed is that this other person, that I dubbed a handler was always around him after this, no matter what he wrote or posted, this person was always there, in my opinion to watch over, and keep an eye.

I didn’t say anything, because to out him would have been cruel, and remember he was quite legit before, but I think the arrest, plus whatever conditions he likely agreed to, were a huge contributing factor. The other thing is that I always try to impress on targets that I am not trying to make them paranoid, but it’s important that they have some idea what they are up against, and how the system can work and does function.

The other example of this is a girl who was in a similar situation, one moment her videos were normal, the next she was flashing the informant hand signals, something she had not done in any of her prior videos, she also lost the roof over her head, and was placed in a vulnerable situation.

These examples and so many others served to remind me that even if you start with legitimate activists it’s very easy for them to get turned. It does not make them bad people. I felt sorry for both, and still do, and was not in any possition to assist or aid, but to become aware of the changes that had happened. It’s like watching in silence as someone is destroyed.

Anyways later on I would learn that turning activists had been a common Stasi practice. By the fall of the Stasi at many activist were working as double agents.

Agents spread rumors, made accusations, inflamed disagreements, and caused splits. They urged divisive proposals, sabotaged activities, overspent scarce resources, stole funds, seduced leaders, exacerbated rivalries, caused jealousy and public embarrassment to groups. They often led activists into unnecessary danger and set them up for prosecution.

One common maneuver, known as placing a snitch jacket or bad jacket on an activist, damaged the victim’s effectiveness and generated confusion, distrust, and paranoia. The maneuver was used to divert time and energy and turn coworkers against one another,
even provoking violence. 44

The only thing that’s changed since the days of Cointelpro is that these systems have become more fine tuned. The society at large has become less aware or completely oblivious to this structure. In East Germany this method of dissident infiltration was also used.

In the Stasi’s War on Dissent, dissenters were the most valuable informants, and the Stasi recruited heavily within the very world it was trying to destroy, employing the
very people it was trying to eliminate. As a result, East German dissident-informants often paradoxically helped the [anti-government] movement , partly simply by swelling its ranks, but also by actively working on opposition activities.16

Governments do go after dissidents or those they are trying to eliminate. This way if they can’t eliminate the target, they will try to turn the target into an informant. You could actively have members of a movement who are working for both sides. They are moving the movement forward with one hand, and putting it two steps back with the second hand. This can be very frustrating for
legitimate movements. Some of their members might start off being genuine activists, but at some
point they became broke, bullied, bribed, blackmailed, busted, institutionalized, etc.and they decided
to become informants for the state.

In researching Gang Stalking I have come across several individuals that were legitimate targets in my opinion and who were turned into informants. It’s easy to judge these individuals if you don’t understand how insidious this informant system is. Many activist groups today have had to become cognizant of these set up and infiltrations.
Some types of infiltrators stay in the background and offer material support, other informants may have nothing to do with the group or action, but initially heard certain plans and tipped off the police. Among the more active types of infiltrators can be a gregarious person that quickly wins group trust. Some infiltrators will attempt to gain key forms of control, such as of communications/ secretarial, or finances. Other informants can use charm and sex to get intimate with activists, to better spy or
potentially destabilize group dynamics.

Active infiltrators can also be provocateurs specializing in disruptive tactics such as sowing disorder and demoralizing meetings or demos, heightening conflicts whether they are interpersonal or about action or theory, or pushing things further with bravado and violent proposals. Infiltrators often need to build credibility; they may do this by claiming to have participated in past actions.

Also, infiltrators will try to exploit activist sensibilities regarding oppression and diversity. Intelligence organizations will send in someone who will pose as a person experiencing the common oppression of the particular activist group. For example, in the 1960’s, the Weather Underground (Weathermen – a white anti-imperialist armed struggle in the US) was infiltrated by an ordinary Joe informant with a working class image. Black war veterans were used to infiltrate the Black Panther Party. 45

If you visit many of the popular online forums, or become a part of some of these offline movements you might even see some of these infiltrations in action, but if these informants are doing their job well, you will most likely not be aware. The informants will profile individuals so that they know which triggers to use, and what their vulnerabilities are. The only thing targets can do is know themselves better than these informants, so that they can not play off of your vulnerabilities.

The problem with starting a forum or a group is that iinevitably, even if you start off with a legitimate group, members can be converted, then you have others who hijack legitimate discussion, or who insert disinformation so that the truth does not ever get discovered.

This set up of interconnected groups, many lead by informants was not a new phenomenon, it was not happening in the Gang Stalking community alone, it was happening in several other communities, with forums, agents, misinformation, etc.

Takeovers under conditions such as that are easy, not only do they usually run these groups, but then the message that usually get’s out is the message that they want you to hear. If a legit person comes along and is not aware or alert, it’s possible to disrupt or eliminate the target.,9171,915760,00.html


> The infiltration of an informant into the top post of the United Klans of America, then largest of several major Ku Klux Klan organizations, was seriously considered in 1967. The plan was to organize a revolt against Imperial Wizard Robert Shelton at a Klonvocation and replace him with an FBI informant. The bureau finally decided it already had sufficiently penetrated the Klan.

For example, TIME has learned that the FBI used a convicted holdup man as an informant to penetrate the Ku Klux Klan and investigate the 1963 murder of Black Civil Rights Leader Medgar Evers. The informant kidnaped a suspected Klan leader, bound him hand and foot, and then interrogated him at pistol point at a lonely farm to extract an account of the crime. But largely because such evidence was obtained under duress, and therefore is inadmissible in court, the Government was never able to get a conviction in the Evers case.

Another still suppressed section of the files reveals that in the early 1970s the leadership of the Black Panthers wa so riddled with FBI informants that the bureau virtually ran the organization Some of the informants viewed their association with the FBI as a license to plunder Black Panther funds and stash away small fortunes before the treasury was drained.

Even if you get the odd group or forum that is not run by an informant, the members usually try to take over the forum, become admins/mods, etc.

Thus activists who wish to avoid this, should familiarize themselves, and make themselves cognizant of this fact.

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  1. Please seek professional help.

    Comment by J M | October 13, 2010 | Reply

    • If you mean the professional help of a lawyer, I will be most delighted to find someone who meets the required criteria. If you are suggesting that I need psychiatric professional help, then you might have to clarify. The article is pretty well defined, and laid out. Though the two case scenarios I gave are based on personal experience, the rest of the article fully backs up what I have said about take overs and infiltrations.

      If you are unable to understand this, then maybe you have the problem, and maybe you should take your own advise and seek professional help. Just saying. But thanks ever so much for dropping by.

      Comment by gangstalking | October 13, 2010 | Reply

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