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Spiritual Shoutouts

Spiritual Shoutouts

I know lately I seem to be blogging about the woo is me of it all. I don’t want to be coming across like that. I have a lot in other ways to be grateful for.

Sometimes no matter how many people are around you, you feel alone. The reality is, you could have the whole of NYC around you, and feel alone, it’s a state of mind. Till you find someone who really get’s you, who really understands what you are going through, then you will feel alone, no matter how many people are around you. The reality is almost always that you are not truly alone. In this great big world, there will almost certainly be someone that has gone through something similar to you, and it’s just a matter of finding that right person, or those right people. With Gang Stalking there are other targets out there, so you are never truly alone.

Then there is wealth. You can be Donald Trump wealthy and crying about money, because you lost a few million here and there, and now have 5 properties instead of 10. To the begger in India that has no home, no food, no real way out, your problems are small in comparison. They truly have less, and even though your problems seem big relative to your situation, things could always be worst.

I heard that 40% have left the mortgage program, that was to help American home buyers, so again, looks like things will get bad for some again in future.

I do have people that I am greatful for. I don’t mean to make it sound like I don’t. There are those who I could not make it through without. People who are kind, who have true empathy and understanding, and those people are vital. Greatful for them. I am hoping the good they have done, the faith they have shown, catches up.

In spirit, the last several months have been great. I found just what I needed, when I needed it, and for the most part have been happy. The last little while feels like it’s been one hot mess, but beyond that, in spirit I can never be thankful enough for the help and support that I received when I needed it. I will always be greatful, thankful, and think I made the right choice, on that level. Sometimes it would be just kinda nice if I could find the same sort of balance on all levels.

Someday’s you just have to see through the clouds, and hope that the sunshine comes out again.

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Fairy God Parent

Lately some people seem to be under the false impression that I have some sort of genie in a bottle, or magical elf watching over me or something like that. Though I wish it were true, let me assure you it’s no such thing. On this realm I am as I have always been.

I am still struggling to bring about my own happy ending. I am happy for Lindsay Lohan, more than I can say, if I can’t watch my own come about, then at least I can watch someone else’s.

Since I have had to focus on the usual life needs, it’s shifted my focus a bit from the things I need to be looking into. What else is new. Usually it balances out quickly, but this time around, it’s still taking forever.

I am like a lot of other targets. I don’t have anyone truly looking out for me. I do get help and support from the people who visit the site. Thank you for the helpful posts, and kind words that you leave behind. For anyone who has ever bought a mug, t-shirt, anything, thank you, every little bit has helped. For those offline who have helped in anyway thank you. This stretch is just worst, and like I said it’s made all the worst, because people seem to think I have some kind of help looking out. Least not the earthy kind, I like to think that some higher power is watching over all this. Things here are as they have always been, but this stretch is a little worst than normal, but that is life, and still hoping for the best.

Others who know nothing about how targets are tortured remotely in their homes, probably read this and think, what a head case. Or if they could read our files, they would likely be silly enough and basic enough to believe the lies. I have watched even people who should know better be lead to believe lies. Look how easy it is. Look at how people were believing that Lindsay Lohan was crazy. People are quick to believe the worst, and they are so easily tricked and manipulated, not by targets, but by others. They are so stupid at times, but it’s what we end up having to live with at times.

So they have gone from trying to give me a heart attack, back to basic heat sensing, which might leave some burns if I don’t shield carefully, but this is sort of like back to normal in comparison. At times like this it’s easy to feel alone, but like I tell other targets, I know that we are not alone, because well they are going through the same things.

Finding a lawyer, or an affordable one might be a bit difficult, Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer now that she has been through this and has a bit of an understanding of wrong or misdiagnosis, might be able to write up a little guide for others, who knows. I hope they do something to pay it forward, but who knows.

For now I am focusing on the basics, survival, finding a way to take care of the things that so desperately need to be taken care of, and hoping things work out for the best, on all levels.

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Lindsay Lohan Update

Lindsay Lohan could be out soon.

As many may have heard she was wrongly misdiagnosed as mentally ill, and a drug addict. Now for months, Gang Stalking World has maintained that she was neither, that she was in fact a target, and being systemically destroyed by the system.

She want from having her dad and the police trying to have her listed as a danger to herself and others, or possibly greviously disabled like Britney.

Catching onto what was being done to Lindsay early, might well have made a difference, in ensuring that she did not end up like Britney Spears. I admit last month it was ruff to watch her go to jail. I really felt like the whole thing was a bit of a failure, not just with the one target, but with other things that were happening to other high profile targets.

The judge that was so gunho to put her in jail, and stick her in rehab has recused herself from the case. I really feel that that judge had it in for Linday and it’s nice to see one target rise above this stuff.

Lindsay has never claimed to be a target, but based on everything that was going on over the last several months, the changes are very good that is what she was. Will she share what happened with the false diagnosis, and maybe help targets with her story? Don’t know.

I do wish her well, and would love to see her out of rehab, and I am glad that a lot of this is hopefully behind her. If one target can get this stopped, then maybe there is hope for the rest.

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