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Absolute Proof

Absolute Proof

I keep thinking about when I was trying to figure out the whole Gang Stalking thing, and I had all the information up to a point, and had to make an analysis of the situation. I went with what I had and linked it to the closest thing that I could find, and that was Cointelpro.

Well then some time later the information came to light about the lists that they keep, under these awareness registry type programs, and only then could a different determination could be made, but what if you don’t have that luxury?

I was just thinking about cases of murder, rape, pedophilia, or even arson. All the evidence points to one thing, one person, but like the case of Cointelpro vs the awareness registry, what if everything matches up to a point, but you just don’t have absolute proof? Absolute proof such as seeing the person commit the action itself?

With murder you see the dead bodies, with rape you can pull a kit and gather evidence, with pedophilia you can see signs of abuse, and with arson there is a fire, but how do you find absolute proof in some cases, when you don’t have visual evidence?

Hire a psychic? We do use forensics, and so forth, but sometimes that is not always enough, what if the thing you seek, the thing you most desire, the absolute proof, is just not available, then what?

Do you keep the suspicions to yourself, do you share them with others, do you admit a shadow of doubt when all evidence points to the same place? Do you go with your instincts, or wait for absolute proof that will may never come?

In normal circumstances a lot of this plays out privately in the minds and hearts of the individual, but in future this could well play itself out publicly. With mind reading technology, this could well play itself out publicly. This means that anything a person is thinking, feeling, trying to figure out, could be read, and feed upon, and acted upon by others, before you have time to make a proper determination.

The Craigslist killer took his own life, so naturally we assume that this is a sign of guilt, but even innocent people do stupid things, they panic, freakout, and do stupid things. Being accused of being a murderer is no small thing, in fact it’s a huge thing. Innocent people have in fact confessed to crimes that they did not do, and visa a versa as we all know. When you know that a crime has been committed, it’s so important to gather and to have absolute proof, before making a determination. If that time between is perverted or prevented by other forces, this might become difficult in the future.

I think most crimes are forgivable in time, rapes, murders, arson, the one crime that I don’t think is forgivable is harming a child intentionally. Purposely going out and harming or perverting an innocent child. That is why proper determinations must be made in all cases, before jumping to any conclusions.

I think in a fit of rage you could burn down someones home, kill another, even violate/rape someone against their will, these are acts which are wrong, but I put these actions on a different level, than the other as far as things that can vs can not be forgiven.

In a perfect world we have all the answers, but in an imperfect world, that might not always be the case. In future this might be made even worst if we do not have the time to investigate and reach our own conclusions, eg. the case of mind reading technology, which would jump on, or act on our very thoughts, and interpretations. Mind reading technology that might take action, wither we make a determination or not. Wither we would take action or not.

Some things I will leave to chance, but most things, important things, I would want absolute proof before I make a final determination, and sometimes unfortunately that is not always there at the time, sometimes the information only comes later on, and sometimes never at all.

I think sometimes only God can give the answers that we seek to certain questions. Only God may play judge and jury, and something only God can decide, not man.

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  1. But what if you are in the sitch that they keep accusing you and you have not committed the crime? What if the so called crime is abortion which is performed by doctors? What if you have a mob trying to blame you for everything they do? Just because one is blamed over and over as targets are does not mean they are guilty… and we all know they think they read our minds and they already call us guilty….
    I have been in the sitch to hear them speak about my case… to say I had killed someone with my car when I had not…. they are trained to think they read minds, but they do not because I have heard them say things about me that are not true…. they are taught that if they think something it is true…. I have heard them come to their erroneous conclusions and I have seen the vicious looks on their faces.
    I bought a course on remote viewing and remote influencing which was developed by the CIA. Mostly I pray for an answer to this problem we have and as I see it we have this problem because they need people to experiment upon…. How else can you explain the predominance of RH Negative blood in the families of targets? Are you going to say RH Negs are bad people like they said blacks are inferiour intellectually or that cancer is genetically determined like they are trying to prove with the Cancer Genome Project? All cases of genetic conclusions are a load of hooey. The fact remains that 80% of targets have an RH Negative bloodline and I propose that the reason for this has nothing to do with the “goodness” or “badness” of the RH Negs but rather is a symptom of the huge amount of money being made off the human body at death…. this money is made by doctors and hospitals…. give it some real thought and you may get a clue as to who the real criminals around here are…. and by the way they call every target a pedophile so please put that where it belongs….at the bottom of the compost bin….

    Comment by angelica | August 17, 2010 | Reply

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