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Chiefly Summons

Chiefly Summons

I am not found of chiefly summons. I am not against them either, but I am just not found of them.

As a target one of the first things that I am having to learn is patience. It’s a virtue that many targets are having to learn, that is at times the ways things have to be.

There was a time in my life that I had a question, one that I desperately wanted to know the answer to, ofcourse that was the Gang Stalking thing. Even though I wanted and needed desperately to know the answer, I was not ready.

The time I became ready I prayed, I prepared for any scenario and that scenario did come, Gang Stalking has been unlike anything ever dreamed of or imagined, this creepy system of control. People going out of their way to destroy the lives of innocent people. A network of citizen informants, well on their way to being established in many cities. I thought this was the strangest, creepiest, worst thing that I would ever come across. In some ways it has been in others not.

Since that time, I have come across scenarios in spirit that I find worst than Gang Stalking in some ways, I was able to move past those scenarios, rescue came in the most unexpected way, when I had in many ways tried just about every thing under the sun.

I often think that there is nothing that will come at me stranger than Gang Stalking, nothing that I will be so unprepared for, that I will wish to delay knowing the answer to, that I will once again need a time of denial, or preparation, but again I am often proven wrong.

I get the odd scenario being thrown at me from time to time, scenarios which if I am honest with myself, I sometimes don’t want to know the answer to, because they are capable of creating such a shock to the system, that I must have a certain degree of preparation time. People are so apt to take offense to this, when there is absolutely no offense meant, and absolutely no offence intended.

I trust my own judgements and perceptions, I like to take council with myself before I do with any other, with the exception of God. I did this with the Gang Stalking thing as well. Not having a clue about the informant network, it was well that I trusted my own judgements, questioned those offline and online, who seemed to be lying in some cases, and issuing misinformation in others. It took sometime, but I did finally stumble across the truth, and in time shared it with others who needed to know. They had a right and need to know for their own survival as well.

For anyone who has read my blog, they know that the last several years of my life have been spent surviving, not so much living, but surviving. Trying to find solutions to a difficult situation.

Often others think that they know more about my own life than on do. Here on this realm, I like to think that I know more about my life than others, I might someday be proven wrong, I leave that possibility open, and am prepared for most eventualities.

In spirit I think others often feel that they know more about what is happening than I do, and they may well be right. There are times that I am so far out of tune with my spirit, that I do not connect for days, weeks, months at a time, other times that I wish to connect, but can not. It’s not a perfect science. Meditations and prayers do help, but are not always perfect.

Anyways if people often interpret actions, specifically mine incorrectly at times, I find that is based on the individual, more so than on anything I do. People see offence where there is none, they see being put off, or placed on hold, when there is only seeking time to determine the correct answers and not jumping the gun, or making the wrong determinations. Many people I find are like this, and are impatient, like to jump the gun, and make assumptions, people must do what suits them.

Till then, I have my own way of doing things, things that have worked for me, procedures which I trust. When I have answers and solutions which I trust, I will often share that with those that need to know, the moment I know, and when it is safe to do so, beyond that, everyone has their own ways of doing things, everyone I find most often do what is best for them.

Till then I think I have had all the shocks to my system that it can handle for a time, and when I can handle anymore I will have the answer to a couple questions that I seek, but I know that I do not wish to know the answers to for the time being. We all have ways that we cope with unusual circumstances. I have been dealing with so many different and varied ones, I would not know where to begin. I have as many as I can balance right at this moment, the moment I can balance anymore, and have all the answers that I seek, when I am in a state of readyiness, the truth will come, I suspect the whole truth, but till then my system has all that it’s willing to take on for the moment.

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