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Spiritual Warfare

That last comment about spiritual warfare got me thinking about spiritual things. Many don’t believe, but others do believe that there is a battle ongoing on two levels.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, … Against spiritual wickedness in high places”

~Ephesians 6:12

I do believe that this is accurate, I do believe that there are things that are unseen, I think that there are likely other senses than the six senses, and if science is correct there are even other (parallel worlds) realms.

This would be interesting, because the reasons people are on earth might then might be different than they think. If we lead spiritual existences, then people might actually pre-exist before they come to earth.

Imagine then if you would, that you could have spirits that pre-exist, who choose to come to earth for things such as helping to keep their parents together and stop them from breaking up. You could have spirits that try to come to earth for just that purpose. Others would come to the earth to try to help humanity. If spirits do exist before they come to earth, that means there are beings who feel the same, or similar to how we feel here on earth, beings who see, hear, and understand all that is happening, some who are so desperately trying to help, and others who are so desperately trying to destroy things, thus the spiritual warfare.

It would also mean that events that happen in this realm, could be affecting others in other realms for bad or for good. Technically I think other realms would likely be protected, but who knows. Spiritual events, could effect things on earth, and things on earth could effect spiritual events. If that turned out to be true, you could be innocently minding your own business, and then events in other places, could tear your world apart, that would be bad. On a more happy note, events could happen to make things better for humanity. Some believe that a messiah did such an act 2000 or so years ago, came to earth to help humanity and to make things better. Other beings could be on similar missions, and others on opposite missions.

What I have come to believe is that no matter which realm you are in, love is the most important thing. I think it’s a great source of power, it has the ability to heal, to conquer evil, and to transcend much of the wrongs in the world, I think this is the most important power in the world, or any realm, and everything that I see affirms this.

I think that if you are confused about a situation the best thing is always to pray. I think if there is a spiritual realm, which I do believe, then the actions that you take here on earth, or intentions could well have deep, and profound effects on others that you are not even aware of.

Anyways I think I will leave it for now, the way our society is going, believing in a spiritual realm, or anything beyond the five senses will probably get you listed mentally ill. I would just say I think people should leave themselves open to the possibility. Know that your actions, thoughts and intentions likely do affect others, seen or unseen, and that love really is the most important force in the universe.

I would also like to add that spiritually I am in a good place, I like where I have been, hope it can continue, I don’t want want any craziness to ruin that. Here I am still in a questionable place at best, hoping things change soon for the better, but trying my best on all levels.

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