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Impasse. Open Secret

Impasse/Open Secret.

I have said this before, but I will say this again. What is happening is no longer a secret. This is now an open secret, everyone knows about it, but no one says anything about it.

So it’s not as if what is happening to targets is a secret. Even though the mainstream media has not exactly broken the story, the story is broken, it is out there. Now some even with all the evidence will continue to sing the same song, oh targets are crazy, but enough of you now know, are aware, and are part of the secret club, so that you can understand that a lot of what has been presented is truth.

So I am having a Gary Webb moment, perhaps bad example to use, but all I mean by this is, I have broken this story, it’s big, and I expect the media to come and take up the story. I expect people to be grateful for the truth, (I really don’t), but even if the mainstream would not cover this, I have spent the last four years online hearing about how the mainstream hides the truth, how we are being lied to, how there is a conspiracy, and that it seeks to harm us, well know what, I have just given you a conspiracy, told you the truth, and tried to help not just targets, but others.

Is the none mainstream rushing to share and publish the story, are they rushing to make sure the truth comes to light? No they are doing exactly what the mainstream does, or what they first did with the Mai Lia Massacre or what they totally did with the Gary Webb story. It’s all out there, people know, but no one in authority, no one responsible, and even most on the lower levels will do anything about it. This is why truth does not get revealed, this is why conspiracies exist. Often they are not dark little secrets that no one knows about, no in fact they are often open secrets that happen in pockets, with sometimes thousands, upon thousands being aware, but feeling bound to silence or secrecy.

Impasse. I think I have done most of what I set out to do, as far as discovering what was happen, getting the concept more normalized, but getting it fully exposed takes a village. I know the members of this village have first been silenced, unable to speak. I also know that many have given their loyalty and allegiance to this system, but if you don’t speak the truth, get this revealed then who will?

I don’t expect anyone to break the law exactly, but there are often cleaver ways of doing things if you wish to do them. I am ok with writing the articles, and doing the research that I can do, in fact if I could find a way, I would spend most of my time doing research, yes I am boring that way, but I find it fun.

Anyways so I am at an impasse, I have done what I was suppose to do for the most part. I even figured out a couple of other conspiracies along the way. Speaking of which, the civilian spy force are now clear on this right. You are what will be the heart and soul of the surveillance network that is formed? It’s happening slowly, and quietly, you are being bound in secrecy, so you can not speak of it, but this New World Order is being built on the backbone of this civilian force army. You in your communities, villages, and hamlets, you are who will be the handmaids of the New World Order, their eyes, their ears, their hands. A global, one world, surveillance, society. You will punish their enemies, you will systemically help to remove them, and you will believe that you are doing it for good, that it is something that must be done, should be done. The state wills it and it will be so. This is no different than in any other time period, and most will never see it for the evil that it is. This is the truth, wither you will believe it or not is another story, but there it is. Open Secret, and my impasse.

I remain prayerful. I think in times such as this, that is what you can do. Anyways I am not sad, or discouraged, I am just like, ok this is what it is. I realise that people have to wrap their minds around this. I have now had years, and most are just starting to wrap their minds around this, so I am going to leave you with this to mull over, send out good wishes, and come back to it and see what you say. In the meantime, if anyone out there in society has any good ideas, please feel free to leave a comment.


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  1. In East Germany the Stasi were an open secret. You never knew who the Stasi were, but you knew the concept that they existed.

    What I am trying to discover is if in Germany part 1, if Hitler when he created the informant force, if they were also bound by secrecy, which I suspect they were, or if it was also an open secret?

    I know when he took over France the same set up happens. Before most take overs, a civilian force is set up, that’s what part of the research has revealed, and this key elements seems to get left out of the history books for some reason.

    Comment by gangstalking | June 28, 2010 | Reply

  2. I keep seeing your comments in some of the forums I’ve been leaving comments in, it feels like seeing another flying Dutchmen ship or something.
    I’m glad your out there.

    There are an estimated 500,000 TI’s out there and my hope is that at least one will get though to some sort of real trial.
    Similar to the James Walbert case in that at least he made a small crack in this wall. The law of averages suggest that as much evidence as there is, that village you mentioned stands some chance of forming around one successfull case.

    Comment by Jay Sinn | July 1, 2010 | Reply

  3. I for one am grateful for your efforts and how articulately presented they are. It has shed much light on the “how”, though the real “why” continues to elude me… looking back now, I can see where my adventure really began 15 years ago, but it’s only the last two I was even slightly aware of it!

    If in fact it did start when and where I think, there is a possibility that it stopped during the five-year period where I returned to my ex- (unless it continued in subtle financial ways) but then RESUMED upon “running into an old friend” to whom I proudly disclosed my new location, not realizing they were the one likely behind it in the first place.

    It started off with the car. My car was the only one on the block that kept getting hit and run, dented, beaten, scratched, hubs stolen, etc. For the hit and run I used to always assume that because the car was black and the street was dark, that the local drunks couldn’t see where they were going… in any case, the car was in my ex’s name, so… no loss for me.

    Where they messed up was with my papers.

    A truckload of them went missing, little by little, then blatantly. I think they were under the assumption I couldn’t possibly know what was in there, since there were documents from as far as 20 years back… but little do they realize I am aware of EVERY SINGLE THING they took. I know precisely and exactly what was in there, down to the last scrap. I don’t keep stuff for nothing. I do review it from time to time.

    They took everything from tax receipts, credit card and utility bills, creative works, business proposals, etc.
    At that point, it became instantly obvious that “someone” was profiling me. Immediately turned to the internet to find out why anyone would steal documents.

    Only THEN did I learn about gangstalking, and then everything began to fall into place. Once I began listening for things, (effortless in our building) I was stunned to realize all I’d been missing that had been going on right in front of me!

    I know who they all are… one of them was even bold enough to ring my door and hand me a letter that I’d already picked up two days ago. (Needless to say my mail never comes directly to me, or goes to the wrong box)

    Then a strange thing began to happen, almost daily, for a few weeks… another man from down the street would come to deliver a garbage bag held in front of him with two hands, to the ringleader in my building. As I listened, I could surely hear my name as relating to my papers! A bunch of the neighbors were sitting there, putting all my papers in some sort of logical order! I couldn’t believe it, yet I did nothing… I just figured, how would I ever prove it? If I had it to do over, I’d have called the police and gotten a warrant!

    I moved. Within 3 days of moving, that same guy who had handed me my mail, came with a new hairdo and another guy I’d seen him with before, posing as “religious witnessers”. What a coincidence that some of their particular literature that I’d received from someone else trying to convert me had been among the papers that were stolen from my apartment… I guess they expected a warm welcome in, maybe coffee? That would have saved everyone a lot of grief actually, because if you want to know anything about me just ask. I won’t lie. It’s that simple. Come to me, tell me what you want, and I’ll answer you. I say this, because at this point I believe TPTB are also involved.

    Did it follow me here? Of course. I’m now in a situation where there is just me and my landlord, so… I know.

    In fact, after that incident, I tried to approach my landlord about the subject, who told me they knew all about it… specifically mentioning “brighting”- something that ended up happening in my driveway, not long after. The difference now, out there with the phone ready to call 911 with camera in hand.

    But being a brand-new tenant, I didn’t want to say too much. I didn’t want them to think I was bringing trouble upon them so soon after renting. I am a quiet person. But I should have tried, because now, the perps have recruited them first and told grave lies about me.

    There are other neighbors involved, naturally. I’d love to know how the people in a nearby house can name everything about the obscure subjects I’ve recently searched on the intenet… as can my landlord.

    The interesting thing is, I was recently invited into a neighbors’ home, and given a tour! Downstairs, there are two TV’s side by side, one large, one small, and a computer. Rocket science, it’s not.

    There have been meetings, people coming to question my existence. I have been accused (to others) of being a child abuser, which I am not.

    When I realized it was still going on, and that some other documents went missing after I moved, I destroyed all that remained, and now keep everything on me, everywhere I go. Don’t even leave it in the car, especially when going shopping… :S

    When one is paid, ditch it. Minimal living is great! It’s surprising how little we really need in life… everything important fits into a bag no bigger than a shaving kit.

    Should anyone come here now, although there is a filing cabinet, the only thing in there is blank printer paper.

    I keep it locked anyway… why make it easy for them? 🙂

    My name no longer exists in this house. There is NO CLUE as to who lives here.

    Even the bulk of my mail is being delivered elsewhere. WAY elsewhere.

    So… what do I come home and find instead after being out all day? The hot and cold water in my tub has been reversed… do I care? Not in the least. It’s not like I get in without checking.

    Something or someone tick-tocks on my pipes at 3 a.m… now I simply close the door before I go to bed. If that ceases to be sufficient, that’s what earplugs are for.

    I have been rejected on every side, all of my life… and ever since the day it no longer hurt, I’ve been immune to any big reaction to anything like this… it’s like water off a duck’s back, really. I just laugh it off.

    I do not need the approval of others to be whole in myself.

    Now, as a devout Christian, it’s to be counted a blessing, which can only be understood if one understands.

    I do have the pain in my eye as RL has, and was diagnosed with a condition called, “Recurrent Corneal Erosion”. Get this… the doctor who examined me looked into my eye three times, came out smiling, and sent me down to a local optician, who screwed me for $80 for a part of the test that “wasn’t covered”. Said I could have injured myself in my sleep. If anyone has a similar experience, please seek further, like an opthamologist, and not in your own area! Find someone honest who can’t be bought.

    I believe when I first moved here, there were those who gained entry during the night, as I was unable to lock the outside door for the first three months or so… after many times waking up feeling strange and after having had strange dreams, I was determined to get it working, and haven’t had it off since. My inside door is booby-trapped so that many things will fall and clatter to the ground should someone attempt to gain entry, that they would not be able to put back the same way… I’m almost sure they’re still getting in, but I’m not sure how.

    One point I’d like to mention about my old place, I had a central alarm system installed, changed the code every time I went out, but they always intercepted it. I was told by an electronic technician to always use an analog phone for these purposes, as cordless/wireless can be easily intercepted. Just a heads up for those who may not know.
    But of course we also know they have their “way” around everything… the best we can do is make it more trouble than it could be for them.

    Recently, in a grocery store, I kept getting “blocked” by one guy on a cell… I non-chalantly turned behind me and said, “it doesn’t bother me”. He walked past, looked back at me and boldly stated, “then we’re not doing our job”. Well- not my problem if you have no life.

    I get the whole psychology thing of the cell… they want me to think that everyone I see on a cell phone is talking about me… but it’s really easy enough to discern who is who, once you’re aware.

    Most of them are NOT professionals, and they don’t move like professionals. Try this. Next time someone tries to “block” you, swing your basket hard around side of them without touching them… they’ll back off. The way to get your life back is to be bold and unintimidated by their tactics, and turn around and intimidate them, without giving them anything to use against you.

    Local paper deliverer, delivered all the papers and then came straight across my lawn to peer in my window! My reaction? The week following, I placed that edition of the paper in my window with my camera set up next to it! I am using their own tactics against them! Put up a sign to cancel all future junk mail, guess what… paper still comes. Oh, well, c’est la guerre.

    My landlord:

    Bi-weekly two-minute visits occur from two different people, and the occasional meeting. Strange people sleeping over at night for no apparent social reason…

    I would really love to be able to talk to them and tell them if they would tell me the truth, I could get them SO MUCH MORE MONEY than they may be getting right now… because with their testimony, I would sue the perps’ collective @$$e$ off… and WIN! They’d never have to work for the rest of their lives!

    In any case, I am no longer ever alone… I now live near all of my family with whom I spent much of my time, and have told them everything.

    There are city-wide anti-stalking efforts being coordinated at present… and I’m in the process of creating a network where TI’s can go public with their stories.

    God bless and keep us all. And thanks for all you do.

    Comment by Gazelle | July 2, 2010 | Reply

  4. I just wanted to drop you a line any say how much I appreciate the work you have done exposing this injustice. I was targeted for whistle blowing on a corporation for corruption in 2004, the targeting lasted a year (at least the visible targeting). At the time I had no idea that there were others, and thought my situation was unique, isolated, and even a cause of my own doing. It wasn’t until 4 years after my targeting I accidentally came across someone posting about experiences similar to mine on an unrelated subject that I found out there were many others who had experienced this kind of psychosocial torture. I’ve now come to discredit that poster as a disinfo agent who posted many details of the experience we face, but would go over the top with them muddy the water and turn the general public off to the conspiracy.

    I’m now astute at identifying those who are disinfo perps and real targets. And I over my year and a half research have come to see you as on of the few highly visible targets who are not actually working for the perps. I am also at an impasse, I know all about this torture matrix, and even who’s behind it in my case. I even know the high ranking officials and organizations working in both the public and private sectors. It make no difference though because the subject of “gang stalking” is still ridiculed by the general public. The reason why? Because even though non-targets can believe portions of the information that’s out there, there’s enough disinformation out there that ensures that its never taken seriously.

    How does a intelligence organization remain covert in the information age? Everyone now has access to the internet; corruption can be exposed at the click of our fingertips. If you want to remain covert and compete with this fact, you create the “big lie”, that is you get all the information about gang stalking out there fist so that it can easily be discredited. You frame the discussion around thing like chemtrails and voice to skull, because you know the average person would never believe it and associate those claims with people who are complaining about gang stalking. This is why real targets of gang stalking are part of the open secret, unable to function in a world as a normal citizen and one who complains of being a targeted individual.

    Comment by Targeted_PA | July 21, 2010 | Reply

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