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From the bottom of my shoe

I hate how things feel when these citizen informants have been in my home. They leave a presence that is stifling, and I guess something akin to evil. There is something unclean about them, and you can sense it whenever they enter a home. (I guess anyone who illegally enters your home, and you have any awareness of it, would fit this bill)

Scene from Shawn of the dead.

They were near the area where I sleep, spiritually they leave a cloying presence that can be felt for a very long time after they have been there. I despise these creatures, these sub-human entities. The more I am aware of them, the more I grow to despise them. I wish that there was a way to have them permanently removed from my life. (I believe it’s a normal reaction to desire people that enter your premisis when you are not there, without your consent and other illegal activities out of your life.)

I have no idea at this stage how much time or money it’s going to take to accomplish that legally, even with the new information, I just remember how long it too Jane Clift to clear her file, and she had a lawyer working pro-bono, or rather the lawyer deferred payment, based on what they would earn once they won. Four years, that’s how long it took for her records to be fixed.

Maybe it’s from being solo for so long, but each person leaves a presence, and if you are sensitive enough, you can sense what is not you. They leave such a presence, and it’s most unwelcome. I am going to keep this post short.

Something about having your home entered without your consent, reminded me of the site I was just thinking about that site again, and her experiences with what she describes as abductions, but what I think are most likely government related. As I mentioned before she talked about times that she has been abducted and she thinks that some of those times might be happening on an astral plane. It’s pretty scary to think about that.

(Remember an astral plane is not like a parallel world, it’s a place similar to this one, but where astral beings sort of lead a similar existence. The astral bodies on the astral plane would be your astral body, most are not aware that such a plane exists. Most times it can be accessed via the dream state, lucid dreaming or other.)

I do believe such a plane likely exists, and if this is the case, then these abductee men and women have people gaining access to them. This means that people that you regard as lower than something you scraped from the bottom of your shoes could have access to you on that level, and you might not even know it or remember it. Ofcourse with abductees they do remember it. Plus a lot of the men and women talk about having offspring from these abductions. It’s scray to think what might really be going on, since I suspect that if this is happening, that it is not aliens, but something far more localized.

Think of someone that you despise. Someone you think of as lower than something you scraped from the bottom of your shoe, then realise that these types have access to you on some realm and you might not have control or a say, this is what abductes go through. It must be the worst thing to be accessed in such a way, without awareness or consent.

I know that as Gang Stalking targets we get the weird creepy breakin’s, but there are worst things than those who have physical access to our lives and homes.

Aways since I have already covered this topic, I am going to keep this post short.

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  1. I understand that intuitive feeling of filthy energy stuck on after an encounter with stalkers. In the house, the feeling of someone having gone through everything you own to see what’s new, what’s different. I like cleansing myself and my place after such a feeling, with sage smoke, or herbal baths, or something to clean the presence off. Rearranging furniture every now and then confuses stalkers too.

    Comment by starcherub | May 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Why don’t you have webcams in your home? You can get them set up with motion detection and everything.

    Personally, I’m highly aware of and able to keep the astral plane in my aura pretty clean. yes, it’s very difficult, stuff like salt and mud baths and sage but it’s also that my 3rd eye is OPEN. These low level perps are less aware than you realize and they are highly influenced from this plane. It’s part of why they SEEM so organized.

    Anyway, other than if you are unfortunate enough to live in the UK where they do enter homes without permission (the ‘bobby cops”), then obviously if anyone comes into your home you’ve got them red handed. There is no excuse for you to not have the surviellence that would allow you to catch them.

    Comment by g | May 24, 2010 | Reply

    • Escholon Conspiracy. I for the time being don’t have this normally as a primary concern. Normally it’s not a factor, but they got me off guard.

      I guess I have to work on my Astral Plane awareness. I think the third eye is open in some, blind in others, and partially open in others.

      Comment by gangstalking | May 24, 2010 | Reply

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