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Am I dangerous?

Am I dangerous?

Most people are not dangerous, until they are pushed, pulled, and bullied to the point of extinction or exhaustion, some will fold, but others will fight back, and when they do, that is when they are deemed as dangerous by some, but as fighters by others, it all depends on who you talk to.

I figure someone out there in cyberspace is wondering this very question.

How do I answer this? I guess it depends on who you ask or the situation at hand.

I can tell you that I am being made to look crazy or dangerous, but like most targets I am a normal person.

If targets are so normal why are we getting followed around? Well for my specific targeting, I noticed the surveillance shortly after I filed a complaint against an employer for harassment. Though I do believe my targeting began before this stage, this was when I noticed an escalation.

I now know that the harassment was deliberate. The reason it continued after changing jobs was due to the snitching friends network, and my colleagues were in many cases, asked to perform specific actions, or activities, which contributed to the harassment, but to them seemed normal. They never saw the bigger picture, and thus never got to understand the scope of the harassment, and thus only were privy to their portion of the deed. The death of a thousand paper cuts, one in and itself in most cases perfectly innocent, but the accumulation over time, perfectly harmful.

Making targets look crazy, deranged, dangerous, immoral, or corrupt is part of this game. To this end I have documented several instances of staged events designed to make it look as if I am mentally unstable.

Most of the staged events I have documented have been things such as informants acting crazy, or getting into altercations with others, and then the blame being pinned on me, cause I was in the area, or the RFID that is on my person was in the area. I have tested this enough to know that is exactly what is being attempted.

If placing individuals on lists was being done legitimately then why would such tactics be necessary?

I am as normal as anyone else, but my reactions to this situation that I find myself in is what will distinguish me from others. I have chosen to fight back. That for some will be seen as dangerous.

I am not fighting with guns, or knives but with truth. I guess for some this will be seen as dangerous. I am trying to expose a system that routinely destroys individuals such as myself. Innocent citizens who have done no wrong.

Like Mel Gibsons character in braveheart, or Helen Slaters character in Legend of Billie Jean, I am just fighting for my rights and the rights of others.

If you take a moment to find out what is happening to us, you will find it hard to contemplate at times, but it’s true.

I don’t think I am dangerous, but then I didn’t think that people like John Lennon, Martin Luther King Jr, or even Randy Weaver’s family of Ruby Ridge fame were dangerous, but the (Powers That Be) PTB saw them as a danger a threat.

Most of these people just wanted peace, to live and let live, but they were not allowed to do so. Cointelpro was used against both John Lennon and MLK, both were eventually assassinated. Randy Weaver for refusing to become an informant, had his wife, and son murdered. They were just normal people, trying to live a normal existence.

So in my world I am a fairly kind person, I value privacy, justice, and don’t see myself as dangerous, but in the right situation, I like to think that I could be. By this I mean I like to think that in the right situation, I would stand up for those that I care about, or those things that I care about, and be “considered” dangerous to those who were a threat to them. I like to think that I am joined in this sentiment by most sane rational, freedom loving people.

Dangerous? Depends on who you talk to. For those who have spent the last several years framing me in situation after situation to try to make me look crazy or dangerous, I hope that they are getting their money’s worth.

To those who have taken the time to know me, without falsely judging me, thank you for seeing the good in me.

So dangerous, it’s all in the mind of the beholder. Jesus came and he was a danger, not because he was dangerous, but because the truth he told was a threat to the system at the time, and much like history, they tried lies to destroy his character, called him crazy, said he had a demon, that he wanted to destroy the law and lot’s of other propaganda. He was a really special being. Loved children, cared for others, but the world could not appreciate him, and thus he was sacrificed and much like those who came after him, never fully appreciated by this system, this matrix that we are a part of.

I am not trying to be Jesus, I am just pointing out that even the most innocent person to corrupt minds, can be considered a danger, it all depends on who you talk to.

Am I dangerous? This is much like beauty in the eye of the beholder, is best answered in the mind of the beholder.

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    Woman placed on Violent persons registry.

    Man Jailed for whistling Addams Family Theme Song, each time he saw neighbors.

    Woman wins mobbing lawsuit.

    The above are some links that might better help in understanding the mobbing process.

    Comment by gangstalking | February 25, 2010 | Reply

  2. Well said. I was dangerous, very dangerous, for a long time. I was lucky to have made it through it. All it got me was grief and more sufferring for all I love. It took getting arrested, almost losing my house, getting my truck stolen, my son constantly in harms way, a lost relationship with my daughter …… I lost all of what I thought life was.

    I have learned that I can catch more bees with honey than vineger. I have learned that all it does is make me out to be the outcast they wanted to create. I am still a target, but have, I believe, shown them that I am a good person and made them at least think a little. I quit falling into their traps, reacting as designed and just try to do my best. I honestly believe that they have changed their direction with me and are now, for the most part, supportive. Maybe we just have these Guardian Angels that when we screw up watch out!

    This sounds crazy but… my son was thrown threw a window and almost bled out. Part of the game. At 2:00 in the morning, I got the call, jumped in the truck and 90mph down the highway, not fully knowing where I was going, I was suddenly flanked by a mustang for 15 miles. As we were about to round a curve on this 5 lane highway, he sped in front of me and hit the brakes.

    Knowing I’m a target, monitored and also thinking they knew where I was going and again, I didn’t exactly know where the hospital was, I kept saying aloud “Where’s Mercy hospital, show me where I’m going, I know what highway and what exit, but not after that” And there was no way he could see me to read my lips.

    Anyway, this guy hits the brakes and I knew to stay behind him. There was a Highway Patrol officer sitting around the next curve. I trusted this guy to take me to the hospital and he took the highway I needed and, what do you know, the exit I needed. We stopped at the light I got beside and rolled down my window and it seemed before I could get it all out he said turn right and you can’t miss it.

    I should have learned then, but it took quite some time for me to realise that I could not win if I keep fighting. There is a power much greater than us out there with the resources and backing to make or break our lives.

    I don’t know how they do it and spent too much time trying to figure it out, but they know my every move and I often think my thoughts.


    I hope this helps,


    Comment by Richard W.Kite | February 26, 2010 | Reply

  3. I am sorry for you loses. We have all lost thing. Belief. I believe I lived in a good place, with good people who thought the same way I did, but that was wrong. What I believed and thought about the world was a lie.

    We have all lost. Friends, family, trust, dignity, hope, health in some cases. Targets could fill a book or two about loses.

    I agree that they want us to be outcasts, but can we ever be truly in with them? I can’t. I have rebuilt some of the associations that were lost due to this, but I can’t trust them. I am as much as an outcast as I want to be. Being on the out, gives me perspective. It’s like 1984, in the movie if he stayed separate he was effective, the moment he got involved, not so good. It’s about finding a balance. I have seen what they are, I don’t want to be on the in with them. Some times taking a stand means being on the out. This system is not something I want in on. Most of them are delusional, and seem to think it’s great. It’s fake power.

    I just don’t care what they think. People who have tried to kill me, who have tortured me, harass me, belittled me, tried to destroy my life, oddly enough do not count in my little world of people’s opinions that I care about.

    Guardian Angels, name of the program, and no they are not. I believe people really do have angels, but not these people. Still there is good and bad everywhere. The ones who have tried to help along the way, I am grateful to. They are not all bad.

    There are many ways to fight. I don’t think you have to always be at odds, but for me it helps me keep perspective. I am still working on the not hating thing. I don’t hate, but I can’t appreciate this. I believe in a greater power, and try to make sure they don’t distract me too much from keeping my mind on that greater power. That is one thing that they almost messed with in the beginning, cause it’s what they do.

    I still think many of them are parasitic. They feed, cause they don’t have enough, but if we can keep our vibrational frequencies up, we can overcome.

    Comment by gangstalking | February 26, 2010 | Reply

  4. My parents raised a good person. They raised a person that thought that right is right and wrong is wrong and it is black and white. Not rocket science. This world is not like that, and that is what has %$#&ed me up for all these years. Right doesn’t win in the end. The judge/boss/society doesn’t rule in the “obvious to a 3 year old” fashion. Common sense is not a factor in any form of political decision making. I am just coming to grips with that. Please don’t get the feeling that I would ever support those that have made us suffer, I am not ever going to forget as I carry the physical scars as well as the emotional ones. I am just now getting back some of my dignity and it probably is not doing me any good to comment here’ I believe most of the world still thinks this site, and others like it,are just full of a bunch of kooks and use our comments against us.

    I’m just here to do what got me in trouble in the first place and speak out like an idiot. This shit is real, it’s serious and I think most of the people involved think they belong to a great moralistic secret club of “lets torment the misfits, cause we have been told that they are misfits”, and are too damn drama and power hungry, or have their own threats of exposed skeletons, to give a shit if any of it is true. I don’t like betting if I know I’m not gonna win. I LOVE MYSELF TOO MUCH TO FIGHT THIS FIGHT

    Comment by Richard W.Kite | February 27, 2010 | Reply

    • [quote]
      I’m just here to do what got me in trouble in the first place and speak out like an idiot. This shit is real, it’s serious and I think most of the people involved think they belong to a great moralistic secret club of “lets torment the misfits, cause we have been told that they are misfits”, and are too damn drama and power hungry, or have their own threats of exposed skeletons, to give a shit if any of it is true. I don’t like betting if I know I’m not gonna win. I LOVE MYSELF TOO MUCH TO FIGHT THIS FIGHT

      I love myself too much to not fight this fight. I however respect your point of view. By not fighting this fight, I assume you are going to join zoombie village? If that’s the case, people do what they have to do? Survival is important. I think some wars will not be won head on, but I just can’t pretend that it’s not the government.

      I have poured years of research into this, I am also all too aware that these people target the children of targets, and since the systemic destruction of my life continues, I have to do what I can, while I can.

      The funny thing about this is so many online are freaking out and crying about secret societies, but then many of them are informants that track targets, and protect their own little secret club. Some lie, cheat, steal, or do corrupt things to protect it, and I laugh and think, don’t you think the elite do the same things, to protect their secret clubs, and to keep their secrets?

      It’s funny, but that’s the way it is. I do realise this is serious and dangerous, but that is the way the world has always been. I can’t live like a mouse, so I guess I have to choose this path. If people feel better writing it off as crazy then so be it, when it’s their turn they will know.

      Comment by gangstalking | March 1, 2010 | Reply

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