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David Lawson Redux? New Gang Stalking Article

New article on Gang Stalking.

It has a nice sensational headline. I think there are many good points in this article, but the end of the article seems like another article designed to shift he blame away from the government. They like to do that.

Dr. Hall’s belief is that we all face some sort of terrorism in our lives that is mostly unseen and deadly. He contends criminals are tapping into our government’s surveillance systems to gain access to our lives and minds.

Maybe he just prefers to believe that. Though I seriously hope that he is not pulling a David Lawson, I think that to honestly look into this topic and not finger the government is pretty dishonest, naive, or just blind. However that is just my opinion.

At least an article is out, and if it starts some discussions great.

At least he didn’t blame it on vigilante gangs, just “criminals tapping into the government’s surveillance systems.” Right. It’s called the government giving power to the snitches, I mean citizen informants, that they should not have. Still it’s an article, so have a read.

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