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Gangs and their secrets

The informants can also be compared to a gang and how a gang functions. I have compared them to cults, gangs, secret societies, etc. It’s all the same. Members who keep a code of silence.

There are many gangs in society but this is the main one, and it comprises all of the smaller gangs or minor ones. So it incorporates, government branches, the cops, the Mafia, street gangs, masons, Scientologist, black activists, kkk, store owners, company workers, almost every religious sect you can think of. Every sector of society takes part. I don’t think I can make this any clearer. As much as they might all pretend not to get along, when the state comes calling, they will communicate together in public, and they are unified when it comes to their informant system.

Gangs rely on silence, so ofcourse this relies on silence. The snitches don’t want their I feel special club exposed.

Scientologist have Scientology, Masons have Masonry, and the snitches have this. This is their gang, their cult, their secret club. They feel special being a part of this. So yes the secrecy is a big part. They get so upset realising that outsiders know. They like this cause it makes them feel connected, belonging, like any gang or cult would. The mafia is one type of gang, so are the cops, so are street gangs, and the members join for different reasons. Many clubs have secrets, that the members are expected to uphold.

The cops, informants, and gangs use one handed sign languages.

Where the cops and street gangs wear uniforms or matching colors, the informants often look like average people for the most part.

Some Gangs, some cults, some cops, some informants do underhanded things. There have been many cases where members of these groups have been caught doing illegal, immoral things.

Some Gangs, some cults, some cops, some informants  are corrupt. There have been cops caught dealing drugs, informants caught in huge lies that destroy lives, cults have been known to do corrupt things as well. I think most targets are familiar with the corrupt actions of some of the informants.

Some Gangs, Some cults, some cops, some informants , use lies, bullying, intimidation, and  fear to control their members. There are informants that want to speak out, but they are controlled by fear in some cases. They are lied to in others, and in some cases feel that it’s their patriotic duty to keep the secret. We have seen via gang stalking all of the above methods used to try to control and destroy the lives of targets.

The only thing with gang stalking is that it takes all the cults, gangs, cops, informants, and they are all part of one big gang. One big conspiracy of silence, and because so many people take part, many who realise what is going on lie to themselves. They believe that they are part of something that is good, nobel, protecting the city. They take part following orders instead of thinking. They pretend that this is normal, some of them see it as a good thing. To wake up to the truth that this is not normal, would shatter their reality. Many see it as power, rather than the enslavement that it truly is. To realise they are slaves, might mean doing something about it.

Many like the sense of belonging, sense of community, many on the inside don’t see things the way we do. They like the power, the connectedness, that feeling of finally fitting in, having a purpose. That is what keeps this going, and they don’t want their little secret club to be exposed.

Many people complain about cops and their blue wall of silence, or that gang members won’t snitch, or about how Masons, and other cults keep secrets, but then they turn around and they do the same thing. They keep secrets. They tell lies to keep their secrets safe. Their are hundreads of targets online saying that they are being abused by this system, but the cult/gang members still keep the secret. Then get made at other clubs or cults who do the same. It’s no different. They have their secret handshakes, you have your sign language.

Lies, manipulation, bullying, murder are used to keep your little system going just like any other. People who like these smaller gangs, cults, clubs, for the most part like this bigger one, cause the same things that allowed them to keep the secrets, tell the lies, do the damage, or destruction for these smaller clubs is what will cause them to do the same for this bigger club.

Gangs like their secrets, and they are willing to lie, bully, harass, intimidate, or destroy the innocent to keep these secrets. The informants in many cases are no different.

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  1. Eradicate Gangs! Tell the president to get rid of gangs in our country, there is a mounting concern accross America about the problem, check out the website link above and get the scoop.
    the Doc

    Comment by Dr. Vigilant | January 22, 2010 | Reply


    [quote]Does Surveillance Show Police Shake Down?
    Surveillance Video Turned Over To Local 10

    POSTED: Friday, January 22, 2010
    UPDATED: 5:05 am EST January 23, 2010
    MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Surveillance video obtained by Local 10 possibly shows crooked Miami-Dade Police officers at work.

    The video, given to Local 10 by Anderson Law Firm in Downtown Miami, shows three men and a woman raiding the “Mind, Body, and Soul” massage parlor in Miami Gardens last Thursday evening.


    The firm alleges the four are Miami-Dade cops who raided the parlor with guns drawn, patted down two receptionists, and then moments later split up $90 in cash that was underneath a keyboard on the desk and leave the premises.

    Anderson Law Firm says their clients were not arrested or given a police report regarding the incident. The firm says the video is clear proof of police corruption and adds up to Armed Robbery.

    Local 10’s Rob Schmitt took the video to Miami-Dade Police where Internal Affairs reviewed the tape and denied any comment regarding the investigation.[/quote]

    I guess some of them really are a gang.

    Comment by gangstalking | January 24, 2010 | Reply

  3. I recently submitted a comment on your “Moving Toward a TI Culture” page. I went in the next day and the whole page is completely gone. Did you remove the page or did someone hack into it?


    Comment by Lisa | January 24, 2010 | Reply

  4. What I find a bit bizarre is that now that the perps know so much about me they don’t realize that I am just someone who has an ex who can’t take no for an answer. I think they lie to themselves about targets. Following me around and listening to my conversations would make it clear that I am a fairly decent person with very normal friends, that I have a loving relationship with my child and concerns about my aging and dying father. It seems like it wouldn’t take long for someone to figure that out – why would they be out to destroy me and stress me to the point of not being able to finish my work? The other thing is while they can all pride themselves as being part of a group thing or that TIs somehow are people who don’t deserve to have civil and human rights, how do they justify the abuse of our children? At that point I see it as a form of psychopathy rather than their secret-society pride.

    I have noted also that there are perps of different types and backgrounds. There are several distinct types here (I often recognize them even when they don’t stop their car in front of me in the middle of traffic, put on their windshield wipers on sunny days or do whatever other “sensitizing” clown activity they choose. And I see something in common with what you said – some of these people would never get along otherwise! They have different politics etc. – and here where I live there is a lot of political extremism and sectarianism – yet in perpworld there are people from different sectors of society.

    Comment by another one | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  5. hi, i never once imagined that electronics would ever be used on inocent people targeting them for reasons that are unknown,watching the outcome of this horrible torture that is ongoing day and night,being folowed the minute your out,your neigbors, your friend’s people looking at you with hate,making you feel,guilty but you have done no wrong,they turn your hapiness,into sadness,all you think off is finding a way back to who you one to help exept for those who give advice,for you to seek help by consulting
    a psychiatrist,which would further there sick research. thousands of innocent men women and little children,are being tortured and tormented 24hours a day 7 days a week year after year,this is a terrible crime against humanity,people find this hard to beleive and offer no help ,but everryone who reads all these stories should at least take the time to look at all the websites discussing these atrocities and pray God that this does not hapen to YOU,

    Comment by beatrice lapierre | February 24, 2010 | Reply

    • They don’t make me fell guilty, anymore than a Stasi agent would make a target feel guilty.

      I got use to the idea of electronics being used, when I had to watch my skin peel off in the shower. Nothing like reality to make you a believer. Burns, scars, and other fun things being used and tested on my body. I am a believer. See they don’t have the power unless we give it to them. Would you care what a pile of dung thinks? Do you give it power to make you unhappy? I have never seen a psychiatrist or felt the need to. I have always had a strong sense of self, so that help me, build back up what they tried to take. Most don’t have a strong sense of self, so they break them down, then they destroy who they were, and rebuild them into the pathetic creatures we see. Poor unfortunate souls.

      The crazy part is many targets have not seen a shrink, yet just like in Russia the state can say you are crazy and dangerous. We use to look down on that society, now we have become them, in that regard. Anyone the state does not like is crazy.

      Comment by gangstalking | February 26, 2010 | Reply

  6. Have any of you ever talked to a Scientologist about that groups tendency to stalk former members? My husband had a conversation with one of them and it was amazing. No matter how my husband described the stalking (well documented cases) the Scientologist was never willing to admit that the organization was wrong. He just kept on saying that in certain situations stalking is justified. This kind of thinking is what gets us into trouble. People begin to think that they are somehow above the law. They are exempt from the rules that apply to everyone else. Cults and companies come up with scenarios that justify what, in any other situation, would be obviously weird and wrong. When someone like my husband comes along and says hey that’s stalking, even if they come to realize it’s stalking- they still say it’s OK. Heads up, this was not OK. When companies go this far, policies need to change.

    Comment by 2day | April 8, 2010 | Reply

    • When it’s a system implemented by the government, what do you do then? People then take their word as if it were God’s word, and go along with what they are told. They will follow, harass, destroy who they are told to destroy thinking that they are doing the right thing, when they are not.

      Comment by gangstalking | April 10, 2010 | Reply

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