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Community Oriented Policing

Community Oriented Policing.

A target recently had some questions about his possible targeting, and I think that this is a good time to go over Community Oriented Policing Programs once again.

There are now efforts around the world to use something called community based policing. This is more than likely what is playing a large role in gang stalking.

[quote]“Ruling the community with an iron fist. “Savvy law enforcement types realized that under the community policing rubric, cops, community groups, local companies, private foundations, citizen informants and federal agencies could form alliances without causing public outcry.” Covert Action Quarterly, summer 1997.”

Under these programs the community work with the police to find problems and solutions and yes the citizens inform to the police. Each area gets to more or less manage itself as it sees fit, a wet dream right?

Eg. In one area of one city, this program allowed men to have sex openly in a gay club, in a gay district of town. In another area that had a lot of prostitution, they went very light on this.

So each area can manage itself as it sees fit, each area identify problems, anti social behavior, etc and they work on solutions. Remember these programs joined forces with federal agencies, private foundations, corporations, community groups, local police, etc. So an employer who puts someone on a list could potentially get them targeted in all these areas.

What Is A Communitarian? by Niki Raapana

Communitarians believe that all neighborhoods should be governed like Chinese collectives. They teach that mandatory volunteerism in the community is a moral obligation of all citizens, and that intervening and reporting on your neighbors is required to maintain their individual freedom.

It may sound like two conflicting ideologies, but it’s not. Communitarianism balances all political conflicts into one master, ideological solution.


Under the UN Agenda 21 program all cities of the world will eventually move to this style of governance.

[quote]The communitarian plan for reinventing a global government was adopted by the UN in 1992 at the Earth Summit. There were no public votes cast for or against it in any of the affected “free” nations. Average citizens were not consulted. In most free and democratic countries, the nation’s taxpayers (who pay for it) were never even told about it. The major media outlets were mostly silent while for thirteen years, the UN’s LA-21 laws have been imposed on all 166 member nations.

There were no big discussions of its purpose or ultimate consequences. It just slid into law. It’s really pretty amazing. No major editorials, no explanation of how it would be imposed, it was barely announced by the national governments who endorsed it. Only a few enlightened locals understand LA-21 requires a total reorganization of government systems. It eliminates individual rights in the free countries. National systems of political economy are subserviant to LA-21 laws.[/quote]

Cities such as L.A. and Toronto have been blessed with community oriented policing for years.

So you have a nifty little program, each division does what it wants to a degree, and units which work with the public. So if a target is getting followed it might change depending on which section they are walking through. Keep in mind that these people share information, and with the federal agencies merging with the lower agencies, the dirty tricks have been passed around and shared.

For my targeting I have had some fun.

With lawyers, I had one lawyer tell me that to send a letter off to get the targeting to stop, she would need for me to supply the name of the program, and who was in charge.

Another lawyer without me saying anything, asked if I had trouble finding a job, or getting an apartment. At the time I had not had trouble with apartments, but my job hunt had gone off. This lawyer was not with the firm that I contacted. The firm had to get an outside lawyer that they consult with for this type of case. That was one more adventure.

I also have spoken to loads of detectives, most saying that they have never heard of these tactics, then I talked to one, and he said that these were standard tactics and that any detective should be aware of them, they are standard tactics for police surveillance operations. So much like customer service and getting help, it depends on who you talk to. Shortly after this he calmed up and discontinued contact, but there are people out there who can help, but you have to get to them, before the state realises what you are doing or they will shut them down. Thus why I tell targets don’t share you lawyers name etc. This is my opinion and you have to do what suits you.

I recently spoke to a community lawyer and asked about the violent persons registry, I phrased it as, you know if you get into a fight or argument and then get put on a list and followed around, like stores, etc, like a violent persons list or something. She knew what I meant, and asked if I found the info online? She also said at their location they did not handle that, but to try the lawyer referral service and see if they could help. Which is better than a few years ago, it’s all about who you talk to, and referencing the violent persons registry might help as well, just to get some head way.

So much like customer service it’s who you talk to, but then it’s also trying to be stealthy, if you find someone who will help, try to do it in secret, cause they will get shut down, clam up and suddenly refuse to talk to you or assist you.

So to recap, with community policing each area does what it deems best, so yes you could have some areas more psychotic than others, it all depends. I think most are about the same to one degree, but just like some areas being allowed to have open sex in bars, some areas might be more human with how the targeting and monitoring is carried out. Small towns vs large, etc.

Also for the targeting to answer the question that I was asked, no they don’t use the same tactics on each target, they try a bunch of things, then they see what you are sensitive to if anything and try to go from their. I just found out that my polite avoiding of their stupidity has been interpreted as a phobia or something so now they try to use crowding as a tactic. God sometimes they are so…

Anyways so there you have it I hope it helps. If you act sensitive to the color red, or they can get you to notice, then they will try to use more of the same till you are sensitized in a negative way. They want to keep the target captivated at all times. If you respond to any of their stimulus that will be worked into your program. If they can get you with one, they will get you with another. I had one at the start of this, I worked with myself to get rid of it and I have never had another. If you are sensitized you can do this also and get rid of yours over time, by removing the negative associations, etc.

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  1. I think this pretty well sums up the situation for people who are targeted with this type of harassment. Most of us have experienced harassment from individuals who appear to be everyday people who you might casually run into to obvious criminal thugs. It explains the odd mix of people who are involved in organized stalking. I was told that by an insider that I was on some type of harassment list for stepping on the toes of the wrong people during a divorce. The same individual said they often put surveillance balloons in areas where they have trouble.I don’t know how credible my source was but it later came out in the news that dirigibles with surveillance equipment were being used by various organizations. A physician made an off handed remark to my elderly mother you don’t seem dangerous to me when she was referred to him for a physical injury. The information seems to fit in my situation.
    More information is being leaked out about how many people are being bribed and paid to spy on their neighbors. Unfortunately spying is just a small part of it.The show “Conspiracy Theory” did a show on big brother and some of the nice little devices that could potentially be used to harass people from a distance. I think as the public becomes more aware to the extent the system is being abused for personal gain they will question is this how a democratic society should treat its citizens. It’s very sad to think that the individual who responded to your comments actually expects us to believe that they are providing a valuable public service by harassing and torturing innocent people.

    Comment by targeted2 | December 30, 2009 | Reply

    • You said it all very well. We can only hope, but also we can and must each do our part to move this forward, I am just sure we can and we must, not just for ourselves, but for the society as a whole.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. My husband and I both have been targeted for 4 years, for reasons I do not know, however we have been unable to deal with the trauma of the events and have been turning to drugs as a way of coping off and on. This activity usually makes the harassment escalate even further. As you may realize we have no one to listen to us because of this. We both have been in recovery from addictions for 20 years and the stalking put quite a strain on our lives and due to the PTSD we have relapsed a few times and the stalkers just love this. I was wondering if you have many other people that have this type of experience, or that are willing to admit to it. I just think it’s like a gangstalker’s dream come true. Nobody believes an addict. Not even their closest friends or family. We have stopped for long periods of time, and then when we are stressed or have flashbacks and use again, they seem to instantly know and start up again. It is no where NEAR as bad as it was initially thank God for that. But it just seems like no person would ever have empathy for anyone that does drugs. In my opinion, people who are doing this have an illness. It is really nobody’s concern, and I am disgusted by how they just take advantage of the state of mind we are in at the time. We have often felt as if we were part of a huge training exercise for the beginner stalker! I don’t condone taking drugs what so ever, but I also don’t think that I deserve to be tortured in my own home because of it. It’s bad enough to know that you are doing something wrong, and on top of that to have strangers mocking you through the walls and saying horrible things in your ear so even the person right next to you can not hear it. I wish there was a therapist that was aware of this phenomenon in order not to be diagnosed as schizophrenic and put on heavy psychotropic medications. Or locked up. We have had everything happen to us from projecting pornographic material on our walls, video taping us when we have sex, vandalizing our home, destroying our property and clothing, following us everywhere and hacking into our computer to steal private photos from us. I have left a ton of things out. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. I think the neighborhood watch are heavily involved and have followed us to every place we moved into. (A total of six places) I believe they just distribute some kind of dossier of information to the head neighbor and then they start the surveying. I noticed the library seems to have some kind of hand in this too. I just can not believe this kind of thing would go on and does go on right here in this country. Free country? I don’t think so. I really hope that I will eventually find a better way to cope with the trauma this has put me through. For anyone who judges me, until you have walked a mile in my shoes…save it. Thanks for listening. desperate in lb

    Comment by desperateinlb | January 18, 2010 | Reply

    • If you are real targets and have any drug use, then this will just make the informants feel that they are right about what they are doing, they in many ways are brain washed. If you are using any drugs, even if it’s due to the targeting, they will say that they are right in what they are doing to you.

      I am not judging you, I think this targeting is enough to drive people crazy, to drugs, to suicide, to jail, institutions, mass killings, etc. Having said that, a clean mind is the best way to go. I know that this is probably easier said than done. However you are the best shot that you have for showing these people that they are the problem, not us. They are the ones that have gone crazy, not us. The better example we can set, the more it shows the corrupt nature of what they have become and this system that supports them.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 20, 2010 | Reply

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