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Stop shooting messengers and face the truth

[quote]December 11, 2009

Stop shooting messengers and face the truth
Sometimes knowledge is uncomfortable. But it is the mark of a civilised society that we do not sweep it under the carpet

In 413BC a traveller sat down in a barber’s shop in Piraeus, the Athenian port, and readied himself for a shave. He commiserated with the locals for the loss of their recent military expedition to Syracuse. The horror dawned; the traveller was first with the news. The barber flung down his tools and ran to the city, crying the news. His reward? The Athenians refused to believe that their navy had been destroyed, that their sons and brothers were dead or working as slaves in Sicilian mines. As Plutarch tells us, the barber was “fastened to the wheel and racked”.

This is how we so often treat those who tell us the truth we do not want to hear. History is littered with examples of messengers being shot, tortured and pilloried, literally and metaphorically.

To quote Sophocles’ Antigone: “No one loves the messenger who brings bad news.” To misquote Corporal Jones: “We don’t like it up us.”

We assume that we are different from our forefathers; more tolerant and more willing to allow uncomfortable truths to be aired. We have a liberal democracy and we congratulate ourselves on a commitment to freedom of speech. Yet when the truth sits uncomfortably with our notions of what is right, when it clashes with our dearly held notions of tolerance, we are as squeamish as any of our ancestors. Few are as intolerant as the self-consciously tolerant.[/quote]

The article above is about crime in the U.K. but it could just as easily been about trying to get the truth out about Gang Stalking and the fact that people in most time periods do not like people who tell them the truth, or who preach something that goes against their orthodoxy. What I am learning about this time period is that it is no better, in fact it’s worst, because unlike other times, we have so much wonderful and rich history to fall back on, and yet in many ways we are just as ignorant.

This is how we so often treat those who tell us the truth we do not want to hear. History is littered with examples of messengers being shot, tortured and pilloried, literally and metaphorically.

To quote Sophocles’ Antigone: “No one loves the messenger who brings bad news.” To misquote Corporal Jones: “We don’t like it up us.”

Sorry if the message is not what you want to hear, truth is a bitter pill to swallow at times. For me I loved my country, I thought I lived in the best place on earth (literally). It took me a really long time of grappling with the betrayal I felt to come to the semi-full realization of some truth. I don’t think I have the full truth, I am not sure I could handle the full truth just yet, but I have tried to educate myself on some of the recent history, the stuff that the text book does not tell you, some of the not so hidden conspiracy, and it’s one shock to the system after another.

Sometimes I get angry with people for being so stupid and gullible, for believing the best, but I was right there a few short years ago, and without my targeting, it would have taken me a very long time to believe anything bad about my country, or my fellow citizens. I always thought of us as the good guys, that we would never ever do what was done in East Germany or other places. I was so naive, so desperately wrong, luckily for me truth is easier to swallow when you have the burn marks, bruises, and psychological torture to show for it. Without this, I might still be trying to believe that my country was not doing anything bad. I might not have taken the time to research like I have, but I have now done this, and I have no intention of going back.

I don’t hate my fellow citizens, I feel sorry for them, many of them likely think that they are doing something good, trying to be good citizens like I was taught to be, but I am lucky, I have seen the dark side and I know enough history to know that what is being done is wrong. Most importantly as a target, I have seen, experienced and read about cruelty like none other, and I am quite comfortable with how I feel.

I know for some this is hard to comprehend, some really are just there to try to make the society better, but if killing the innocent is how you are going to make the society better, you are wrong. I know many don’t see it this way, the 15 to 30 minutes that they give seems like nothing and they might not see how their small roles could destroy lives, so with every story, revelation targets have tried to show you this. We have been trying to say, hey look we are innocent, in many cases good people, and something is wrong within the society cause it’s destroying our lives. Many of us naively thought that this would be enough, but we were proven wrong time and again, and worst many started to realize the long term goal of this targeting is our destruction, how could you expect us to be ok with it?

Did you think this was Stalinist Russia? Did you think that we would agree that we were bad because the state said so? The state who does some of the most hypocritical, terroristic things? Not going to happen. Most of us are good people, we do not deserve this, and we are saying that a system that would destroy us, is a broken and corrupted system. I get that some do not see it that way, but I am sorry for you, because we see it, live it and feel it on a daily basis and it does destroy lives.

In trying to expose this, we are just doing what past targets have done, would you honestly expect anything less? Don’t get upset if you have a harder time destroying our lives, it’s not our jobs to make it easier for you to do so, and how silly would you have to be to think so?

The goal of these sites is to support each other, document the stories of targets, and to highlight the sad truth, which is that our countries are becoming a nation of informants, but also to show what has happened to other societies where this was allowed to happen. The saddest part I find in researching is that when these times are happening, people always feel justified, they believe the lies, and they become so brain washed that they can not see past the lies, they have to believe the lies. They tell themseles I was just following orders. I did it cause an authority figure told me to. Anything else would mean confronting the evils of their actions, the drunken power that corrupts consistently in every time period. The comradely in these times of evil that oppressors invariably feel towards one another.

History can teach a great deal, but it’s words and facts, it is not hearts and minds, only by reaching hearts and minds can we hope to change things for the better and ensure a brighter future for ourselves and others. Believe it or not, we are not just fighting for ourselves, our main survival is key to be sure, but targets are also invariably fighting for others so that they do not have to go through and experience this horrible betrayal by the state.

I don’t know what else can be said, there are some really wrong and horrific things happening, to not draw attention to that would be neglectful at best, but it would also be a betrayal in another way. I have more incentive ofcourse, but it’s no less imperative for others to awaken to what is happening.

Also I tend to go on about us and them, us targets, those informants, but many many informants are or were targets who are broken, made to co-operate, forced, others who just gave in, and or others who were brought up this way and don’t understand the big deal. Many don’t do anything bad as far as they are aware. I don’t mean to keep separating everything, it’s really all one humanity, but as a target it’s so easy if you have a target to say, they, those are the ones doing this, at times it’s easy to forget that many of them suffered also, are suffering. I am sorry for that, but I do have my good days and bad days like everyone else.
Anyways I don’t know what else there is to say.

We assume that we are different from our forefathers; more tolerant and more willing to allow uncomfortable truths to be aired. We have a liberal democracy and we congratulate ourselves on a commitment to freedom of speech. Yet when the truth sits uncomfortably with our notions of what is right, when it clashes with our dearly held notions of tolerance, we are as squeamish as any of our ancestors. Few are as intolerant as the self-consciously tolerant.


Uncomfortable truths are not fun, I have come across so many, some posted, some just hard to take, but I have consistently adjusted my comfort level cause I would rather truth than lies. I know not everyone is the same, many are happy with lies, and half truths, or flat out denial, they can not handle the fact that there could be anything bad about the society. They would silence anyone who would say otherwise, but that’s just not acceptable, because it must be said, and some of us are at the convenient place of saying it. When I say convenient, I don’t mean easy, but it’s something that needs to be done. No one is trying to make anyone feel bad, or ashamed, but I don’t know how to make people feel good when the sad truth is that their actions might be helping to kill and harm innocent people. I can just point out the facts and hope that societies conscience will have enough left to do the rest. Oh and pray.

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  1. Hello M 🙂

    Do you think its getting hotter or colder ? Please surf to “Climate Audit” to get the truth about climate change, this is not a website i am affiliated with in anyway, Mr McIntyre thinks the climate is getting colder and has proven his peers have lied and routinely illigally denied freedom of access requests from concerned members of the public when an unknown hacker liberated over 3000 emails between these metreological scientists showing they changed the criteria required to access thier work. It becomes of major importance people learn how to grow thier own foods employing hydroponics so its ready to use in weeks instead of months. once ready it can also be preserved using healthy methods not industrial processing which ruins it.

    If its true farmers will lose more and more of thier crops, supermarkets will begin charging sky high prices, people who cant afford to buy face dependency on thier governments who wont even tell the truth, the alarming part is how the American constitution is being amended to make the american people give up thier arms and the building of 139 military camps, their government does not want thier people to be starving and armed, they fear rioting and looting and fighting unseen since the civil war.

    I have not left my email because you could still be religious which means your being mindfecked or possibly unwittingly helping them here and there.

    I hope you are well M is that you in the video on the godsliberationarmy homepage ? wooooohooooo yum yum 😉

    Comment by Ben | December 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. If they don’t like the message, they shoot the messenger- you’re right. But sometimes it’s not enough to keep quiet. If they hack your computers, they start bothering you even if you don’t post. There’s no advantage to being quiet. Once they pick you out, there’s really no right way to respond either. On one family outing they showed up at an antique store acting weird. I ignored it and went to the next shop, they were already there when we arrived. We worked our way through the store only to find a bunch of people, standing around a stained glass display, wearing Harley gear and just glaring at us. I immediately wanted to leave. What the Harley people don’t see is the family fight that starts right away. My family thinks I’m crazy. They weren’t followed by motorcycles after work and so they can’t imagine anyone stalking us. Who could, this is all nuts. But I want to publicly thank all those people who thought it was okay to track where I go and ruin my family time. What gave you the right? Try fixing things in my family now. You invade my life. You come into my turf and then you leave me with the fallout. Is it any wonder I don’t go out as often? No matter what my reaction is, you make gossip out of it and it causes major problems within my family. I don’t care if you like my message anymore. You ruined my life even when I wasn’t posting. Cowards- none of you has the courage to make this right, no, not one.

    Comment by Stillalive | April 1, 2010 | Reply

  3. It’s true, if they don’t like the message, they take after the messenger. It doesn’t matter if you post or not. If they’ve hacked your computer, they will harass you for private internet searches. It becomes stalking when they keep track of where you’re going and follow you. On one family outing I noticed a few people acting weird in an antique shop. I ignored them and continued shopping. It didn’t do any good. In the next shop, they were waiting for us. We worked our way around the store. They were waiting (dressed in Harley gear) just glaring at us as we approached. They were standing around the stained glass display. We left immediately. What the Harley people didn’t see was the family argument that ensued. If they had chosen any other part of the store, I could have left without my family noticing. But, the stalkers study our lives. They knew from my hobbies listed online that I enjoy stained glass. My family knew I wouldn’t skip that section without a reason. My family thinks I’m crazy. They didn’t have motorcycles following them after work, so they don’t believe people in Harley stuff would actually stalk us. Who would? This is nuts.

    On that one day, they knew me, my family, our car. They knew we were out and followed us through at least three different towns and several stores. They knew what I enjoy and they used it to intimidate and ruin a time with my family for no reason. I was not bothering anyone. What has happened has drastically influenced my life. It has had a horrible effect on my family. My reputation within my family has been gutted by people who think it’s okay to stalk and play games with people they don’t even know. That’s right, I’ve never even met the people at the antique store. I do not understand how or why they dedicate so much time and attention to intimidating a stranger. If these posts are being noticed, this kind of harassment shouldn’t be acceptable. It doesn’t matter who is at the top of the chain. It doesn’t matter how popular or influential they are. The tracking and hacking are wrong. No one had the right to interfere in my life and my family in this sick way. If you know it’s happening, you need to say enough is enough. The only way this will stop is through social pressure. My greatest fear is that I am not the only one they target. It haunts me to think of other writers going through this. I want everyone to know how they work and how far they actually go, so that they can’t get away with this as easily with the next target. There are lots of publishers in town, I am only posting on one. This is not about songs, this is about stalking. None of this belongs in the Christian music industry. Some things are more important than getting published, this is one of them.

    Comment by Stillalive | April 2, 2010 | Reply

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