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Government Backdoor?

Does the government have a back door to the internet? I have posted before about strange happenings, but here is something that should be of interest.

I posted a comment at TMZ using my normal email address, the confirmation email did not arrive. I found it strange. So I created a different email address and posted a comment on a different article.

That email confirmation arrived. So it could just be that something was wrong with my original email right? So to test the theory, I created a second account with a different user name, and posted a bubble (meaningless comment) comment. For the bubble comment and different user name, I immediately received the following email. Portions have been edited, but you get the general gist.

(Please activate your comments by clicking this URL:

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So I got an email confirmation and password, which would allow me to post comments without any need for more email confirmations. I then went back to post my original comment that had a bit more substance, using the password and email, and it does not post. Remember I now have a password, and email, but my original comment is not posting.

So the question is do those that are doing the monitoring have a secret back door to the Internet that allows such things to happen? I think it could be more simple than that. Is there a way to prevent emails from arriving that a hacker could do? Cause I and many targets have seen emails not arrive, but in this case, my original did not arrive, the second did, and the third did not. I usually have better things to do, but I think I can somewhat prove this, ofcourse in typical fashion, after posting this, watch a billion comment show up on TMZ.

It’s not that far off a question considering that the military created the internet, why would they not have backdoors? Even if this specific situation is not caused by a government backdoor, is it not reasonable to assume that they have one?

If they do not have backdoors, then what can they do?

So to test out the theory further I created a third account, using the same mail company where the second email did arrive and lo and behold the email just like with the first email, same user name did not arrive.

I created a different user for the comment. This shows deliberate interference and I think this should make a rational person wonder, just a little bit if something odd is ongoing.

Now only is the comment being prevented from being posted, but emails are being prevented in this case.

So what happens to the emails? see in the first case, you could just assume that the email did not arrive, but the second email with the another company did, but the third email which was created using the first comment, with the second email company did not arrive.

The only difference with the emails is that one comment had a reference to Gangstalking and the other comment did not. Comment two which was a test comment was just a bubble comment, and it make it through.

I don’t think this is happening at TMZ’s side, cause I have seen this before on too many websites. This might be the closest that I have come to proving this. I believe it’s happening at the local end and the idiots doing the monitoring are responsible. So is there a hack that can do this? If so what? What is the work around?

If they need to block emails that badly, then that’s a good thing. It shows that they are scared of this being exposed, and I think this means we are doing better, than expected. Sure getting illegally blocked is not fun, but this can work in our favor.

If we continue to do what we are doing, then I think we can get this exposed.

Lastly when did google mail start requiring a sms phone confirmation for new emails? I have never seen this before.

What happens if there users don’t have a mobile or choose not to send? Can they still create an account in google. I have never seen this before, and would love some feedback from others.

I just checked and it typical make the target look crazy and discredit them, the postings are all there.

Except for a couple of things. Because I used the never signed up at TMZ option for my first email, I should have gotten a response in my in box and did not. So I contacted the site saying, hey I did not get my confirmation email. That was at 3:57 and up until I made this post, none of my comment were on that site, except for the bubble comment, which did not appear up until 4:31 and that was because I finally got an email in the second email account I created. Yet when I go back to this site, I can see comments from myself at 3:51 pm, which were my original comments. So how did the original comments post without the required email verification?

Let me recap. I posted a comment at 3:51 or there abouts. It did not post. No email was received. I tried it again, and nothing. I contacted the site at 3:57 and got their auto responder. Shortly after I created a second account, and posted a bubble comment just for the hell of it. That made it through right away after clicking on the confirmation email, plus another email giving me a user name and password. Subsequently I went went back to post and again nothing happened.

Yet now all the comments are showing. This is typical, trying to discredit the target, but I took the screen caps, which I find help a great deal.

The auto responder from 3:57. At this stage none of my comments where showing up on their site. So I emailed them to say hey what the heck, my comments are not showing.

My original comments are now showing. Those comments that I never received a confirmation email for, which were not showing up at the time of this posting, but are now fully there.

I also have a screen cap of my bubble comment which did post right away at 4:31 Pm on another article.

So were the comments just not showing from my end? A resonable explanation, but then why could I see the bubble comment and not the rest? Where are the missing emails? Why are all the posted comments now showing, about 6 of them in total, which just looks like spam now, but they were not showing at the time. Keep in mind that other comments were posting and those showed up just fine.

It’s a small thing, but sometimes it’s proving the small things that will help you prove the larger things. I by no means thing this is definitive proof, but it should make you go hum?

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  1. If accounts are being accessed, it’s possible that the emails are just being deleted, since my computer access is monitored, I have noticed several times where my computer is logged into, and a few times where my interfaced looked almost identical except for one thing. Meaning it was not my interface, but looked identical.

    Since the problem is from this end, I assume there are several hacking tricks to make emails disappear, thus it appears that they have not arrived.

    Comment by gangstalking | December 13, 2009 | Reply

  2. hacker can put and inject in the comment to get spam and backlink function.. its all about security

    Comment by atics | December 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. Perp alert! Perp alert! Sounds like you’re obviously monitored by them.
    As a target myself what I’d like to know is, what does everyone’s perps look like? Feel free to describe them, people, but you can do so anonymously of course. The perps won’t like it of course.

    Comment by anti-g/s | December 18, 2009 | Reply

    • They look like people I work with, am related to, buy from at the store, to the losers who follow me and annoy me. They are friends, family, enemies, strangers, average citizens who are living one of the greatest lies in history, and they are repeating what has gone before, and sadly what will come again. I hope that helps.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 9, 2010 | Reply

      • You’ve said it perfectly. Exactly like my perps. They just look normal, and almost indistinguishable.

        Comment by anti-g/s | January 20, 2010

      • Almost indistinguishable except for their one handed sign language and the fact that many of them just don’t think for themselves.

        Comment by gangstalking | January 20, 2010

  4. My hacker problem is such that in the ethernet at home our computers are set up to be clients to server computers. One possible way to determine this is to use X Netstat Professional and look at the name of your broadband modem (localhost… the IP doesn’t matter unless you know your modem’s IP). If you are on wireless it may work the same way. In my case I we have a linksys-cisco router but localhost shows up as a two wire router. (You should be able to find the router name on your router software.) The ISP should be able to track where your internet is going – well, assuming that they don’t send a perp to check it out (as in my case – he did absolutely nothing and charged $30. I guess the fact he was smirking as I am telling him that my ex bf is hacking the internet – and of course I can proved it – and tapping the phone and has been sending death threats should be an indication of his perp-ness.)

    The other thing in my case is that I get hacked when I am on public computers – since they follow me around. I have the trick now of going to the tiniest public library around and noting who is there – taking down their descriptions and license plates even… since to hack that kind of network you actually have to be on the network. At the bigger public library my “anonymous” looking perp-hacker thought I hadn’t seen him – but I had several times and when I was trying to post something about what my perps look like he grabbed his briefcase (is that often a perp accessory?) and turned his face away from me.

    Well that’s all my advice. You might have to get original disks for your OS. Also try disabling remote access via device manager, network adapters, system preferences, services (if you are on Windows 7) etc. Good luck!

    Comment by another one | January 29, 2010 | Reply

  5. I’ve noted several types among the perps here… though people involved in those “random street conversations” can be just about anybody – maybe they aren’t even perps or don’t know what it’s about. Here there are ex-cop, ex-firefighter or older PI types – these wear baseball caps usually. There are some soccer mom types – but only a few. Most of them here are more recently arrived Cubans (maybe arrived within the last 4-5 years). Most of them are male but some are female. There are a few Eastern Europeans among them. Also some look like they might have petty criminal records – kind of working class types. The warnings posted to me before I became a full-fledged TI indicated something about firefighters – but I am not sure if they associate themselves with that because of some use of firefighter equipment or whether firefighters are actually involved here…. very sad if it’s true because the people we assume will defend and protect are harassing innocent people and worse yet – innocent children. The cars here often have Miami Dade College decals (though not everyone with a decal is a perp!) and some of the cars are two-toned – like some part of the car is painted in a different color.

    I guess they’ll be pissed that I am posting but I have told them the more the harass us, the more I will expose them.

    Comment by another one | January 29, 2010 | Reply

    • “I guess they’ll be pissed that I am posting but I have told them the more the harass us, the more I will expose them.”


      Comment by gangstalking | February 4, 2010 | Reply

  6. Re: Computer. I have found that when I am interested in a person or subject, the perp “floods” the internet with nonsense words yet with use of the word I am seeking. Try it for yourself. Google walter pittman. Family member. See what junk arrives. It is amazing, they were even able to invade zabasearch so that there were 100’s of people with the same last name living in a particular state- further investigation showed that the persons did NOT live in that state although their “addresses” appeared correct on initial inspection.

    Comment by Nancy | February 5, 2010 | Reply

  7. The stalkers: for the most part are a cross section of society. In our case I noted many wealthy white retired couples driving SUV’s. (This was in the CT,NJ and NY areas).
    Some were young couples with their CHILDREN along! They had a special honk for each other, and a flashing of the lights for us. Particularly noticeable was a grimace, especially when a handgun was being displayed (but not used.)

    In other areas, skanky looking bikers were following and threatening. In the South East and south west, many latinos were involved. Their actions toward us were more violent.

    All seemed to have lost their soul.

    Comment by Nancy | February 5, 2010 | Reply

    • It can and does change depending on where you go. Different areas have different things they do, eg. Some targets report hub caps, some baseball caps, different areas do different things. Read up on Community Oriented Policing. They also try to use various things against people.

      Eg. If you are female they might use males to stalk you, if you are black then white, or white then black individuals will be used to stalk you. We have had targets report, Masons, Scientology, Religious Church Groups, Groups of Gay Men, Street Gangs, Bikers, etc.

      It all depends on how they are trying to depict the target. If they try to make it look like you are a pro lifer than anti abortion groups might be used, etc. It’s all a psychological game that they play with us. I am going to link you to the Marsboys videos.

      I am not sure if this is the video where he explains that they use diametrically opposed groups as part of the harassment. I am not saying I agree with everything he says, but that part I believe is fully correct.

      Comment by gangstalking | February 6, 2010 | Reply

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