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Paranoid Propaganda

Please read the above post.

I made this into a full post, because I very firmly feel that whenever accusations of this kind come up, they must be addressed and set where they belong. A poster from the forum, found my blog posting, and left a comment. Now maybe the poster left it for good, as useful feedback, or maybe it’s just another informant, who is trying to make Gang Stalking sites look like they encourage delusions. As I have said before in dealing with now hundreds if not thousands of people who have come through the site, the long term feedback has been that they feel validated, most knew that something was happening, but did not know what. Some considered crazy as an option, but crazy did not match what they were seeing and most are people who kept looking for other answers to what was happening to them.

I don’t know what the situation was like in Russia when the state started saying that dissidents were crazy. I imagine that many tried to prove that they were not, and tried to also expose what was happening. I do know that in Russia part of what got the abuses exposed were target telling their stories, till there were enough that people started listening. I believe that targets must do similar if they are going to be heard and expose what our governments are now doing.

[quote]I am a member of that forum. The member being gangstalked that you mentioned has said that she is a diagnosed schizophrenic who doesn’t want to take her medication. I assume that you haven’t read any threads posted by her other than the gangstalking one. She said she is being gangstalked by evil or negative energies because she knows who the antichrist is. You were banned because you unknowningly reinforced her delusions.[/quote]

This is the reason the account was banned.

Gangstalking, stop spamming with your links. You seem to be here on a propaganda mission. We don’t allow those kinds of accounts.

Spamming, I was not, at least not intentionally and the links could have been removed. I was posting researched information, not a propaganda mission.

Just because she has been diagnosed as crazy, does not mean that she is. Gloria Naylor a famous target was diagnosed as crazy and is not.

Without knowing more about her case, it’s impossible to know if she really is crazy, or a target or both. The targeting can make you crazy. Just look at what happened in Russia. Targets of the state were consistently diagnosed as crazy.

In America today, the psychiatric reprisal is being used on more and more people who are not crazy.

Good sources of info about people who the state tried to put away as being crazy. It does happen.

Most people choose to believe that someone who talks about being followed around are crazy first and then they ask questions. I do the opposite, I choose to believe that people are sane first and then I ask the questions.

If posting articles about, Cointelpro, The Stasi, and our current surveillance society is going to encourage people to go crazy, or encourage paranoid delusions, then it’s unfortunate, because it’s reality. We live in a surveillance society. Innocent people are being stalked and monitored.

As evidence was presented, questions were asked. She said she knew who the anti-christ was and that she could speak to the dead. Lot’s of people think that, without necessarily being crazy. I did ask her why she felt that way in both cases.

The only thing that I did further was share with her information that myself and others have discovered about the multi generational aspect of Gang Stalking, which is also a fact.

I deeply feel sorry, and concerned about people who think that having good solid information will make people fall further into delusions. God forbid she go to sites about surveillance operations, or read books on such, or watch a tv show on such. God forbid, because I guess that those would be guilty of feeding her delusions as well.

This came up last year interestingly enough. God forbid people read the bible and it fuel their delusions of an omnipotent being that controls the world who they can’t see, but who they believe others have talked to. God further forbid such people to to Churches, Mosques, Synagogue and find others who further their delusions.

Providing a person with credible information about a problem that is happening to others is just that, it’s information that is available in books, on T.V., Youtube, and in other places. This information about Cointelpro, Mobbing, The Stasi, and other forms of harassment were available for years, as long as crazy people have thought that they were being stalked, which in cases like John Lennon turned out not to be paranoia.

The girl might be a real target, that possibility exists. She might also be crazy, that possibility exists. She might also be an agent who specifically is trying to link crazy and Gang Stalking. We had so much of that on Youtube, and on forums. There are agents of the state on most forums. This is a fact. Let me know if you need articles.

You could be here trying to be helpful, but you could also be here trying to link Gang Stalking with enhancing and encouraging the delusions of others. Eg. It’s not the first time this has happened, but as pointed out, these websites do not encourage delusions, anymore than watching tv shows, reading books, or visiting other sites on topic such as Cointelpro, or Stasi website.

If you are here with good intention’s then I thank you, but based on the original posting, and a discussion I had with the webmaster of the forum, that is not why I was banned. If your intentions are to try to link Gang Stalking sites with encouraging the delusions of the crazy, then we have been there done that, and you failed then a well.

Read the links that I posted. People are being set up to be declared as crazy, by our democratic countries. This is sick and wrong like it was in Russia. Because someone is declared crazy does not mean that they are. The girl was being teased and bullied. Crazy or sane that was not right and I stepped in because that is the human thing to do, and I will never regret doing the right and just human thing, in trying to stop her from being picked on. I told her that my first instinct is to believe her and you don’t know how needful that is, but then of course as I get to know her, I would look at the facts in her case and give feedback accordingly.

Even with real targets if I feel that they can not handle their targeting, I will always recommend they seek a support circle. Now I ask you what is being being believed and listened to, or being picked on and put down. She told her story, As I told the girl, I don’t know her and can not judge her crazy. I would rather take her word till more of her case is presented. Wither that is that she turns out to be yet another informant, crazy, target, or something else.

I hope that helps.

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  1. Will you please give more information about the multi-generational aspect of this?
    Thank you

    Comment by me | November 21, 2009 | Reply

    • I believe Mark M. Rich has some info on his site.

      Basically in doing the research, talking to other targets, and getting their stories. There is a pattern that a member or often members of their families experienced something similar. Many also have reason to believe that the targeting might have started when they were little, when they look back and try to date when this all started.

      Based on how the children of current targets are also picked on and singled out, what is being seen is a pattern of multi-generations being picked on. Some report a parent, sibling, or Grandparent having gone through something similar.

      Comment by gangstalking | November 23, 2009 | Reply

  2. Great post. I don’t agree that all psychology is “invalid”. I do agree that it has and is being used as a tool to suppress dissent.

    Comment by Animadverto | November 22, 2009 | Reply

  3. i agree with the author of this article its hard to tell nowadays from internet posts alone if some one is a disinfo agent or genuinely a TI, crazy or both, it would seem that logically if society is informed to follow a person and do things to annoy/anger them continously and then deny it then that person will eventually go crazy, especially considering the profound impact of the aggravation on the TI life and the low levels adults go to harass eachother for oneupmanship.

    i think it is possible that the woman TI claiming to know the antichrist and communicating with unseen forces, i think there is nothing crazy or delusional about this phenomenom expect for the fact that humans crazily opt to deny the existance of the unseen. it is fact the the unsen forces plaay havoc with the human mind and lifes and actions and have doen so since the beginning of time. The really interesting thing about all this is the current cultural ideas and opinions that shun such thoughts of the unseen having a profound impact on our lifes. in this day and age we are socially engineered not to accept the existance of unseen spirits, forces, etc.. (clearly mentioned int he bible and quran and torah and other texts). hence the term psychiatry a term that conveniently puts up an explanation as to why people start acting in ways we cant understand or control…i.e. perpetrators and TI ALL being controlled and under some ‘spell’ to act and generate an environment conducive to anarchy and chaos…..perhaps to engineer a change, or eliminate the TIs by force. we an not fully understand this because it is secret and unseen, not everyone know the full extent of what is happening and those that think they are informed and in the know are equally delusional as those engineered to look and act crazy. more transparency is required by humans since we can see eachother and not see the unseen only then can we break the divide and barriers that are being contructed, humans are more intelligent and powerful than we think and we are being oppressed for this very reason.

    Comment by cho | November 30, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree with much of what you said. There are seen and unseen forces. We are more powerful than we know. Many targets I know, real targets seem to be very sensitive, in the regard to picking up on things. I think many might have latent abilities that even they are not aware of. It’s an avenue I have not perused a lot, cause to start talking about the senses outside of the 5 is still seen as crazy talk in many circles, and as targets we still struggle to get simple things like Cointelpro and Stasi understood, by the general population.

      Comment by gangstalking | December 8, 2009 | Reply

  4. in follow up to my last comment i was just reading some comments on David Icke forum and saw this interesting quote by some called grandsecretary

    “A compelling reason for silence amongst Masons is not so much a compulsion to adhere to their sacred vows, or a fear of macabre retribution from their fellows: it is more that they do not understand a word of the ceremonies they participate in, and their only fear is that people would laugh at the apparently pointless and silly rituals they perform…
    Our biggest criticism of freemasonry is its sheer pointlessness. It does not know where it came from, no one seems to know what it is trying to achieve, and increasingly it seems improbable that it can have much of a future in a world that demands a clarity of purpose and benefit.” (SOURCE: Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas: Article, The Yorkshire Post, 11 May 1996) :end quote

    I would suggest that there is SEVERE case of denial injected into societal behaviour. For example psychiatry would diagnose a person sick or crazy for talking about voices in their head or communicating with spirits. However at the same time Freemasonry is truely grasped and practised by the higher echelons of many institutions running society i.e Judges, Doctors, Police Teachers etc…
    Freemasonry a secret society riddled with codes and rituals. aka black art, witchcraft, communication with spirit unseen world, dark energies, forces etc,,,

    i would say it is not impossible for humans to be under the influence of spirit/unseen forces, until this area is opened up and not so secret maybe then we will understand the dark doing of Gang stalking, murders, crime, organised terrorism and many other social ills.
    what are the fall back mechanisms for the TI and victims of this abuse? there seems to be some web forums but no social structure to help such people par total elimination or incrimination in a prison of some sort.

    Comment by cho | November 30, 2009 | Reply

    • From what I have seen of the snitches is that they like their secret club, I have been told numerous times on forum, when trying to discuss Gang Stalking, that the first rule of fight club, snitch club etc, is that you don’t discuss or talk about it. They think that anyone who is aware of their little one gang has to be one of them. Guess what we are targets, and we are allowed to talk about it. Most of us are outsiders who only became aware of their snitch club after they tried to destroy our lives and yes we are allowed to talk about it.

      They are childlike in their mentality about protecting their big Stasi secret. I don’t know that they care that this is destroying lives. They are just selfish. But with the case of the snitches, many are scared of telling the secret, they are scared of what their snitch (slave) handlers would do to them. Even if it’s just socially being ostracized they are scared. So while they get to be scared and cowardly, the rest of us are out there being destroyed.

      Sometimes I get angry with them, sometimes I feel sorry for them, sometimes I get where I just have to ignore them. However there is good and bad everywhere. Some want to be free of their shackles as much as we want to be free of our targeting. I think just pray.

      Comment by gangstalking | December 8, 2009 | Reply

      • To think so much stupidity and childishness is all it takes for silent murder ..its like kindergarten murder conspiracies and all institutions are complicit and scared to death to do anything about it so they act out a great part of the corruption and the biggest death blow to the TI. if the perps say or do anything they too could lose a great deal, however i seem to have noticed most perps are the low lifes and scum of the earth and enjoy this citizen bashing, most decent people ignore it or say the facts of what they can get away with revealing without putting their necks on the line. i agree here it is an element of fear, an element of excitment for these little turds to be part of something and have meaning in their go no where lives, i find alot of jealousy and envy also helps unite the enemies. i think ur blog is good for exposing this cancer in the world, we can pray and hope for better but can anyone truely live a world where this is happening and being a casuality of this type of demented conduct?
        which forums do u visit? i think a TI anonymous group needs to be formed so people can air their experiences and liekwise form their own conclusions as clubs based on their environments.

        Comment by cho cho | December 8, 2009

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