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I have been watching over the last few weeks the reactions to the report that an “extremist” leader is an informant.

Many were in deep denial even defending him, and saying maybe he was only saying it to get out of jail.

Others thought that he had just helped the cops by reporting violent postings.

Others said that they always knew.

One of my favorite posts was one that compared him to a smooth talking man that tricks a woman and the woman just keeps going back for more abuse and lies.

Once some of the shock wore of and some of the denial, I watched others get angry, feel betrayed, and finally start to wonder about the damage that he had done, and if he had helped put others behind jail, gotten them black listed, or fired from jobs. Even if he had gotten them placed on watch lists.

Many were angry that if he got out of jail there would be a new generation of sheep to follow and support him, they just could not understand with all the evidence against him how some could still be supporting him.

Some still thought he was innocent. I am not sure if these were just loyal followers, or informants trying to set the stage for further dupings.

In all the postings that I read, I saw no one ask about the chain reaction. This really surprised me, no one was wondering about the individuals that this person has turned into informants like himself, and the chain reaction that has been happening as they have turned others and so forth and so forth, into informants. If you understand nothing else, understand that this is what this game is about. The fact that I did not see this discussion was a concern.

He has been an informant for 5 years. With the feds claiming that he was let go last year or the year before, but the truth is, once an informant the handlers can reactivate them at anytime, so once an informant, they are always informants.

That’s the most important discussion that was missed and it’s one of the most important one, because this is what has been happening in society for years, and this is how they were able to destroy many ethnic minority communities, where you have over half the men being informants, and many of the woman. This is what the focus should be when people discover that a prominent person in their midst was an informant.

Anyways watching their reactions reminded me a lot of my own when I first realised that things in the Gang Stalking Community was not what it seemed. From the Lawson book, to several sites and the individuals that run them, which I will not mentioned, but I think this is something that people have to understand.

The problem with watching this scenario is that I just thought if watching one person be an informant is a shock, then how will people ever get the bigger picture, of the structure that is happening, and that many more are likely to be informants, or false messiahs?  It was interesting to watch, for the first time, I relived a lot of what I went through, as I learnt the painful truth. I saw some of my emotions reflected in their reactions.

Betrayal is not an easy thing to deal with, in this case it was a radio personality who also turned out to be an informant. In the case of Targeted Individuals we are betrayed by our friends, families, co-workers, neighbours etc. Everyone close to us, you don’t know real betrayal until you have seen this system fully at work.

I think understanding how they work, reading up on Cointelpro, and being vigilant is a good thing to do. Remember they destroyed the black panthers, and the civil rights movements, and other minority movements, and programs like this are why true leaders have a hard time rising, and god forbid that they do, and get some influence, then as we saw we had the assassinations. The people running the show are creepy, dangerous, and they have been at this game a lot longer than the rest of us, who are playing catch up. However the truth is out there, and the sad part is many have gone before and tried to wake us up, some have left behind books, websites, and little traces of themselves.

Waking up to the bigger picture is important and figuring out how things work. Also many wondered if the leaderless resistance was not the way to go. I say everyone is different and each groups, every movement has to figure out it’s own best path. Groups like the panthers were stronger because they had unity, they rose faster because they had the support of the people, but they got destroyed due to snitches. Leaderless resistance avoids this for the most part, but then getting support means being self sufficient to a degree, it’s a trade off, you have to figure out what you can live with.

I have like being able to study different groups online, tune into what people think, feel, and it’s been an education. This week was a bit of a retrospect, watching how others deal with betrayal and plans to stop infiltrators. I am not sure any of it matters if you don’t see the bigger picture, many sides being played against each other, and fake people, etc, but there is still good in the world, but finding it is hard.

Anyways it was interesting and I just thought I would share some of what I saw, but the most important lesson when one finds an infiltrator is to try to focus on the chain reaction that might be going out, in my opinion.

August 15, 2009 - Posted by | Citizen Informants, Civilian Spies, Cointelpro, Gang Stalking

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  1. What I’d like to know is, What does everyone’s perps look like? (Lol.)

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | August 18, 2009 | Reply

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