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A baiting we will go.

As a target I get to see the business end of things, and it does not make me hopeful for humans, but it’s a good study none the less.

I see how truly controlled people are, more importantly I see a system where many do not even question that control. I see people getting used all the time. From the co-workers who now babysit my route to and from work.

What the informant force has been doing is they have been using positive identifications. This means they are now trying to have someone who I have had contact with before positively identify me, so I now constantly run into people at every location that I know. I think in many regards this method works better than others, because at least you can say yes the target was on the train, etc vs what I have personally witness which is them not know who is who vs what is what. I also recently saw a informant that was on the same bus, get followed.  The informant gave the signals, but since the target was not readily visible, they just ignored the informant, and followed the informant off the bus. Still it’s an improvement, but not one that I will be going along with.

I believe if they had used this method in the first place there would have been way less erroneous reports, however after years of the garbage, I have no intention of assisting with this venture. I keep finding fun ways around it.

This is one more reason that it’s easy to associate with informants, but it’s hard to form any real associations, because in an informant society motive must always be questioned. I get them all the time fishing for details of a personal nature. Yes normal people do this, but when you are aware of a secondary purpose in mind, then it’s impossible to take them seriously.

What I do now is report any incidents so that I can get my own words in, I find that this is more balanced, since informants can not in many cases be trusted to tell the truth.

In Stasi Germany, it was friends, family, lovers, co-workers, neighbours that betrayed people. 

Today I had an informant wheel over me quite deliberately. I firmly but politely advised and requested that the informant be more careful in future. Even though it was fully done deliberately,  you want to be careful of accusing them, as they are very found of accusing targets of being paranoid. It’s part of the baiting process.

I truly believe that many of these people don’t care about the children in their care, they often use them for a variety of purposes. Similar to the way they use their dogs. Part of the dog and pony show.

I think children have more value than that, but very little surprises me now. Two examples.

The pot shots that we have to put up with. Now the odd time the informants are instructed to get up close and personal and to try to cause the target problems.
Today I had an informant use it’s own child to cause trouble. I really find that some these people have no integrity whatsoever. I don’t believe that they care about their children. Just like the way they get puppies, and dogs, I do think that some have children just to make it easier for them to be a part of this system.
I have now had numerous occasions where an informant was so busy watching me, that they literally endangered their children. It really makes me sad, but I am not surprised.

I remember the one time that a young mother was with her friend, and her children were with her, she was so busy watching me, that she missed the fact that her child was climbing on an object, and was about to get impaled. I drew her attention to this fact, and she seemed to muster up some motherly instinct and was able to go and retrieve her child. She could pay attention to what I was doing, but not to the immediate danger her child had placed herself in. Priorities are frightening.

Many of them take the informant game so seriously that they forget anything else. Another time I had one woman send her young son off to sit by himself at the back of the bus, while she stayed at the doors in the middle to watch me, her back was turned so she could not see the child, and could not have been aware of what was happening.

Anything could have been happening to the child, there are strangers who are not above physically reaching out and grabbing a child on a public bus, yet here she was so intense on me, that her child could have been in danger. I was seriously wondering if I got off the bus there and then if she would follow me, or take the time to remember that she has a child, but then they do what they are told, so provided that she was not instructed to do so, I assume she would have stayed on the bus. The loyalty was once again to the state.

Both of the women in the above scenarios were Asian decent, but I do not know if they were from outside of the country. I am pointing this out, because I do know that these types of systems have been very popular in communist countries and that it’s like second nature to some people. The point is, I don’t think that many of them have their priorities in tack, and they use their children in many cases, in very wrong ways.

Other targets have reported skits where children are paraded around in inappropriate outfits. Eg. Female children are placed in inappropriate situations, or outfits, in order to help make someone look like a pedophile. Other have reported where children are being left or paraded as bait by these people. It’s disgusting.

Today was one of those days where the less snitches the better. That’s a rule everyday. However after this informant wheeled over me, with her child, I really thought about the other stories of the things they do, and how they use their children and I was so disgusted by some of the things I have heard that they have done. Anyways once home, I let all my disgust out. My rule of thumb is if you want to vent in your own home, and others wish to listen, too bad. 

The thing is lately I realise that the less I have to do with them, the better I feel. I have really been feeling very happy lately, and I think that is because I am getting a lot of negatives out of my life and it feels really good.

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  1. About 8 weeks back I was walking to the grocery store, which is only 2.5 blocks from my home and a person took a picture of me. It was like they were waiting for me on the street. I had just got off the phone with a friend I was to have dinner with and had indicated that I needed to go to the store to obtain some items. Since that time, it is clear that people recognize who I am; I have no idea who they are. Things that make a person go hum?

    There are three kinds of perpetrators: 1. Those that are paid for Provocateurs, 2. Those who are motivated by the “whisper campaign” against the target. I call these people the “societal sociopaths”. They are the largest group of people because, inherently, they are just nasty. They are empowered only by belief that they are in the know and enjoy harassing other people. 3. Just plain old ignorant people, who do not know the target but the target thinks that they are part of the game. No, they are just rude people. Sometimes these categories blur. For targets, I call this “over sensitization”, i.e., the targets inability to properly discern a real perpetrator, as a result, of the never ending harassment from the other prior groups.

    Comment by Animadverto | July 3, 2009 | Reply

    • I recently had to leave my home in a hurry, took no precautions, when I got back it was clear the place had been entered. Ever since then I noticed that for several days, the informants would walk over directly to me, like they knew who I was. NOrmally they walk around moronically unsure, till the conductor tells them where to sit or what to do. The odd few get it right most don’t. Since then for those few days it’s like they knew who I was. It’s horrible when the parasite flock.

      The majority due to the frenzy created, end up being a bit sociopathic regardless.

      There is good and bad everywhere, but after putting up with stuff for years and years, most targets just want them away. It’s not one or two events, it’s years of this stuff, targets just get fed up.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. Wow! I really didn’t know so many people were going through this I have for years.You are right most of them are informants .I am Gonna tell you about the ones here in connecticut.
    Back in the 1980’s in Bridgeport conn they had a commuinity policing program .it was police ,fed agents and Cia funded inititive so a lot of police would volunteer to help the youth at risk namely low income housing project kids .It was horriable the police all of a sudden changed first there were good officers that were really helping the kids I was one of the kids .we learned so much about getting involed with interacting with them they taught us body languge survival skills leadership in our commuinity .all of a sidden it was stopped they fired the officers .then said that we would have to work with some officers that got in trouble and they had to do commuinity service to get thier jobs back or to stay out of jail ! No one watched these officers they were very bad but nobody cared cause they would only attack the people in the projects then arresst them or have them arrested .I was assualted at age 11 I ttried to get them in trouble they told the investagators I was crazy !I didn’t get any help !there’s also lot more to the story than I care to get into but let’s just say this whole country has already lost cause we have nothing but criminals working for all of the new agencies and beyondthey are gang stalking because of information we might have you see all of them that are doing this are not the right people for their positions that’s why they are mad .You see they are not suppose to be in this counrty running it !they took key jobs of people that were suppose to be there and are stalking others to get key info they make yopu mad and you start ranting thy call that PUMPING YOU! so they could look through old files of info to find out what to do seriously !I thought it crazy too!what’s really crazy is wha’s about to happen !if mr barack is down with this !it will be very sad I just hope he gets rid of all that corruption !

    Comment by kalonda morrisun | July 30, 2009 | Reply

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