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MJ the real

Now that Michael Jackson is gone I still have questions.

The Michael Jackson situation has always bothered me. I was never fully convinced about the pedophile charges.

The second case I saw coming a mile away. After I saw the interview that Micheal did, where a UK journalist followed him around with a camera, after I saw the portion of the interview with a boy in the interview I was concerned, and felt very strongly that a false accusation would come up once again.

When the second accusation came up some time later, and the identity was reveled to be the boy in the interview, I felt that that my prediction had been accurate, and I felt strongly that this accusation as I had predicted and could be false. I feel I had seen it coming a mile away, what’s odd is that Micheal Jackson had not.

Jackson seems to have held on to a very peter pan existence for as long as he could. He seemed to have been very child like. It’s like he really didn’t get how cold, and cruel this world could be.
For the second accusation, I strongly believe it was a s false accusation, but what about the first case?

I did not follow it as closely as I could have, and in the following years I have never researched it. The things that had bothered me about the case however are as follow.

He paid out money, why would you pay out money if you are innocent? I thought that innocent people would not do this, but in time, since doing research, I find that this is not always the case. I have now seen Gang Stalking targets admit to being drug users, in order to get their child back from the state.

At the time that this happened, I could not believe that a child would make an accusation like that unless it was true? In time I have now seen groups of people accused by children who were coached be accused of being pedophiles, only to have it come out years later that the children were coached.

I don’t know if this could have been the case here, there was other disturbing details. It has been said that the child knew details of a birth mark that was on Micheal’s lower anatomy. This is worrisome, and again makes me wonder what happened?–stain-lingering-Michael-Jacksons-legacy.html

I don’t think any adult should be around a child that is not there’s in any capacity that exposes such details, be it going to the bathroom with them in the room or other. The rules might vary with very close relatives, who are also like parental figures, or care givers.

This has always worried me about the case. However Micheal spent years befriending kids like Macaulay Culkin and there was never an accusation, at least not that I am aware of.
I believe he paid off the first case to make it go away, guilty or innocent, he could not handle what was happening, I think the accusation tore at his soul. I do now understand it’s very possible to frame someone to make it seems as if they are a pedophile, some of the men in the Targeted Individual community face this fact.

I believe the trial changed him. I think we saw a lot of the in subsequent years manifest itself in his outward appearance and weirdness.

There is no doubt that he became eccentric. He married Lisa Marie in later years. I have personally always believed it was to help restore his image after the trial. That doesn’t make it a bad thing. Lisa Marie insists that it was a real marriage, but I sort of don’t fully believe that.

His second wife Debbie later in trial, claims that the two children of their union were artificially inseminated, and that there were not his biologically. I sort of believe her, which also means they too most likely did not have normal marital relations.

The baby swinging incident was just bad judgement. What was he thinking? I think the incident just further shows me he shows poor taste, and bad judgement. He was so intense on the fans, that he really made a bad call. It’s something someone much younger with bad judgement might have done, and it did not help his case.

Since his death I have found a lot of good information. You can learn a lot from some of these websites. The articles that I found of interest was one that was going over details of the first trial. I will post the link.

How should he be remembered? In my mind there are so many unanswered questions? Was he really a pedophile, or were the accusations baseless, and was it just people taking advantage of his childlike nature? Was there some truth to the rumour? Was it just groundless?

I think Jackson had a very unreal sense of what the world should be like, vs what it was. He believe that there was nothing wrong with having kids over, and even having them stay over in his room. It could be completely innocent, but if you are a 40 something, unmarried, eccentric, people are going to wonder at the best of times, and at the worst of times they will swallow anything that is thrown at them.

I am going to withhold judgement, because I have never felt that I had all the pieces of the puzzle. I do know that if he really was not a pedophile, we have done him a great injustice. I see the comments, and they are like nails. They are pretty terrible, and if he was not a pervert, then what a horrible way to be remembered, and have your name destroyed, especially if he was innocent.

If he was a pervert in anyway, then he does not deserve the adoration that he is getting. He was talented there is no doubt about that, but talent does not excuse bad behaviour, it did not with Jerry Lee Lewis, and it should not with people like R. Kelly when there is clear evidence for the case.

With Jackson the lines and some of the lies are very blurry. He was weird toward the end, but I think he was childlike, maybe more than we know. I do think that there could be more ongoing than most ever dreamed. I am learning more in the last 48 hrs about rumours, of conspiracy against him, and what he felt was ongoing in this regard, than I have in the last 15 years or so. It’s been interested.

What I do know, I owe it to myself to try to learn the truth, no matter what it is. I now know that this world can make you look, appear or seem to be anything that it wants you to be, for good or for bad. I know that there are some leech like parasites in the world who will take advantage of and feed off, those unsuspecting, childlike types. There are many who will feed off of the innocent, and take the most innocent comment, action, gesture, sentiment, out of context and make it into something that it is not.

Since his death a lot of this has been confirmed, by his ex-wife Lisa Marie, when she talks about some of the constant leeches around him, and how she tried to save him from self destructive behaviour and those around him who did not have his best intentions at heart.

[quote]Presley wrote that she and Jackson’s family tried to save him from “the inevitable, which is what just happened” but she became overwhelmed and had to end their relationship.

“I became very ill and emotionally/ spiritually exhausted in my quest to save him from certain self-destructive behavior and from the awful vampires and leeches he would always manage to magnetize around him,” she wrote.[/quote]

Then we are hearing more about the people around him, who might have given him bad advise, and also about the drugs, someone was saying that compared to the Anna Nicole situation, hers was nothing compared to this, and the leeches around him.

[quote]Brian Oxman, the Jackson family attorney, told CNN that the superstar had a very serious problem with prescription medication, and that the people that were surrounding him were enablers. “If you think the case with Anna Nicole Smith was an abuse, it’s nothing in comparison to what we have seen taking place in Michael Jackson’s life.”[/quote]

What a shock. He seems to have had a lot of these types in his life.
So for me, it’s a matter of discovering the truth. I want to know the truth for the three kids that he was raising. If he was not a pervert or a pedophile, then we deserve to know the truth, and if he was, then that needs to be made clear as well. Paying out money does not unequivocally mean that one is guilty. Being weird and eccentric also does not equate guilt.

I would like to know the truth one way or another. If he is innocent, then the world did him a great injustice, and the least we could do is clear his name. If he is guilty then the adoration is misplaced and disgraceful. Truth is sometimes somewhere in the middle.

Anyways for the time being I do wish is soul peace, his kids and family the best, and I wish the world truth, since they are often more willing to swallow lies.

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  1. As a fan of MJ I personally remain unconvinced about those charges against him being grounded in the whole truth.
    I believe Michael was a target of community/economic/media/psychological harassment and/or gangstalking.
    It does sound like a dark conspiracy when I read all the inconclusive accusations and swarm of slanderous comments all over the internet.
    MJ contributed so much to our culture today as we know it and he was a talented person.
    I agree that his childlike nature has been pounced upon and taken advantage of by harassers.

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | June 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. I remain unconvinced that the charges against MJ were grounded in the whole truth.
    I believe that MJ was a gangstalking target, and that he was subjected to community, media, psychological, and economic harassment. I agree he was pounced on by harassers who were able to take advantage of his childlike nature and any vulnerabilities, and then misrepresent him. It rings of conspiracy when I read all the slanderous comments and inconclusive accusations being leveled at MJ posthumously.
    (Sorry if this posts twice).

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | June 28, 2009 | Reply

    • After reading the article below, there can be little doubt that he was framed. The article is very well written. Why was this not published in greater details?

      I am startiing to worry that there was a conspiracy, not just because he himself said so, but the other evidence is pointing to the fact that you might be correct about his harassment. If he was targeted because of the false accusations, do you realise what a huge injustice the world has done, once again? I can’t think about that right now. I expected to find proof one way or another and I think I have that now, I don’t think he did it, I don’t think he did any of it. However he might have been targeted, but that is another story. Yet based on what he has said, others have said, and other factors, there seems like there might have been a conspiracy ongoing against him.

      That just is unexpected. I was only looking for proof for or against the molestation charges, but the rest is unexpected.

      Comment by gangstalking | June 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Thanks for the link about MJ being framed.
    I have just learned what La Toya Jackson said about there being a bad crowd of hangers-on around Michael leading up to his untimely death, and that only backs-up what I believe – Michael Jackson was murdered by gangstalkers!
    Sounds like they enacted an intense attack in his last days especially, involving among many other tactics: isolation from his family and friends, continued character assassination, a cover-up using drugs as a smoke-screen, and directed energy weapons. RIP MJ

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | July 14, 2009 | Reply

    • There is another article that is posted at Gang Stalking World about this, and about the conspiracy, that he felt was ongoing, the article is a few years old, so this was ongoing for a while, he just never knew the society is like this, and what they will do to control the finances of those who make it big. Who owns Britney’s money now? Not her. Look at all these stars that go broke and you wonder why.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 18, 2009 | Reply

  4. Hi I’m reading the MJ article/s at Gangstalking World – its very informative. I agree, just who is controlling Britney’s money now, likewise with MJ’s. RIP MJ.

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | July 28, 2009 | Reply

  5. I really don’t that think that MJ was a pedophile. To me he seemed very stunted for a man of 50 , the extremely impressionable type. It was almost as though he was groomed for this kind of thing at an early age. Think about it; he never had a childhood. At age 9 he was forced by his greedy domineering father to prance around on stage like a trained seal , singing about subjects that 9 year old boys know nothing about (seriously , listen to “I want you back”).

    Joe Jackson literally threw him to the wolves. By that I mean pimping him out to various record labels. Then when he became an adult out from under his father’s thumb , that’s when the vultures came out. Joe Jackson DEFINITELY played a huge part (I’m not sure if this was intentional) in what happened to his son. He was such a greedy narcissist that he didn’t envision what type of future was in store for Michael. I’m sorry for the long winded reply.

    Comment by Melissa | August 6, 2009 | Reply

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