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Gang Stalking. FOIA request.

Gang Stalking FOIA.
Is this specific FOIA request a ploy by the FBI to discredit targets and profile them as schizophrenic? Will this letter place targets on a watch list? Is it meant to be disinformation for targets? Is this letter actually helpful in anyway to targets?

I came across this letter back in December. At the time I had major concerns about it. I posted those concerns as comments, so that if the user saw the letter they would at least think before they emailed or mailed off a document that could potentially send them to a mental institution or get them placed on a watch list.
Here is a portion of the FOIA request, and for those more familiar with good FOIA request, you can let me know what you think.
[quote]12.   Any FBI records indicating coercion or bribery being used by gang stalking groups to force or bribe neighbors, local businesses and others in the community of a targeted individual to participate in the gang stalking methods/activities directed against one or more targeted individuals within a community.  

13.   Any FBI records indicating the motives behind the stalking of individuals such as personal vendettas, family vendettas, whistle-blowing (corporate and government), employment disputes/lawsuits, political views, sexual orientation, interracial relationships, gay and lesbian relationships, HIV status, business disputes, marital disputes, monetary disputes, and any other similar motives for gang stalking.  

 14.   Any FBI records indicating the funding of gang stalking groups including, but not limited to, narcotic and other racketeering funds, corporate funds, local business funds and government money (e.g. paid informants), monetary crimes by the gang stalkers, or, payment for surveillance or intelligence collected by gang stalking groups paid for by racketeers, narco-traffickers and/or other criminal associations made to the gang stalkers for services gang stalking groups rendered.  

 15.   Any FBI records indicating the number of informants (paid and unpaid) under the control of federal, state and local law enforcement within these gang stalking groups. For instance, during the Civil Rights Era the FBI now acknowledges 20% of KKK members were informants.  

 16.   Any FBI records relating to a List on which gang stalking victims are placed which initiates and/or maintains the gang stalking activities against them.  

 17.   Any FBI records indicating a hierarchy within the gang stalking groups including a chain of command.  

Here is a link on my forum to my concerns about this letter, which I have now seen on YouTube, and posted in other places.

When I saw the letter I spoke to the originator of the letter directly to find out what was going on. He claims to have experience with this stuff, claims to be a lawyer, but based on this FOIA request, I had very deep concerns. I believe my comments have been deleted from the thread and the plan has gone forward, so that’s why I am highlighting this in several places.

Before sending off a FOIA request you might want to run it past a lawyer. I am taking the time to post about this because I have a few concerns, specifically that this could get a target put on a watch list, or the letters could be used to profile targets as mentally unstable and could be a problem for activists in future. Just think of this letter arriving in multiple forms for all their behavioural specialists. It seems to have been designed that way. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I did take the time to find what others had done, and how they had requested FOIA requests.
Your address
Daytime phone number


Agency Administrator

FOIA Appeal

Dear Administrator:

This is an appeal under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552.

On (date) I made a FOIA request to your agency for (brief description of what you requested). On (date), your agency denied my request on the grounds that (state the reasons given by the agency). Copies of my request and the denial are enclosed.

(When the agency delays:) It has been (state number) business days since my request was received by your agency. This period clearly exceeds the 20 days provided by the statute, thus I deem my request denied. A copy of my correspondence and the postal form showing receipt by your office are enclosed.

The information which I have requested is clearly releasable under FOIA and, in my opinion, may not validly be protected by any of the Act’s exemptions.

(Here, insert legal and “public policy” arguments in favor of disclosure, if you wish. You are not required to make legal or policy arguments to support your appeal; if you simply state “I appeal” the agency will review the documents and the justifications given in the original denial. However, it is usually a good idea to try to persuade them to release the information. See the Federal Open Government Guide ( for further information on any of the specific exemptions cited by the agency in their denial of your original request. The descriptions contained there should suggest arguments you can make to counter the agency’s assertions.)

I trust that upon re-consideration, you will reverse the decision denying me access to this material and grant my original request. However, if you deny this appeal, I intend to initiate a lawsuit to compel disclosure. (Don’t include this as an idle threat. But if you do intend to follow up with a lawsuit, say so. Often the agency will more closely consider its position when it knows it will have to defend it in court soon.)

As I have made this request in the capacity of a journalist (or author, or scholar) and this information is of timely value, I would appreciate your expediting the consideration of my appeal in every way possible. In any case, I will expect to receive your decision within 20 business days, as required by the statute.

Thank you for your assistance.

Very truly yours,

Your signature

The first two links above are for generic requests, and the pdf is a link from a group called epic and how they went about requesting info for a fusion center.

It really important how you approach the issue. Based on events that happened during Cointelpro, I am worried that this letter might be another Cointelpro like tactic, that’s why before sending in this letter, I would recommend targets check with a lawyer, or someplace that’s familiar with FOIA requests to see if this letter would be helpful, or if it’s more likely to get them put on a watch list, be deemed as mentally ill, or
if this letter would actually be helpful to them.

You can always use the generic letters provided. Those should be safe and pretty effective. I think to the new target online who wants to be active this letter might be detrimental to them. Again I don’t claim to be an expert. I would just encourage targets to review this before putting themselves in jeopardy.

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  1. This proves that is a police disinformation propaganda site. The only reason for your argument against using the FOIA is that it is the only way for victims to reveal patently illegal and unethical law enforcement behavior.

    Comment by keith | April 17, 2009 | Reply

    • Keith if you are a lawyer, and your letter is so freaking great, then you will have no problem with people running this by another lawyer right? Cause if your letter is legit, then people taking the time to run this by another source will be no problem right? This proves that my site is looking out for targets. I am sick of some people playing us, and it’s not cool. You act like you think we are all stupid. I a lawyer, I a detective, and then you feed us this bogus stuff.

      If you are legit Keith, then my suggests and for that matter my comments should not have been a problem for you. But you deleted my warnings on the subject, and then you had people go and post the letter all over the place for unsuspecting Targets to find. Remember it’s not just them that this will affect, if this letter get’s used to behaviourally profile us and place us all in a bad light, this will affect everyone, so I am sticking my nose in right where it belongs.

      You can call my site a police propaganda site, till your Ball* fall off and I don’t care. I will take my chances. If your letter is legit, then all a target has to do is go to a source they trust, lawyer, mental health expert, someone who is familiar with FOIA and ask, so why so defensive?

      I have not claimed to be an expert. I have not outright said the letter is fraud. I have asked four very legit questions, and if you are so legit, then you will not have a problem with targets asking the same questions before they send off letters and get themselves in trouble and others. I am doing what is in my best interest and that of the community.

      Also if since I have included links to legit sites for FOIA, targets can use those as a template for their request, and add in what they feel is correct, or a third party source who knows this stuff.

      I am following my instinct, that letter does not look right to me, and if it get’s targets in trouble, then I need to speak up and say something. If your letter is legit, what could the problem be with them running it past a lawyer in the first place? This way if it ever comes back to bit them in the ass, they can say, well I had this lawyer approve it first, and this way they are protected. What is wrong with that? Does that actually sound like disinfo, fascism, propaganda, or helping people look out for their own best interest?

      Comment by gangstalking | April 18, 2009 | Reply

    • You can use FOIA but if there is anything that makes them look bad all they have to do is claim national security and they don’t have to give it to you.

      Comment by Carl Sperr | May 19, 2013 | Reply

  2. Only police would write that revealing gang stalking abuses will lead to involuntary psychiatric confinement in a free society. This is a typical, fascist police response.

    Comment by keith | April 17, 2009 | Reply

    • I agree that there is fascist stuff happening, but it’s not from this side.
      Let’s see Keith, you are a lawyer right? Right.
      So if you are a lawyer, you should have no problem with my suggestions and recommendations of telling people to run your little FOIA by a lawyer or a third party source. Instead you removed my comment, and I now see this questionable letter on Youtube and other places. I believe this letter will get us behaviourly profiled in a negative way.

      I have admitted to not being an expert, but I did go out and find out how a proper FOIA should be put together and I did get FOIA from other credible sources who have requested them.

      All you have done is just like David Lawson, you claim to be this expert, but I don’t think a lawyer would put together a FOIA request like that. Just to be sure, I will ask a couple.

      You can cry fascist all you want, but I don’t think that letter sounds correct, and I have cautioned people. If they go to a lawyer and the lawyer says it’s ok, use it, then they have lost nothing. If they use it, and it was not ok, then they have lost, and the community has lost. I will take the chances with not taking the chance. I have watched too many people pulled stuff, that is not right.

      Comment by gangstalking | April 18, 2009 | Reply




    Name: Kelly Caslar

    Citizenship: USA

    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2001

    I would like to draw your attention to some extreme and horrendous

    criminality being conducted with the involvement of United States

    Government-related Agencies and the complicity, if not participation,

    of many other governments, security agencies and/or shadowy

    organizations’ – involving the use of DIRECTED ENERGY AND NEUROLOGICAL

    WEAPONS on defenseless’ people.

    I can confirm that the technical abilities and powers to:-

    1. Place a human subject under continuous surveillance, no matter

    where he/she is, from remote locations.

    2. Continuously monitor a human brain from remote locations, including

    thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image


    3. Continuously input directly into a human brain from remote

    locations, including the ability to override, control and alter

    consciousness, and to introduce voices, noises, other disturbances,

    images and “dreams” into the brain

    4. Directly interfere with, abuse, torture and hit bodies – including

    performing advanced medical procedures – and objects – from remote


    5. Directly interfere with, alter, and insert etc. data, files,

    communications and legal evidence from remote locations – even during


    6. Make live TV, and other screens and monitors, two-way – for

    surveillance, invasion of privacy etc…

    7. Control the flow of information and orchestrate the media –



    There is massive ignorance and secrecy regarding this, and victims

    such as I am being subjected to uncontrolled and unacknowledged

    torture and mental and physical destruction. This has remained

    completely unreported and undiscussed publicly. There are many others,

    all over the world, who are being subjected to similar torture and

    abuse – some of us are being subjected to the most extreme and

    totalitarian violations of human rights in human history

    As well as being inhumane and criminal the crimes being committed

    against us are contrary to the Principles and Values of all the major

    religions and ethical systems – and yet our appeals for justice,

    protection, assistance and/or publicity to Government Representatives,

    Government Officials, Government Agencies, International

    Organizations, Human Rights Organizations, Universities, Scientific

    and other Institutions, and the International Media have been almost

    completely ignored and/or suppressed.

    For anyone at all concerned about human rights, liberty, democracy,

    privacy, the rule of law and ALL aspects and degrees of human

    freedom, individuality and mental and physical integrity and health

    this uncontrolled and unacknowledged technology and torture and abuse

    is intolerable!

    Your attention and assistance is urgently needed to halt these

    atrocities, control and regulate the use of these technologies, and to

    bring these extremist elements to justice.



    Please assist urgently.


    Kelly Caslar

    Comment by Kelly Caslar | January 8, 2010 | Reply

  4. Electronic Stalking Harassment/Torture

    I have been confronting electronic Stalking / Harassment / illegal Electronic Surveillance Modernization / Solar- System / Stalking / Harassment for about five & half years that I’m aware of. These people that are involved are on both sides of the law enforcement. These stalkers primary goal is to control over the victims life by instilling terror. Advances in technology here made easier for the stalkers to harass their victim’s from a distance, with relative anonymity.
    The high-Tech stalker uses sophisticated surveillance equipment like global positioning systems and miniature video cameras to track or spy on the victims; obtains information over the Internet on the victim’s address a place college an delivers threatening messages via E-mail. The stalker also spreads damaging rumors about the victims through internet chat rooms, massage boards, a Wed pages-often without the victim’s knowledge, plus these stalkers do the same to the whole family / friends.
    I have been set-up and framed and rail road, in are very own court rooms an had many cases thrown on me and had doctors misdiagnose me so I the victim can’t stand up for myself in a court room of law against, but I straighten out misdiagnose / mal-practice issue and taking these people to court.
    As you can see, the nature of stalking has changed, but its effect is still the same, the victim’s suffers mental turmoil & physical turmoil behind all the abuse.
    I have been a victim for many years an these stalkers will never stop an will do anything to another human being these are human that are inhuman an several police agencies are involved as our news media as our very own Neighborhood Watch, FBI, CIA, Employees that work in the Social Security Administration, schools/colleges there are so many that are involved it’s unrealistic, but real.
    There is one thing we as the people need to remember is that there is people out there that do care for knot give up know matter what “Don’t Give-up” I know it’s at times it feels like no one cares, but please remember this your not alone even if you are. Now if you give up don’t you think other will too?
    In a significant number of cases stalking is a precursor to lethal violence.
    I feel if you truly care for the fellow Americans & other people you could find a way to stop these inhuman humans that are involved, in stead of covering up for each others wrong doings or for your self or your love ones.
    Whittier police department neighborhood watch newsletter. Issue 276 April, 2006 Confronting Electronic Stalking. Whittier Police Department-7315 Painter Ave, Whittier, CA 90602-Non-Emergency (562) 945-8250. Also had a website on the flyer for victims to contact, the Natinal Centerfor Victims of Crime.For more infmation, visit online.

    Comment by Kelly Caslar | January 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you for what you wrote. Targets should never give up. I believe we can win this. Exposure will happen, but then what? We can not just expose this, that will not be enough to win this. Exposure will just be removing the bandage of a cut that is festering, more must be done to repair this damage. However as I have said before, this is systemic, like McCarthyism, Stasi Germany, etc. So yet it can seem overwhelming when you first become aware, and hard to believe, but the truth can also be very freeing.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 9, 2010 | Reply

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