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Laptop Seismographs.

For those getting the vibrations in their homes, I might have just found way to save some money and turn out some of our laptops into seismographs. You know those cut things that detect earthquakes, but that would also detect vibrations in our homes, and let some of us get some sleep and stuff.

Anyways, I was up early this morning, I was having another look at the DT Stockton document. I think I dismissed it too soon. I have been really careful about trying to only use credible material, so I don’t unwittingly present people with any David Lawson type documents, 95% truth, 5% fiction, but it’s hard to know for sure with this document, so I reposted it.

Anyways I was rereading it and it said that a seismograph should be able to pick up vibrations, something I already knew, but I also realise that a seismograph might not be in many people’s budgets. Anyways, i still contacted a few company’s to get some ideas, and on my way to doing this, I came across an article that said you can turn your macbook into a seismograph, I don’t know how well this will work.

The second article also says you can turn other computers, including maybe desktop computers into seismographs. I am sure this is good news for some TI’s.
Here are the links, you can read over the information and see if you want to give it a try. The more we can prove about what they are doing the better.

For those with a macbook, the sesimac download is free. So this could be good for targets, who have these cute vibrations happening in the home.


The Quake Catcher Network. They use home laptops to track earthquakes, so technically your laptop could be used to track other vibrations. If this works like it should, we might be able to pick up those fun construction projects, and whatever it is they use to shake the home with, then we would have the graphs for proof that something was up in our homes. We could take it to experts, cause they always pretend to want proof right, while trying to keep it just out of our reach. Anyways this might help some TI’s, so feel free to give it a try if you have the time, or patience.
USB sensors. These would in theory attach to a desktop, and the sensors would pick up the vibrations with the appropriate software.
Ok that’s enough brain power for one day.

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