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What is the correct term to use to describe what is happening in the Targeted Individual community?

Some would tell you that the only term that you can use is organised stalking, and if you use the term gang stalking that is bad.

I have addressed this before, but I am going to take the time to address it again because it’s important.

My primary feeling when doing activism is that you need to use the term that works for you. That’s my first recommendation.

There are many people who have been through the former East Germany, many who see what’s happening and use the term Stasi, or they refer constantly to East Germany and the situation there.

Other use the term Cointelpro to describe what’s happening now, and what has been happening to them. It’s like Cointelpro 2, so they use that term.

Some use the term organised stalking to describe what is happening, but this term in my opinion has never truly covered the full concept of what we are facing.

I have liked Community Mobbing because when I first tried to get members of the Stalking Community and the Mobbing community involved in helping us expose what was happening, the mobbing community understood right away, and were willing to help, the stalking community was not helpful at the time.

Snitching, this is a term I don’t think many in the TI community identify with, but after doing the research, this is my finding, those who were promoting the stop snitching message, we more aware of the problem that was ongoing in society with Informants than many Targeted Individuals were. The stop snitching movement as you may or may not realise has been demonized by those who would like to see the informant system continue as it as.

Which brings me to the so called deliberate desire by some to remove the term Gang Stalking and replace it with terms that do not fully describe what has happened to the Targeted Individual community, but to also destroy all the progress that has been made over the last 3-4 years using that term.

As I have stated before when a terms gains popularity and you try to replace it with a different term, there is a process of almost starting from scratch, this means all the previous efforts are almost wiped and the process has to begin again.

You loose ground and that is not good for any movement. The bogus reasons given is that too often using the term Gang Stalking puts people in mind of criminal gangs, but over the last three years, most no pretty much every article written on this subject that people can find in a major newspaper uses the term Gang Stalking, here is a list.

Are you crazy or are you being Gang Stalked?

Also a target herself.

Shoestring Radio by Eleanor White herself. (exhibit B)

Welcome to show #35, recorded on July 14, 2006.

ROAD TO FREEDOM is a show by and about the targets of
electronically assisted vigilante or citizen gang stalking or organized stalking throughout the world.

February 2006 Szymanski Investigative Journal GCN mp3 archive
Sueann Campbell is a retired electronic technician who has been targeted for many years. She began working as an activist to expose citizen gang stalking and electronic harassment in 2000.

(Greg Szymanski) investigative reporter, and the shows he has covered, from what I can tell, used the term Gang Stalking, consistently, and the people tuning into the shows, don’t seem to have called him back with questions about street gangs.

Follow-up Article on Gang Stalking
Allegation of gang stalking is again being investigated
Police probe re-opened after This Week story
May 19, 2006

Lance Anderson

City police have reopened an investigation into an allegation of gang stalking.

Sergeant Walter DiClemente says police received a complaint from a woman, sparking them to re-open the case.
Then we had the more recent articles in the New York Times,, and the Washington post.

The callers frequently refer to themselves as TIs, which is short for Targeted Individuals, and talk about V2K — the official military abbreviation stands for “voice to skull” and denotes weapons that beam voices or sounds into the head. In their esoteric lexicon, “gang stalking” refers to the belief that they are being followed and harassed: by neighbors, strangers or colleagues who are agents for the government.
Type “mind control” or “gang stalking” into Google, and Web sites appear that describe cases of persecution, both psychological and physical, related with the same minute details — red and white cars following victims, vandalism of their homes, snickering by those around them.

Take the victims of gang stalking — a subculture of people who think their friends and neighbors are all secret government spies ready to turn them over to the authorities. The movement has recently spawned gang stalking support groups, forums and advice Web sites.
The mainstream papers have picked up the term, and local papers, and other sources, but suddenly there is a need to remove the term, and all traces of progress that have been made by using the term. More effective than other means that could have been employed to slow progress, but still the same outcome.
It’s more recently that I recall the full blown effort to eradicate the term Gang Stalking. It’s been played with, changing the name, and this and that, but it’s more recent surprisingly as progress was being made that the absolute need has come up to change the name.

I wonder since Gang Stalking is the term that has served the Targeted Individual community the best, if the real goal is to help the community and to not hinder it, and this really is about activism, why not do what has always been done, which is to present multiple terms?
Why the sudden need to put effort into eradicating the progress that has been made with using the a term that has become familiar to facebook groups, alternative forums, mainstream forums, main stream newspapers, and mainstream audiences at large? Why would you limit yourself this way if the real goal is to help the community and not to hurt it?

I say use what works for you, and stop letting those who might not or who just don’t have your best interest at heart, and the communities best interest at heart, tell you what to think, and use. I don’t think too many people use vigilante stalking anymore, thank God, but if someone did use the term, I would know what they were talking about, and that is the point is that we get the info out to as many people as we can.

There is enough room in the world for the use of the term Gang Stalking, Community Mobbing, Snitches, Stasi, Cointelpro, Organized Stalking, Vigilante Stalking, and a few others. Use what will get the concept across to the audience that you are dealing with, use what will help the community, but do not go along with those who do not have the communities best interests at heart, and eliminate terms, ideas or concepts that have served the community very well over the last few years.

That’s my take on what terms to use and to not use, use what works for you in getting the information across to your audience. Some terms will be better than others, but do not go along with witch hunts, and other efforts to destroy progress that has already been made.

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  1. The harassment game is a game of cat and mouse. It’s being able to prove your point that eludes us. Most of us have experienced break ins on a regular basis. The game is to let you know they have been in your house but not leave any sign of forced entry. Your calls to the police are eventually ignored and you are labeled a nuisance. My family has a second vacation home that has been broken into numerous times. One officer suggested that we padlock the main electrical panel in the off position when the home was not in use. We did this but still were being broken into with no sign of forced entry. The tell tail sign was that when the house was not occupied the power company had record of the electricity being turned on . We let the police know we had a record of unauthorized use and the break ins have stopped for now. My point is the problem as a whole is bigger than any of us can deal with as individuals. By breaking down the smaller problems and sharing information of how to deal with it hopefully will provide useful information on how to cope. There are people who genuinely would like to help but are afraid to come forward. It’s rather overwhelming at first to think so many people are involved in this. But remember it’s our ability to lend a helping hand or a kind word to others in a similar circumstance that makes us strong. So be true to yourself and let the labels deter you from exposing the truth.

    Comment by Jen | April 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. Correction to above comment. So be true to yourself and don’t let the labels deter you from exposing the truth.

    Comment by Jen | April 9, 2009 | Reply

  3. Firstly let me say how absurd it is that is actually heartening to find people going through the same sick experience as myself, although from research I’m aware that each person’s experience differs.
    I’m going to try and briefly tell you about mine, which will be difficult as I’m going to try and condense over 8 years of gang stalking into a few paragraphs.
    I’m not 100% sure when it started but I believe it was in my final year of uni, which incidentally seems to be one of the main institutions that breed this sick activity.
    Anyway this is when I became aware of what was happening to me although I wasn’t ware it had a name back then. During this torturous for about 3 years it was only done while I was alone, so when I tried to explain what was happening to me people thought I was going mad. Once someone even scratched my name into the bonnet of my sisters car, when my brother and sister saw it they said I had probably done it myself, to seek attention. These initial events included brighting, abuse, following me wherever I went, car horns beeping, alarms going off etc just to let me know they were watching, people shouting insults but when id go out to look for them they’d drive off or hide and as soon as I shut my door it would happen again but only when I was alone. People would comment on my appearance and whisper names, I actually retaliated twice spitting in the faces of these people and telling them that ‘its not nice is it’ , luckily I have now learned to calm myself and not react. Indeed I even questioned myself and voluntary checked myself into a mental health crisis centre for a month, where all of this happened in view of the counsellors supposedly there to help me- motorbikes driving along the road then revving up when they were in front of the centre and driving off etc.
    I decided to go away to stay with family for 3 months in Barbados and the same thing continued to happen there, this was actually necessary as I was constantly contemplating suicide at the time and a last resort. Obviously I was not in a good state of mind at the time and ended up having a 3 month relationship with someone who I might never of chosen had I of been in the right mind, upon my return I found out I was pregnant. So there I was pregnant, being stalked, abused with people trying to send me mad, it took all I had to stay sane. I wrote letters to several of my sisters friends which I understand must of seemed incredulous at the time, the I tried to tell my sister what was happening her response was that I was’ an attention seeking wicked little bitch, you are crazy’. I told her that either I was attention seeking or crazy but I couldn’t be both, I also told her I was pregnant and asked if she thought I was lying about that too.
    During these first few years I constantly moved between my home, my dads, my nans and my sisters but nothing worked, I contacted the police in several towns and cities in England where I’d stay but they’d just refer me to mental health services. (Now I see that’s all part of the plan)
    Imagine I was so naive I even contacted MI5 the UK intelligence agency via email several times and they never responded I wonder why.
    When this initially began they would also abuse/ insult me via things such as my hairdryer and fridge anything, this is when I really started to believe I must be going mad how could this be happening.
    When my son turned about 3 months old as he was sleeping the same people (same voice) would use his breathing to insult/abuse me. I mean my own son; words where coming out of his mouth that he wasn’t speaking abusing me. This really tested my strength, I mean maybe this is why some mothers have killed their children because evil people like these have been performing these vile sick experiments on their children. I mean its sounds crazy doesn’t it people are taking to me through my child, it sounds crazy to me and it’s happening to me.
    Here is a list but not by any means exhaustive of the types of shit I go through on a daily basis:
    • I wake up and before I even get out of bed people are hiding on my street or driving past calling me- ugly, stupid, retard, loser, etc
    • I have been followed to Barbados, Spain, New York, Boston, Holland, Turkey.
    • I am constantly subjected to abuse/verbal insults via tv, radio, fridge, hairdryer, running water, neighbour’s lawnmowers, my own son, any noise at all my audio abuse is constant even scrunching up a paper/plastic bag will be them calling me names etc, my son riding his scooter the sound of the wheels against the pavement will be used to abuse me
    • I have constant street theatre, brighting, home has been broken into, car maliciously dented, flat tires, car doors slamming in all directions, cars beeping horns as they pass my house, motorbikes revving up as they pass where I am, the whole lot
    • Passing cars are used as tools to harass me by sound spouting insults/abuse
    • Helicopters following me around- once a black helicopter was almost sitting on my roof abusing me
    • Car number plates designed to intimidate APO LOGY- As in I’m an apology, a sorry excuse for a human being, ME! and FLICK U- Fuck U.
    • I was followed to the hospital whilst in premature labour (caused by stress no doubt) and my sons incubator used as yet another audio tool to harass me
    • I’ve been followed to weddings, christenings and funerals no exemptions
    • I can wake up to pee at early am hours 2 or 3am and someone will be calling me names but not in front of me, hiding somewhere on my street
    • People throw rubbish in my garden , I even had dog poo through the letterbox
    • Sleep deprivation
    • They know exactly where I am in my house at any time, upstairs, downstairs, back or front
    • When I go pee the sound of the pee hitting the bowl is used to torment me
    • When I take my son to the park a helicopter hovers over wherever I move in the park and the sound of it is used to abuse/insult me- you are a fool Natalie, such a loser, everybody’s laughing at you etc
    • I have frequent headaches/migraines I’m guessing as a result of whatever electromagnetic devices they are using on me
    I’ve managed to have a few jobs but none have been kept for very long, I once did admin in an estate agency and the photocopier used to call me names etc
    I’m aware some of my neighbours have contacted the police but they drive down the road once and do nothing. I once wrote a letter to my sons nursery manager when I was working as she obviously had heard the abuse/taunts but she denied all knowledge and referred me to social services, who then investigated me and my child to see if I was taking care of him properly. God does work in mysterious ways though, I was at my lowest when he sent me this beautiful human being and my son saved my life, I love him dearly. Anyway fortunately they couldn’t find anything wrong with me or him and discharged me from the service. Now if trying to find help or speak out means even the slightest possibility of losing my child, what am I gonna do? I’m going to keep quiet, he is much too precious to even consider asking for help.
    My son is now 5 years old and things have gone from bad to worse, could things get any worse, well according to my research possibly. Although I’m subjected to constant psychological abuse, I haven’t yet had any burns or pains that I hear other ti’s discussing.
    ‘Man to man is so unjust, children you don’t k now who to trust
    Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy……
    Some will hate you, pretend they love you now,
    Then behind they try to eliminate you……………..
    Hypocrites and parasites, will come up and take a bite’ Bob Marley-who the cap fits lyrics
    This abuse is constant when I drop my son off to school there are people hiding calling me names, my own car is used so when I drive my car is used by them saying you are a fool, so stupid, idiot, retard etc. It gets to a point where you can’t tell who is who. When I collect my son people are hiding calling me names, the other parents all shun me and whisper about me, laughing, pointing etc. It’s my son I feel really sorry for unable to forge friendships in his first year at school due to something way out of my control and the parents somehow seeing it as my fault that this is happening to me, that I deserve it or that I associate with these kinds of sick individuals.
    Now my whole family is aware of what is happening but nobody ever mentions it they are all in denial, pretending that this isn’t happening. I think it’s just too evil for them to deal with.
    I don’t know why I was targeted but I seem to have some of the common traits of a female TI:
    Single and living alone
    Seen as weak/ vulnerable-
    Weak-My mother died of cancer when I was 18 and about 2 years after I became aware of what was happening to me.
    Vulnerable-I have a scar on my chin and am constantly referred to as ugly, dotface etc by these people.
    Although I went to university I didn’t get the opportunity to pursue a professional career although I had planned to but due to these events in my life it didn’t happen.
    Funnily enough I studied print journalism at university and had planned to become a journalist and expose some of the injustices in our society, particularly those done by the elite and big corporations to countries and citizens.

    Here is a poem I wrote some years ago: Patience
    Some people love to see you suffer
    They smile to one another
    Some people delight in your pain
    See your trauma as their gain
    Some people like to make you fell small
    Just so they can feel tall
    Some people just can’t stand alone
    They need others to have a backbone
    Some people hate to see you win
    They want you to give in
    Some people compare too much
    What you look like, what you have and such
    Some people instead of concentrating on themselves
    Like to make others lives hell
    They see it all as a big game
    Some people like to be evil
    Living like their in league with the devil
    Some people see it as fun to taunt and abuse
    This is what they do to amuse
    Some people want to break your sanity
    Just because they’re obsessed with vanity
    Some people are out to hurt you
    Patience really is a virtue
    Now here is something that is hard for me to admit and probably more difficult to believe. I have an old friend who I hook up with occasionally, when we are having intercourse his breathing is used as a tool to abuse me. He doesn’t mentioning it either, only clearing his throat as though that will help. He is actually an ex boyfriend who I lived with for four years my childhood sweetheart and truth be told I love him dearly but due to these people in my life, I don’t think we will ever be together now.
    Before I forget to mention it I know in the US you have sorioty groups at uni’s , does anyone else think it’s strange that the names of these soriety groups are actually names of brainwaves-

    DELTA brainwaves are in the 0.5 to 4 cycles per second range, and are generated from the forward part of the brain. This pattern is normally associated with very deep sleep and some eastern mystics achieve this state while awake but in a very deep meditation.
    THETA brainwaves are in the range of 4 to 7 cycles per second. This pattern is associated with light sleep and deep rest. Creativity and inspired though often accompany this state. How often have you almost been asleep and an idea or solution suddenly hit?
    ALPHA brainwaves are almost non existent in children under 10 years of age. This wave pattern is generating at 7 to 12 cycles per second. This is a very interesting pattern. It is a pattern, which prevents concentration. It is highly susceptible to suggestibility. In other words a person operating in this pattern is easily led, even against their will. It can be pleasant and even euphoric. For some reason these days most men and women are operating throughout their waking hours in the alpha wave state.
    BETA brainwaves run a wide range from 13 to 27 cycles per second. These waves should seemingly be the optimum pattern for humans to walk and work in during their waking hours. These patterns allow us to analyze things and situations and more readily allow the human brain to focus on external stimulation. It is associated with alert mental activity.
    GAMMA brainwaves are sometimes called hyper-beta waves and operate above 27 cycles per second. These can be associated with hyperactivity or quick sudden bursts of physical activity.
    MK Ultra, The Bush’s and World-Wide Deception:
    Prophecy Unfolding as The World is Enslaved
    By Eric Jewell
    I made the connection last night researching the MK-ULTRA Project can’t just be a coincidence can it?
    Anyway here I am turning 30 this year, an intelligent, independent, decent, righteous woman, with child.
    What have I got to look forward to – No career, No social life, no love life, constantly degraded, insulted, people trying to send me insane. I made a vow before I had my son that if this was still happening when I was 30 I’d end it all, but how could I do that to my son knowing how it feels to lose a mother. Anyway that would just be letting the parasites win, but I feel they’ve won already, there’s 1 of me and god knows how many of them. But as Elton John once said ‘I’m still standing’ (just about).

    Comment by protectedmind | May 13, 2009 | Reply

    • First let me say I am sorry, that is a lot to go through. I have seen so many stories of parents and the suffering they go through. Many draw strength and carry on for their children. I have read of Targeted parents who had their kids taken and who were not drug users but who agreed to be in drug programs to get their kids back. I think kids are great, but the stories are hard to take.

      I have never spit in anyones face, but I don’t blame you if you did. These people are paracitic and they push you to the edge and considering what you could do to them, they should be glad that’s all they got.

      Are you using a voice recorder or take recorder? There are some listening devices you can place right into your ear. If you can find a way to attach a recorder to it, there is a good chance that you can pick up some of the voices, unless it’s Voice to Skull and then that is internal and you most likely won’t be able to pick that up.

      The insults from outside you can video and audio tape, when you go to the park the same thing. Just carry an innocent little camera, works just like garlic does for vampires.

      The family in denial or just in silence because they can not say anything? It’s scary how much of society is like this, in every country. You have several reasons that you would be targeted. Minorities and single women seem to be heavy targets if you look at some of the reports of these harassments in other communities.

      Being single if you are a women is seen as a vulnerability, a backwards way of thinking, but that’s what society is like. This is nothing new, and despite what we were all lead to believe, it’s happened for generations. I would say document what is happening to you. They want to take your power. I know you want to protect your child, but what you have to understand is the more of your power that you let them take, they will go after you child anyways.

      Still you have to do what you think is best. What I do know about bullies is that when they sense fear, or that they are winning, or they have you vulnerable and cornered, they won’t back off, they will find other ways to abuse you, and if not you, then you and those close to you. Fighting back is what I find works, but that is me.

      In East Germany parents were at times placed in similar situations, lose their kids or take part, many took part, but a few choose to lose their kids rather than go along with the evil, either option is a difficult choice and I judge no one. God is the best hope that we all have in these difficult times. At least you have found others who are going through this, many are still unaware.

      I would suggest you find out about shielding. What I am coming across is the fact that they might be using the electromagnetic harassment on women to target their reproductive organs. Mark on his site talks about the Eugenics agenda.

      I wish you well and keep up the fight, don’t give up hope or your power that is what they want. If they get it, they will abuse you the same, and likely still possibly take your son, what you fear gives them power over you. I met one target and they told him if he took down his blogs the abuse would stop, he closed all of his blogs, and they just hammered him with electronic harassment more. They can not be trusted.

      Comment by gangstalking | May 13, 2009 | Reply

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