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Facebook Group

Hey I just found a facebook group that references my blog.

Now I don’t know who this embious person is they do list their email, but as you know I pretty much stay off facebook for specific reasons. I think the speculation that it was created by the CIA to aggregate information the way Total Information Awareness was suppose to is pretty accurate.

Anyways for people joining the facebook group, it does list my blog, which is not a bad thing, but I don’t know who is running the show on this, so it could be another target, or an informant, I will do some more research into this, but don’t have time right now, but I just thought I would post about it.

So just to confirm, I am not affiliated with the group, though it does list my blog. I just didn’t want any confusion. I am also not affiliated with the gangstalking person over at myspace. I get emails all the time about that as well.

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  1. This is about an incident that occured on St. Patrick’s Day at a store near my house. A group of four [Russians]followed me in the door. A girl did ‘the laugh’ to get a rise out of me–at which I did a ‘laugh’; then their bully leader did a mocking laugh. I started to leave, but decided to go back and take their pictures.
    They had congregated at the front thinking I had left, to re-group…. I followed them down the next aisle, intending to catch them and I did. The leader bully swung his hand basket at me. They then followed me and he called me a derogatory name, like a slut. The meaning was clear. He accosted me further down the aisle. He threatened to ‘break your neck’ if I see my picture on the Internet. I asked if he was Russian Mafia—and said I didn’t know how to put pictures on the net. I tried to explain having been gangstalked but he didn’t want to hear it. He was clearly without conscience and was deliberately trying to entrap me. A girl of their group had gone up to say something to the cashier in the checkout line. She went to join ‘them’ behind me while I was trying to buy two items. The leader then had the gall to complain to the little routing manager that I took his picture and said something about Mafia and being Stalked. The manager asked me—I refused to answer their questions. I walked around them and out of the store. Went home a roundabout way. Very roundabout way. Saw a police cruiser speed by down the block after I sat in the driveway with headlights off. This group was sent after me to torment me into doing something stupid so the cops could lock me up for being Mentally Ill. This was a concerted effort.

    Comment by Baby nicholson | March 18, 2009 | Reply

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