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Rachel Hoffman. Deadly Dealings

This is a seven part series on Rachel Hoffman. The series covers how she became a confidential informant and how she died. These types of activities are happening in America and other democratic countries. Most times you never hear about this, even when things go wrong you usually don’t hear about this, but in this case, Rachel’s family and friends have done a good job of publicizing what happened to her, and bringing awareness to the plight of confidential informants, and the state of these deals. I have to be honest some parts of this story are troubling to me. The informants that Rachel was to sell or buy drugs from, sound like they might have had prior convictions, which means they would have already been a part of the informant program in most likelihood. A quick check might have revealed this. Yet the cops choose these men to be the pigeons for the sting? What I do know, from the stories that I have read, Rachel was very open unfortunately too open about her role as an informant. I have heard other stories of how informants who break the code of silence are dealt with. I just think that there are some parts of the stories that are odd, and because we were not there we might never know. The men she bought the drugs from, had no drugs, and they shot her and killed her for the money? Yet why not just beat her up and disappear? She didn’t really know them, they could have gotten away with it, so why was she really killed? There are a lot of questions that I have, sometimes the store is just what it seems and sometimes there is more to the story. Anyways, here are the links to her 7 part series.

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  1. Liten,to whoever wrote this,do you know what FBI AGENTS were in charge of this whole thing,or what law Enforement officer was in charge,after Jen(i was very close to her and her BF ben,who i also know his nick name) died?
    If these two idiots killed her,with No motive,No drugs,and Not for the money,which im also in question,did she Not have the $13,000 police gave her,for ratting,on her when they found her? All being the case,i have two probables,for her death and why she was killed,but wont talk to any one less than a FBI agent,as i know alot more,in detail of possibilitys for some one to have her killed,if you know this email me,ok,im dead serious too,and she didnt have enough drugs or charges,on her,or ever in her posseasion,for any one to force there hand with this shit,stupid cops,hope her dad and mom,sue literally for mulions,wont get jen back,but hit there pocket hard enough,and those idiots,who screwed up,and were to coward to use there own law enforment,who are trained to do this,coned her in doing this,and by the way,SHE WASNT A KING PIN DRUG DEALER OF ANY TYPE,SHE DID SELL POT,SMALL QUANITYS,AND ONCE IN A WHILE,SMALL QUANITYS OF COCAIN,NOTHING HUG,THIS I KNOW FOR A FACT,NICKLE AND DIME BS,AND SPECIALLY COCAIN,nither her or her bf,did alot of it,now they did smoke pot alot,but i know,they werent huge drug dealers,the cop in charge screwed up big time,and lucky if she even had a 1/8th of coke,when they did bust her,what idiots,dobt it was any more,and if these guys killed her,No motive,not for the money,and didnt have any drugs on them,less they ditched them,then i can only think of two reasons,why she was killed,one of them might of been a contract killing,for knowing about some thing else,that wasnt even relavent to this at all,the other reason i can think of was for greed and drugs,but was some one else involved,email me,i need to know more,and who to directly contact,No BS No games,please,i loved her alot,and am really pissed off some one even did this too her,specially with no motive!

    Comment by Phillip | December 18, 2009 | Reply

    • It’s hard to speculate on this case, but what we do know of is the aftermath, her grieving mother, father, stepfather, and friends. I have had seen her mom and dad’s efforts to get the law passed. It was very inspiring. I have had her stepdad drop by to update the site. I appreciate all the efforts. Only the killer’s can tell us why they killed her. Could be so many reasons. They might have heard something back about the buy, they might just have seen it as an easy robber, someone might have set her up, it’s very hard and hurtful to speculate. At the end of the day, this very beautiful young woman is gone, her family are still grieving and as a society we must all do what we can to make sure it never happens again, but we know it will. Still what they did in getting any kind of law passed to protect informants was a good start, and I hope this year they are able to get her law improved to save the lives of others.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. My whole point is,well this is what i understand so far,the two men that killed jen,worked at a car wash and supposedly,had nothing to do with the drug dealing,am i right about this? Being the case,knowing her so close and ben her BF so well,im wondering if this was some type of hit,there is anouther reason she might have been killed,and wasnt due to snithcing etc,was some thing else that SHE knew about some one in her past that could have had seriously got her in over he head with this whole thing,i am glad her parents are doing this,but,the law should NEVER let any one like jen,go in and do THERE Work,sorry all,thats 100% BD,thats what narcs get paid for,Risking THERE lives,they had the info,damn right i hope jesn parents,even though it wont bring her back,hope they get like several hundred million for what they did to there only daughter,only way to hit them,is there pocket,and then and only then,heads will roill,for the stupid mistakes,which im seeing many in law enforcement made with this whole ordeal.
    And di they ever get the $13,000 jen had for the buy,was there any one else,with jen and ben,from the area they came from before she went to college there? hope her parents read this i have many questions,and with one paticular person in mind,who was a serious low life,and hmmmmmmmmm,lets move on a tad,also want to know where she was burried,i miss her and want to pay my total respects for some one i loved so much,friend,co worker,ben too,and wonderful person,im glad she took my advice,and went to college,which it hadnt ended up like this at all,was so proud she did this for herself,and would have been nice if her and ben well married,kids,she would have made a excellent mother,sigh,lord,am loss of words with this!
    write to me please,i want more info,and her parents,please feel free to write to me,i think i met her dad once when she lived in sarrasotta,gawd,she was a kid first time we met,lol 16,snickering,but hard working,lol..oy vay
    YES changing the laws,should mean,NARCOTICs devision,go in and do your job,you have a weapon,your trained,what the hell were they thinking,to Con yes con,a young gal,too do this,and again,.she wasnt a king pin of Any type,kids in college,sure they smoke weed,some deal small quanitys,of pot,i knew jen and her BF at times did cole,but when i knew them wasnt a whole lot,and they told me alot,and were always honest,yeps jen loved her weed,but was moderate about the narcotics,when i knew them here,could have changed,but im giving her and ben alot more credit,than that,and think they might have been smarter,so to the cops,what were you doing coning,a young gal like this,with more than likely,mis charges,and just weed,to snitch out two major(laughing,if what i read was ture,the two that killed her werent king pins,not drug dealers,so again who the hell where they? hmmmm suspicious? yea me too,VERY)
    for BS that happens on college campus and always has,with out,this crap happening????????
    Stay in touch,please if im wrong,tell me,i hadent sceen them for i think oh two years,so wasnt in touch with them and lost her cell number,if im off with this in areas please correct me,to jens parents,im a father,and would be beyond levid if Any one did this to my children,god have mercy on them cause i sure as hell wouldnt,would request
    a instant execution,with out delay,let them die how she died,but to both her mom and dad,all my love in my heart for both of you,and will pray,the pain,will maybe subside some,i would be out of my mind,may god love you both,and perhaps give you some thing in return,for your great loss,my heart is heavy too,am here if either of you want to talk to me,ok,email me,im in same area as jens mom is,take care,thanks for writing this,and keep me clued,and posted,and correct me when im wrong with any information!

    Comment by Phillip | January 9, 2010 | Reply

    • I don’t want to openly speculate. If you think you know something you could tell her folks.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 9, 2010 | Reply

  3. please,forward my email to jens parents,as its been so long,i havent talked to her dad sense she was 16,i also need more info,so i can make a good judgement about this and my thoughts,i need info about one other person that may have been with them,being the case,i can shed some real light on this whole thing and why she was really killed.the other two that did kill her,had zero motive and werent drug dealers,or king pins,or solders,so what does that tell YOU?

    Comment by Phillip | January 9, 2010 | Reply

  4. […] are willing to believe, and story after story, about lives affected by this system, such as the Rachel Hoffman […]

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