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Jesus was Neo

Jesus was a total Neo. He came, and yes he existed. He came here and he saw and observed the system for what it was, and warned people future forward, or rather phase forward of what would be happening. Cause it’s the same game that’s being played out now that was played out then on him. The way and the light.

It’s funny but just by following the bible, and living these boring lives, many of us avoided some of the trappings that would have long ago, turned us into a part of the system. Interesting. Guess he really is the way,the truth and the light.

Judas the other informants, people turning or betraying each other, he warned of this. Because it’s the same system, that he came up against. He also talked about the rulers of this place, but Jesus was this being that is said to have been able to manipulate his environment, to control the matrix.

He was totally aware of spiritual warfare issues, which most people now do not even believe, but check out some of the David Icke stuff.

Then Jesus mentioned something like a thousand years here, being like one day, or something like that makes more sense. If on different plains time moves way differently than we observe it, or think about it here. Interesting.

Water to wine, walking on water. He spent hours daily meditating and things. He was very intuitive. I wouldn’t say telepathic exactly, but he had a way of knowing what was being said, discussed. He could definitely tune right into people’s feelings and emotions.

He also could get into a state where he seems to have some contact or remembrance of his pre-existence sell and just knowing his mission and what he was meant to do.

He predicted stuff that would be coming down the line during this phase. He spoke communicated via meditation, with higher level beings. He was aware.

When you really look at it, and read about things that have been said about him, and discussed, and the system that he came across, he was like a total Neo.

It’s just neat. When I was observing this, I didn’t write down the points, so the comparison was better, but I don’t have the time right this minute to do that, but yeah, he was a total Neo.
(For those who don’t understand the reference, movie Matrix. Neo is from the Matrix. Wakes up sees that that the world is not what he thought it was, etc.)

Makes sense to try to spread disinfo about him, or make people think he never lived, or was not what people thought he was, but he was a total Neo. That’s pretty cool, when you hone in on it that way.

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  1. I had came across this site by “accident”, read it a several days later and Sir?, My name is Amerigo and I wish to say ,you, are on top of reality. I ask people constantly, What is the Cost of Not Seeing Reality?

    My knowings on the various levels of higher conscienceness efeecting the time-space awareness and the continuity of the Human Spirit.

    The “Spirit”, is in direct illustrative relation to a human playing a xbox, nintendo,etc.. Our Organic “Robotic” Brain is akin, again in illustrative relations to the game controller and the Console is the reality that the human video gamer “lives in”.
    In the xbox360 game Saint’s Row i took notice that while my character was at rest the city’s activity progress. I had the cheat HEAVEN BOUND on and shootings, car accident’s, etc.. were still in action. The more i watched, the more my Certainy in my Knowing of myself was growing. then it brought me resaeach the term imagination and compare it in conjunction to the metaphysical world, hence spirtual word and found in knowing that the imagination ,thought’s, etc.. are our tool to work in the spiritual/metphysical to alter our material/physical reality. Every form of life has with-in it’self a spark of our divine God which makes Everything God and God Everything. Then with man made in has image we realize that we are gods as individuals and God as a Collective.
    As Above, So Below We are mere reflectiions of our Collective Essence. to create a better tomorrow here on earth we must first create a better now in our selves as individuals and as a collective.
    My Name is Amerigo and if you wish to contact me, whom ever it may be concerning the enlightenment of the robotic man i welcome you to e-mail me @

    and to ever whom wrote the last post about jesus and neo, i will look into the David Icke Books. Never heard of him but it seems intresting. Good post. GoodDay.

    Comment by Amerigo | February 24, 2009 | Reply

  2. This is a very interesting analogy you’ve drawn up here. I’d like to put in my two cents, especially since there is a lot more in common between Jesus and Neo than just what’s on the surface.

    Consider for example the following, as taken from the Matrix movies. According to the Architect, whom Neo meets near the end of the second film, ‘The One’ was simply the latest version of a program designed to infiltrate the real world in human form and help ‘balance’ the equation by surrendering the citizens of Zion to the machines.

    Neo’s separation from the Matrix and alliance with the Zion colony was all by design. Neo was SUPPOSED to be unhappy with his life in the Matrix, was SUPPOSED to sympathize with the likes of Trinity and Morpheus and take up their offer of extraction, because it would lead him directly to the heart of the resistance. Breaking from the Matrix and gaining the trust and admiration of the people of Zion was all part of the machines’ grand master plan.

    The only thing that tripped up this equation was Trinity. Neo’s love for her (much to the Architect’s dismay) had become very entrenched in his programming, scrambling what chance the Architect had of persuading him to fulfill his objective. It’s like a CIA operative bunkering down with a suspected terrorist threat to monitor their activities firsthand, only to develop a sudden passion for the enemies’ way of thinking and go ex-pat.

    Anyway, how does this idea of ‘Infiltration by Design’ tie in to Jesus? Well, just like Neo, Jesus had a role to play that the Time Loop had prescribed to him. He was supposed to lay the groundwork for a religious institution that would enslave billions of minds, as it would keep people from learning the truth about this reality. Think about it. Instead of thinking of ourselves as potent beings capable of higher consciousness, we’re instructed by Dogma to be humble, simple and subservient to a Church.

    And of course, like Neo, although Jesus had a mission to carry out on behalf of the Elite Bloodlines, he developed such strong love for humanity that he left clues for us, tools that would enable us to tap into our higher, true selves. It’s brilliant really, a man who was supposed to give rise to the Catholic Order helped humanity rediscover spirituality. It’s no wonder other Eastern traditions refer to Jesus as a ‘great prophet’.

    Let your inner light shine, and may your travels be fascinating.



    Comment by Paul | July 31, 2009 | Reply

    • This is one of the really great comments that I want to give a very detailed response to, I have been meaning to reply for some time, but I have had much less time to do so. I think you made some really great points, and I hope I can elaborate on them more, as it is, I am just posting the comments for now, but thanks for posting.

      Comment by gangstalking | August 5, 2009 | Reply

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