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It’s been a while since I have blogged. I have had other things to focus on. As much as people like using the Gang Stalking World website, that’s what it comes down to at times, and then there are other things to consider and other things to take care of, and that’s where my focus has been in the mean time.

People in some ways understand what is ongoing and in other ways they just don’t get it. I remember that I would be around people that would understand what was ongoing on one level, but then be more concerned with what my social life is like. The government is systemically trying to destroy my life, do you think I care about subject matters like that? To some degree, but not the same degree as others.

I can also remember being with a group of people and again they sort of get what is ongoing with the informant thing, but then going out to a public place or location and they are 100% down with the system. Being informants, keeping an eye on the target, protecting their own asses, and I just think, it’s so hypocritical on the one hand, yet on the other, what can they do? I don’t know.
On the one level, I do know that many people who have become aware of this slave system are not down with it, but it’s always for the slaves of the system to figure out how to free themselves.
On a spiritual level I get that this is just a place that incarnated souls choose to come to, to have experiences, and that this is just one little learning experience on a greater journey, but on the other hand while you are here and having the experience, it can be hard to intellectualize that to it’s fullest extent.

What’s the government been up to. Well let’s see, I had a account. Someone stole the account, and took it over. When asking for assistance, they have been delaying for well over two months, with looking into it. Not a big deal, but the creepy part is, it seems that some informant used my password information to break into the account and highjack it. Considering the scum of the earth that’s used at times for these programs, not surprising. Can I prove it 100% no, but enough to again just pinpoint the real dirtbags that come through these types of citizen informant programs and that are used to monitor targets 24/7.
The other thing. The new ebook that’s out is apparently to be distributed via but there seems to be some sort of ongoing delay which prevents even customer service from responding to email inquires.
At this stage it’s hard to say if there is a deliberate effort to stop the ebook from wider distribution, or if the government is systemically doing what they do best.
Anyways the ebook has been available via Gang Stalking United and that’s where you can get a copy.

See what the average person does not realise is that you get these idiots in every aspect of your life. Cruelty, I have learnt to handle, their torture I have learnt to handle, but having to deal with their baseness, and stupidity, is still a real learning curve.

Oh also if you are a target, even it’s good to blog and share what is ongoing, it’s not a good idea to let them know if something is affecting you. They just rework it into the program. Eg. Everytime I blog about keys jingling, like clockwork, you get the little key jigglers. It’s really funny, for those who have read my blog carefully, you will know why.

Anyways, I have not had a chance to blog too much, because my focus has been elsewhere. It’s hard to believe at times that this system has been in place for thousands of years. As we have seen, these types of informant systems go back to the Roman time period and beyond. Judas was probably not the world’s first snitch, just the best known one.
At times when the answers will not come, I think remembering to pray is still one of the most effective things to do. If we work together, maybe we can find a way around this system.

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