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Man arrested for Obama threat,,2-10-1462_2454736,00.html

It’s finally happened. We have someone linked to conspiracy websites, that did something crazy. You knew it was coming ever since the What’s behind the conspiracy empire articles.

I am serious just glad that there was no blood shed involved, or lone gunman theory type thing.

Let’s look critically at this however. Some guy named Stevie something or other, allegedly wrote that he wanted to kill Obama.

So we can assume that he is maybe crazy? Ok, that a possibility, but since being a part of these conspiracy websites, is suppose to mean critical thinking, remember what that was and thinking outside the box, let’s look at some other theories.

I am going to say that I visit the odd conspiracy website and in the years that I have visited those sites, I have never heard anyone threaten to kill George W. Bush, and he was not a well liked president on some of these websites, but people were always like let’s impeach him, or file charges, I can’t think of any who threatened violence against him.

If Stevie what’s his name is not a complete whack-job, then could he be a government shrill, or some type of military person who was set up to do this, and could this be what the conspiracy sites have been waiting for?

Eg. On one of the main conspiracy websites, right after this happened, I saw a thread that said that they thought he was a whackjob because he believed in some type of inverted sky theory. There you have it, because you believe in weird theories you are a dangerous whack job. Watch out David Icke. They also again tried to say that sites like that draw the mentally ill, which is the same argument they tried after the what’s behind the conspiracy empires article came out. Now instead of critical arguments people are just silent, which is not a good thing.

They also distanced themselves from him, which is normal, but they asked no critical questions. There was no thinking outside of the box.

This guy had no gun, and no way of getting to the president, so why did he make the threats, was he put up to it?

When I saw his pictures I thought either of someone who was former navy seals, (military like Jessie the body) or you know one of those people that’s not too bright and could be put up to something?

Then he was also really playing up for the cameras is the other thing that I noticed right away. Even when he was being arrested, he just kept rambling trying to give the impression that he was unstable, which might have been the deliberate idea.

If the conspiracy sites don’t critically investigate this incident like they do the school shootings, then they are not doing their due diligence.

I know conspiracy theory right? Not really I draw your attention to the protest movements and what these people try to do there to give them a bad reputation. Watch this video and you will see not one, but three cops, try to incite a riot. They get stopped and fake arrested by their own, but had they succeeded, they would have ruined the reputation of that specific protest.


These people are on these conspiracy websites, and if they are not sprouting off garbage of their own, then they are trying to encourage others to do so, so you have to watch out. What sounds like an innocent discussion today, could be used to paint you as crazy tomorrow.

The other thing about this guy, which is hear say at this moment, but I will blog it anyways is that he allegedly harassed the former owner of Godlike Productions, till the owner thought of selling the site. If this is true, then he could be a shrill who set out to do this, so one of theirs could take over. (I am not saying this happened, cause I still have to confirm this story, but let’s start thinking critically.)

We were all or should have been waiting for an incident like this to happen, something to paint some member of the conspiracy community as crazy. I was personally expecting some kind of armed stand off, but this is worst ofcourse, cause everyone is Obama crazy, and they could use this to enact laws against these sites, so keep that in mind.

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  1. Having witnessed Stevie harass Godlikeproductions and its owner, and much of the WAY in which the site’s admin/ owner Trinity and his moderators dealt with it, I can just about guarantee that Stevie is a MIND CONTROLLED goon. OR he was set up. They have been obsessed with him for months. AND as you might know that if you even write the word TAVISTOCK on GLP’s site they will immediately ban you. I tried it and that’s exactly what happened. They are a CIA run site and you are spot on in your speculations above IMO. This stinks of a set up.

    Comment by Jan | February 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. The thought of Stevie being an agent did rear its head occassionally on the sites. And just for clarification, GLP is now a government shill owned website that will install spyware on your system. People were permanently banned for bringing this up (It started with Undead, then followed with many others who stood up for him, myself included) in what was known as the GLoP christmas massacre of 2004. Elaine, the original owner started Alien Earth. There were many splinter sites created by and for the original posters at GLP like ProxyWhoreRefuge, FreedomCrowsNest, and ChatBratsAnonymous to name but a few, but it was also speculated this may have been the original intention to destroy GLP via Divide & Conquer tactics and to an extent, they’ve succeeded. To this day, many threads on GLP are immediately deleted if they don’t conform to the new owners agenda and there are more “crazy conspiracy” theories on the level of Coast to Coast stylings rather than serious discussion of issues.

    Recently, FreedomCrowsNest has followed in GLP’s footsteps by using highschool peergroup tactics of shunning anyone who critically observes the new presidents behaviors. If you talk bad about Obama, prepare for a deluge of personal attacks and accusations of being a government shill.

    I think the only serious conspiracy board left is David Icke’s, which I may return to eventually.

    Comment by Draconis | February 13, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] Remember when those articles came out last year in the New York Times and about Gang Stalking and I said that it looked like we would in the future get some kind of armed standoff with the police, maybe a shootout and the person would likely belong to a conspiracy site, well I think this might be it. I thought the guy arrested for uttering Obama threats might have been it, but that always seemed too light. Here is a link to my original post about that. […]

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