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The Witch Hunt

Some time ago I came across a posting that concerned me.

The forum in question had started a witch hunt. The forum decided they were going to start in my personal opinion attacking other websites.

These people who many of which, may be government agents decided that they were going to go on a witch hunt of legit and some none legit websites.

I clearly started to stay away from these people after that stage.

Here is a copy of the first witch hunt in point. You can always know when these things are going to be starting, and it’s disgusting. We are getting targeted by the government, our lives are being disrupted, and if that was not bad enough, we now have potential government parasites in our midst’s trying to discredit what little we are able to do, as we try to function everyday. It is my opinion that people who try to deliberately, and knowingly destroy other innocent persons are the worst vermin. Corrupting and destroy from the inside out is disgusting and worst than what out external predators do. 

I’ve been aware of this for sometime, and I have tried to simply not feed the pigeons. To let them alone by themselves so they could pretend to peck and argue by themselves, while making sure our movements never goes forward. Now it would seem they want to take it there.
Exhibit A. I saved this for a rainy day.
>I need your help in collecting Names and Websites that are discrediting our
>movement to bring this to an end. These people and websites that discredit the
>victims hurts you the victim and will only prolong you staying a victim.
> These people who misrepresent us Must Be Separated From the TI Community
> before the Damage is Irreversible. I want all TI’s to be aware of these people
> and websites. We want what is happening to us stopped not prolonged. Kelly
> Taylor

Trying to do this aggressively could be a much
larger project than is obvious at first glance,

Some disinfo sites are EXTREMELY subtle, like
an organized stalking site in which the poster
discredits by posting some good information,
while at the same time, posting photos of “perps”
doing nothing at all beyond, say, just driving along
the street or parking, and fronting silly things like
“brighting” as THE NUMBER ONE THREAT to
targets. Ooooooo … those bright lights are just
the worst torture anyone could possibly imagine!

VERY slick and professional, but leaves the
non-target visitor with the impression that all
we have to worry about is “brighting,” and that
we take pictures of cars and people doing
absolutely nothing wrong.

You don’t want to go after “sites,” but individual
pages, very methodically, very patiently, always
in the spirit of constructive criticism at first, so
as to avoid the appearance of “a crazed witch

This IS a worthy project, but it has to be done
page by page, statement by statement, and
not by just railling against a site as a whole.
And to maintain support of the other targets,
your work has to be seen as motivated by
a genuine desire to get the best information
out to the public.

Always talk about the information, don’t lapse
into personalities and accusations of being a
perp. Even when you feel it’s obvious. The
job is to correct the information, and nothing

A long hard battle, and I congratulate anyone
who is willing to do the long hard, patient work

Eleanor White

The same unjust attack that you used on stop organised stalking, isn’t that the same unjust attack you are using on my website? You are doing this apparently because I like things alphabetised? Disgraceful. Also I notice the stop organised stalking website is no longer online?
These methods are the Internet’s version of how the German’s went after the Jews bit by bit. I seriously find these methods disgusting. When I saw the witch hunt beginning many months ago, I really should have tried to shut you down then, before you started trying to load our websites into little Nazi trains for website extermination. Are you going to have our websites wearing a yellow stars on their opening pages?

Oh no that’s right.

Instead you are going to have some of our legitimate websites wearing a yellow badge as approved by you. It must be nice to play judge and jury for a whole community.

When targets that don’t know any better come across these false tactics, they will just take their word for it, not knowing any better, while real targets get left in the dust, and then the only thing that get’s out there is the official spell as approved by them?

Our websites are not the reasons that journalists have stayed away. Some of our websites clearly do get requests for media interviews, and some do grant them. 

I am going to politely ask, that you and your assessment crew stay away from my website. I want nothing to do with this type of accreditation, because I think this practice is nothing than a witch hunt for legitimate people who are trying to get this exposed. The only persons who should have Bogus stamped on their forehead are people who choose to take part in this type of practise. 

The next point that I would like to draw your attention to are the search engines. They gradually are either killing search terms. Eg. 2 years ago, the Gang Stalking term on google had 1.3 million search results. I blogged about this before, because at the height of the terms popularity, the term suddenly in a matter of days, had 75,000 hits instead of 1.3 million hits. After blogging about it, the search term had gone back to normal 1.3 million hits, and now today, with the Gang Stalking term still being very popular, the hits that google bring back are 364,000. Not only that, but on some other search engines they are starting to replace more popular legit sites, in my opinion with sites that are controlled by questionable sources. Others have complained about this with 9/11 sites, UFO, conspiracy sites, etc.

This is all very worrisome at a time when I just found out that Australia is going to be monitoring their Internet the same way China does. That’s pretty scary, remember Australia is suppose to be a democratic country.,21985,24568137-2862,00.html

Australia to implement mandatory internet censorship

AUSTRALIA will join China in implementing mandatory censoring of the internet under plans put forward by the Federal Government.

The revelations emerge as US tech giants Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, and a coalition of human rights and other groups unveiled a code of conduct aimed at safeguarding online freedom of speech and privacy.

The government has declared it will not let internet users opt out of the proposed national internet filter.

The plan was first created as a way to combat child pornography and adult content, but could be extended to include controversial websites on euthanasia or anorexia.

Communications minister Stephen Conroy revealed the mandatory censorship to the Senate estimates committee as the Global Network Initiative, bringing together leading companies, human rights organisations, academics and investors, committed the technology firms to “protect the freedom of expression and privacy rights of their users”.

Now you notice that along with trying to censor child pornography, they were also going to be trying to block controversial websites on euthanasia, or anorexia. Notice the recent New York Times article, trying to link specific websites in this community, to anorexia and suicide websites? Keep in mind that Gang Stalking Websites have not been researched.

Governments are trying to censor the Internet. Australia is just one starting point. Then it will be what they deem to be controversial websites, but only controversial websites. It’s the way a society that is closing down, begins to operate.  Once they get anything blocked or shut down, they will go after other websites, till they control what is seen or not seen.

If they can’t do it externally with our websites, they will try to do it Internally. The problem of course is society. Society seems to just always blindly and sheepishly sit back and let this happen.

For once, I am going to ask some of you to do the near almost impossible. Please try to wake up a little bit, before it’s too late. I think what we are doing is starting to work, but I think we have to do so in greater measure.

So far the killing of the term Gang Stalking seems to be failing. The term is now well known. However it is associated in some circles that will never get the correction as sites for paranoids. Other people know what it is, and they are supportive. I spent days getting the corrections made, because it’s too important a subject matter.

I think the attempt by Internal forces to kill the term for the time being has failed, so we should be prepared for other things.

Eg. Let’s keep an eye out in the near future for laws that go after controversial sites, and try to shut down Mind Control or other similar sites.

As you know the Gang Stalking World website has contacted the New York Times to request a correction and we await a response from them.
In the mean time, let’s stop the Internal threats from killing legit websites. We have enough to worry about without none legitimate witch hunts internally. We are already being mobbed, stalked, harassed, and bullied by external threats.

What I have been doing is if I don’t trust a website, or have reason to suspect it’s not legit. I no longer direct targets there. I remove the links from my blogs. I just try to stay away from those websites, and make sure other innocent people who might not know better stay away from those sites. What I try to do instead is highlight websites that I think are doing a good job. This also goes for blogs, or external people who are helping to further our cause, by providing prove via their own external research.

If you really have a problem with a website, and think it’s not legit, then don’t promote it, or say you don’t think it’s legit. For those who want to go on Nazi witch hunts, we are already being hunted, we don’t need to be hunted any further, not our blogs, our websites, or whatever else you are going to choose to go after in the future.

I hope those reading this, will ban with me, to see that this practice gets left where it belongs, back in the Nazi Witch Hunt files.

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  1. We even have review ID number. The Jews had markings on their arms, now our websites are to have review numbers. At least the Citizen Informants do what they are doing much more openly, when compared to this. It’s really disgraceful. If you go after websites, you have to go after the blogs, because some blogs are just as popular. Then you will have to go after individual postings. Till the Internet on this subject is shut down and functions the way you want it to. Just like anything else.

    Nightfall does not come at once
    As nightfall does not come all at once, neither does oppression. In both instances, there is a twilight when everything remains seemingly unchanged. And it is in such a twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air-however slight-lest we become unwilling victims of the darkness.
    ~Justice William O. Douglas~

    Comment by gangstalking | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  2. The last thing the Targeted Individual community needs are more websites or blogs being shut down. I just deleted 12 websites, or blogs from my links section today. I don’t know why the sites are no longer there, but I do know we need more voices and not less voices. People can not be afraid or live in fear of putting out website, or blog content. They can not be afraid that some website Nazi is going to come and try to censor the information that they are sharing with the outside world. The new target is not going to be perfect at fist, no one is, but with time, and some proper direction from the community they will do just fine.

    What this program does is it goes behind people’s backs, it’s discredits their websites, and they might not even get the chance to be aware of it. The decent thing to do if you were looking to provide guidance and not censor would be to contact the website in question and say, I think this portion of your website is wrong for this and that reason, but what is being done is a deliberate witch hunt, and as such it must be treated as such. The Salem Targeted Individual Website Hunt must not be allowed to continue. As such this is going out to other websites and blogs to counter this unjust censorship.

    To all Targeted Individual Websites and blogs.

    There is a new Nazi Website Witch Hunt program that has been formed. The program is suppose to be used for approving what content some such as the owner of Raven1 feels is suitable for the Internet.

    Sites such as Gang Stalking World and many others have made the list. In my opinion this method is nothing better than the Website version of what the Nazi’s did to the Jews.

    sites that do not meet Ms. White’s program will get a star of David, I mean website badge and number saying their credibility is bogus. My websites techniques page has been rated such, because I choose to place my website content in alphabetical order, which looks professional and is easier to update. For this infringement according to Eleanor White’s new Witch Hunt program, my website and many more are to be given a Yellow Bogus Badge and Number as depicted in this picture.

    I have requested that my website, be left off this program. If Ms, White and her minions, feel the need to be starting up a approval program, then they should ask websites if they want to opt in to her little list. That way if anyone is desirous of using her standards to judge credibility, they can do so.

    To find out more please visit this thread, where we will try to keep you updated on the developments.

    I will say with so many external forces to contend with, this is an egregious wast of time and resources.

    Please forward this to any other websites or blogs you feel would benefit from this information.

    Comment by gangstalking | November 25, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’m sorry the author of the “gang” stalking web sites and e-book can’t seem to grasp why I object to the term “gang” stalking. I thought my reviews explained that pretty clearly.

    I’ve been an activist for 13 years, and during three of those years, I spent some time almost every day right out in the street, discussing the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment with the public.

    I tried a number of terms. Other anti-OS activists have also tried a number of terms.

    With “gang” stalking, I found that the mind of my listener immediately and consistently got the image that I was talking about being stalked by some sort of ordinary gang, such as race gang, youth gang, biker gang, or Mafia.

    That is clearly the WRONG picture of current day organized stalking groups.

    I have tried “vigilante stalking” too. That worked to some degree, but didn’t seem to paint a really clear picture in the minds of my listeners.

    Then Lynn Troxel originated “organized” stalking. By FAR, that term brings the unaware listener to an accurate picture of the crime of OS, and does so quickly.

    In the effort to first educate the public, and eventually get the crime stopped, I feel the term which creates an accurate picture of the crime, and does so quickly, is quite important to find and use. The unaware public is not interested in taking on “another headache” or another worry, and doesn’t give anti-OS activists much in the way of attention span. Often just seconds.

    This is why I speak out against “gang” stalking and promote “organized” stalking. Nothing more mysterious than that.

    I also object to activism materials that state government is doing the stalking. We do not have evidence, as of today, which proves that. Such claims are part of the e-book “Bridging the Gap.”

    There is nothing hidden or nefarious in my credibility reviews on:

    My only purpose is to assist targets in selecting the best materials for the fight to expose and stop organized stalking.

    E W

    Comment by E l e a n o r W h i t e | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  4. I spent a year driving around my city with the signage “Gang Stalking is illegal”. I used this term for a year before I changed it to “organized stalking” and the reason I changed it was because of the questions and fee back I was getting from the community about my signs. I had people ask me if I was protecting a gang. I had a known drug dealer/gang member approach me and ask if I was protecting someone? and he did jot down the website I advertised on my car which was the CATCH website. I spent more time trying to explain the term ‘gang stalking’ to people who approached me about my signage. I could tell that the term gang staling was a term that evoked an incorrect image of who the stalkers were.

    Also, both here in my city and in Vancouver Canada, gangs are a BIG problem and there has been much press on the recent gang land murders. When we in the target community use the term Gang Stalking when talking to the average person on the street, they immediately conjure up an image of the typical gang member..This is NOT who our attackers are. Given all the press that is circulating about the gangs in many cities, I think it is a good idea to stay away from that term as the general public will only make assumptions that a gang stalker is a gang member who stalks people.

    Debbie Newhook

    Comment by debbie Newhook | April 11, 2009 | Reply

    • What works for one does not work for another do not impose your views on others.

      The first thing that you and Eleanor should understand is that people have to feel comfortable when doing their activism. It’s great that this term works for you, and her, but it does not work for many others.

      I have been at this for about three years, a little less than Eleanor has been at talking about Organised Stalking. Gang Stalking works for me and several others but it’s how you use it, and who is using the term.

      Eg. The way the terms are used will be dependent on who the user is. What their gender is, age, race, and other demographics. What will work for one, may not work for another. What will work in one situation, might not work in another situation.

      I have seen people who say the term organised stalking is very uncomfortable for them. How well do you think they will do in their activism using a term they are not comfortable with, if they feel forced to use it? This is why I keep stressing not to force your views on others.

      Eg. I have watched over at one forum where members introduced the term Gang Stalking and some members under stood it right away others were not very clear, but one member there said you know it’s clocking, (apparently that’s what they called it in their area, so then the other member was like oh, I get it, when they mess with you right?) Something to that effect. Now I have never heard that term used like that, but it helped facilitate understanding.

      Now it’s one more word that I have for my arsenal, when I do my activism, that I can use.

      Eleanor comes off as very old fashioned, which is good, but if she is talking about Gang Stalking, and feeding squirrels at the park, I can see why the people she talks to might think street Gangs, I can see that with Eleanor. Gang Stalking may well not be the sort of term that will work for a her, but she should not impose her views on others.

      Also you said you are in a crime ridden city with Gangs, so if you use no other term, then this might have been the case with you, but this is not the case for me, and my activism, and I can prove that, by just directing people to the pockets of the Internet that I have worked the last three years.

      The term is very popular and does very well in an online setting, and for me I can use it offline as well if I choose to. I use what works best for the situation.

      So this means, if I am around someone older past retirement age, I might use community mobbing, for others I will use Gang Stalking, for others I have used you Cointelpro, for others Stasi and they get it. I have not had a chance to try out cloaking yet, but if the situation called for it, I would try the term out. So I will use what best suits the situation. I think all activists should be able to adapt this way, when it comes to getting the message across.

      What will work well for one situation will not work well for others. Where one person will fall flat on their butt getting a concept across, another person will have total success. So I say let people use what works for them, they will have a greater chance of success.

      This did not work for you, that’s fine. This does not work for Eleanor, I can see that, that’s fine, but what Eleanor has to understand is there are several pockets out there, and the term Gang Stalking works and has worked successfully for them for some time, what she is doing, is killing that forward momentum, and I can’t allow that to happen. For popular term, this one from what I can see wins hands down. This is the one people are using most times when they introduce the term, people from outside of the community, who are an important group to reach.

      So I say use what works for you, but I am getting tired of watching some people, tell others what they can and can not use.

      Comment by gangstalking | April 11, 2009 | Reply

  5. Mine tried a new tactic on Apr 4th, and today of
    wiping a light grease or oil-borne drugged effect
    on my steering wheel and doorknobs.

    I’m very thankful though that the damage to my
    car was fixed or undone, and I’ll always be

    Every day a new challenge. Always seem to be
    trying to make me doubt my sanity.

    Comment by LB | April 15, 2009 | Reply

  6. has been compromised sad to say. when you go to it, all that is there is a page full of multi-language, links and jibberish. what does this tell you?

    Comment by Ernie | November 14, 2009 | Reply

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