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Gang Stalking World Widget

As part of a series on how the gang stalking community can make ourselves more active in other areas of the Internet I have decided to make my blog accessible to a more localised audience.

This just means I am giving others in communities we might not otherwise encounter a chance to find out a little bit more about what is happening to gang stalking targets.

I am not sure if this code will work on all of my blogs, so if not. I will provide you with a link where you can get my bliget if you wish.

The bliget is a blog web widget and it just allows people to keep up with my blog from various areas of the Internet.

I have been really trying to shift my focus over the last little while. I am really trying to get rid of those things in my life that have not been good for me, and to get things and people into my life that are good for me. This takes a real shift in mental focus. As you know, anything or anyone that is parasitic in nature will not let go or give up without a fight.

This is true for our gang stalking, and this can be true for other situations. Gang Stalking tries to take our energy levels down to the lowest common denominator possible and to destroy us. The same can be true for other people and situations. What we have to do is change our mental focus and our energy, so that we can remove these parasitic elements from our lives to the best of our abilities.

This is not easy. I will not lie to you, but I believe it might be possible. I believe a lot of things start in the mind, and if we can have utter hell, why not a little bit of peace and bliss? I am going to be working at shifting my focus a little bit each day, meditating more and praying more and hoping I can shift it enough to see if I can bring about a greater change. I think I have had some success in the last week and hope to have more soon.

I will keep you updated. In the mean time if you wish, please feel free to download the bliget and keep updated.

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  1. Although I can relate to your feelings, I am different. I do not pray. Nor do I meditate. I think. Asking, or wanting
    people who are not nice to be nice is asking them to be other than they really are. I don’t feel I have that right
    I don’t judge them. I judge my self. Is my hatred just or
    not? It is. Ever hear this phrase: “Most people are basically decent and good” ? False on three counts.

    I think of these organizations and the people in them as hardware, biological and non-bio. Their agenda is software.
    Think “nam-shub”.

    Comment by C J | November 15, 2008 | Reply

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