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The term Gang Stalking. A few years ago when I came online I learnt about Harassment, Mobbing, and then Gang Stalking.

Two years ago when I first learnt about this stuff there was one website that was doing a lot to help and had some useful information.

The other terms for Gang Stalking at the time were also not very popular in the search engines. Vengeance Stalking, Organised Stalking, Cause Stalking, etc. There were all names that were not fitting and at the time google and other engines were giving the term Gang Stalking the most publicity. I also like the professional looking nature of one of the more useful sites online.

One of the things I did before starting my own Gang Stalking site was to network with other sites in the community. Not in the Gang Stalking community, but in the outer world, the place where we have to bring the gap.

Because of my work on getting things like Harassment and Bullying exposed, I had made friends with several other sites and asked if they would be kind enough to link to that specific Gang Stalking site. The friends from many of the other stalking sites did not identify with Gang Stalking at the time, which is understandable. Remember in the harsh client of a couple of years ago, just to mention of any term associated with Gang Stalking would get threads shut down, or attacks of you are crazy, etc. This has changed with hard work.

The members of the mobbing sites which I contacted, I think there were about 3 really good mobbing sites at the time that I was in touch with. Two of those sites readily identified with Gang Stalking and were kind enough to add the link to the gang stalking site, which I was still referencing to a couple of years ago.

Shortly after this I realised that things were going very slowly and that many of the sites seemed to be be doing the opposite of being helpful. At that time I was still on the forums, and you can really learn a lot of those, but there is a price at times to be paid.

One discussion that came up was should the name of the cause be changed or should a gradual shift be made to use something else. Since Gang Stalking might be confusing for some people. At the time I was still open to the idea and working with others to see if we could advance this as quickly as possible.

Any articles that came out about the subject matter at the time had gone under the term Gang Stalking. That includes the Lynn stuter article, Sharon Weinberger and a few others. Some were good articles others were not, but that was the spoken or unspoken agreed to term.

At the discussion which I was a part of I suggested if a name change should occur, community mobbing should be considered, because people were at the time finally starting to understand the concept of mobbing, how it worked, how it affected the targets, and many in that community had also committed suicide, or workplace shootings. As you will see in later research there is a reason for this strong correlation.

Anyways I asked the person who was running a popular forum at the time this question. How does a name change occur? I mean who get’s to decide if a movements name should get changed? Especially when we are a pretty disjointed movement. Just like tomorrow if we were calling each other Targeted Individuals and someone decided to change this, who get’s to decide? At the time there were several Gang Stalking sites, some hard to find, other impossible to find.

The person who is in my opinion looked upon as a community leader, said no one really decides this, we just discuss this and then start using the term and then take it from there. Really who get’s to decide since many of those sites are not part of the forum? Ah I guess only the members of that discussion and everyone else get’s left out.

I at this time decided that I really didn’t think this was a helpful course and decided to leave the term Gang Stalking as is. Those a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, if Roses are known as Roses today and we start calling them stink weed tomorrow, it will be an adjustment for the public. Eg. Let’s try changing the name of Electronic harassment to shock wave syndrome, you basically almost have to begin from scratch and it wastes precious time in getting people readjusted to new terms and it does not move things forward, especially for activism online or offline.

The community really just needed education about what was happening. If proper content was used, in my two years online, people do understand the terms, and again with Gang Stalking citizen informants on forums fell into two, many three categories. The ones who automatically tried to discredit the thread as paranoid or crazy, and the ones who even after reading a thread still when, well I hate Gang’s anyways. Most of the general public that I tried to introduce information to, are quit capable of reviewing the information and understanding it.
It’s the same as Cointelpro or any other name.

I really do not think the people who invented the term expected Gang Stalking to catch on so quickly, or for the truth of the fact that this was being done by the government to get out. Remember these same persons that I spoke of in this article, till not too long ago, still had people chasing vigilante gangs, and I think many of us still would have been chasing those phantoms if we had not branched out on our own and started our own research.

So where does that leave everything? Where it’s always been. You have a movement that often have Citizen Informants or agents from what I have been told controlling some most aspects of the community. They have the share numeric capacity to control each other, and to control what get’s said, what get’s disseminated. Which terms become changes or moved around.

If they choose to go in a direction that is not helpful, you have to then stay on course. Remember for every step forward, they try to make sure it’s two steps back.

Most people that are new, will not understand or grasp this concept at first, or really will never grap it.

So the preferred term for me and for what is happening to me, and still for many others is Gang Stalking, if I ever leave off using this term. My second preferred term would clearly be community mobbing. Which two years ago was very helpful in getting others to understand what was happening to us, because they understood the term mobbing.

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  1. I agree %100 that this activity is going on and is not being dealt with by authorities. Why? Because for this stuff to go on, obviously “high connections” and very powerful people are making illegal decisions to turn a blind eye. And on another note, I find it very unusual when you see people posting responses that threaten one’s sanity. Why would these people be on the site anyways? In my creative mind, these people are purposely defending gang stalking and MAYBE should be the ones the authorities look into for more information. Its just common sense, no?

    Comment by Michelle | October 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. People call this “gang-stalking”, which does characterize it properly as a gang-mob-mentality thing, but I know that it’s much bigger than what the term “gang” seems to imply. For me, the “stalking” is on a vastly bigger scale than the term “gang” implies. I don’t know, but I believe that I may be the #1 target of this hidden campagin against the individual and his mind.
    People complain about things I haven’t experienced like weapons used against them. I don’t know if that’s true. It never happened to me. My torture consists in having absolutely no shpere of privacy left. Everything I do and say (to myself) and every choice is judged and responded to. The judgments are never on the side of reason.
    This is why I say that there is at least no more extreme example of a target than me, because I’m aware of my whole life being judged by the people’s hidden court. Just last night for instance I was watching Bill Maher’s “Religulous”, and I found some objectionable things about it, but not religious objections. I keep a journal, and have for years. I was writing in it alot last night and yesterday. I know they think this behavior is stupid. Just like they think reading is stupid, another thing I am constantly attacked for (just not overtly). So this morning I take the dog out and go to retrieve the trash cans by the curb by the mail-box. What do I find by the mail-box? A little girls “Hannah Montana” notebook lying there. In fact right now as I write this, my father is by my bedroom door coughing and making noise and I know he’s doing it to censor what I’m doing. “Coughing” is a covert objection. He keeps claring his throat, because he’s saying that my writing this is like me clearing my throat.
    The notbook/girl/hanna thing is a recurring accusation. Everytime I write in my journal I get called a little girl by somebody. It always happens. The Hanna thing is also a recurring reference to certain behaviors of mine, like my criticism of Bill Maher. MY criticism is unconventional, because I neither agree with Bill Maher or those he criticises.So it’s “The best of both world’s”. The same people who have called me Hanna M for this before.
    I know I have no privacy, and I know that everyone around me is aware of it, because my “gangstalking” is a high-profile case, however covert. I get it all the time, everywhere I go.
    Let me give another example of how I can tell. Sex. Anytime I have ever masturbated at night or in the shower or in bed, I always get attacked for it, and no it’s my guilty consicnece comdemning me. People will hand me towels left and right, or make towel or tissue references at me or around me. I’ll go to get my hair-cut and that morning I just masturbated, and the woman cutting my hair will be asked by another stylist if she needs any more towels over there, and they’ll both laugh.
    These things may sound funny, and that is the point. The point is to not take privacy seruiouisly, or anything else.It’s being constantly treated as if your life is a joke and you are a born laughing stock.
    Bercause my “case” is high-profile, I can’t get a job anymore. I watched as the privacy walls were steamrolled down. I worked at Wal-mart where they had this campaign against me for having some privacy from them left, because they were not in on my privacy as other groups were and they felt they were cheated. Well they slowly worked things out and broke their way in. Every movie I watched, every CD I listened to, everything was judged by them and I was incessently harrassed at work. Oh and they make damn wekll sure that you know they know everything about you. That’s the point! They want to shame you into conformity and compliance with their stalking morality. I had a website I was working on where I wrote controversial things, political, sexual, philosophical, and I wqas also working on a book too at the time, which I have since abandoned because of the stalking and the harrassment and the complete surveillance of every word and sentence of it.
    I would go home during lunch periods and work on it,and when I came back to work everyone would be talking about what I wrote.They just don’t doit overtly of confess that that’s what they are referring to, but YOU know. That’s how it works. An outsider wouldn’t know that the people around you are taliing about you and making fun of you. You know because you know what you yourself have been up to, and they know because they’ve been spying on you. They make sure you are aware of them knowing everything you’re doing. It’s necessary to them that you do know because the whole point is to intimidate you into changing your behavior and viewpoint. They can’t bully you if you are unaware your’e being watched.
    What they do is they work by similarities. They’ll dress in a way, for instance that is meant to say that “this is what you are like”. The outfits they wear are chosen as a form of mockery. One time at work when this just started happening, or actually when they first started succeeding at waking me up to what they had been doing for a long time, which I had been chalking up to coincidence, they attacking me and it was really having the intended effect. It was undermining my equillibrium. So on lunch time I went for a walk and got my bearings back. They noticed this when I returned and got pissed off at me for it, because I stopped them from what they were trying to do. Well, in no time someone yelled at someone else right in front of me about something and said real loud and hatefully “WALK IT OFF!” and it’s not like you even have the opportunity to chalk it up to coincidence, because if you try to the up the ante and start attacking you for THAT choice too.
    What they were trying to do was to recruit me into their covert networking. They kept trying to force me to speak only in similarities, or allagories, to talk about the hidden network by allegory. They were trying to teach me to get behind this wall of pretense.That was once they woke me up to seeing it for myself. It’s to act and do things as a way of commenting on the things you can’t reveal openly. They talk to each other about the spying and about things they knwo about someone,which is gotten from surveialance one them and sothey arenot supposed to know, and can’t talk about openly without talking about the hidden surveialance. So they use the information they have about you in a covert manner. They talk in metaphor and tellsories meant to be like something about you they know about. But all of it is calculatingly mischaracterizing. I’ts like someone trying to stealyour soul by trying to get youb to buy into a false imitation of it. They try and sell their idea of you toyouirself by their constant harrassment and commentary about everything about you, and that you have no escape from their viewpoint of everythig you do. the privacy invasion acts like a captive audience device against you,meaning that you are their captive audience. You have no espace rom having to hear their and see and witness their judgment about you. it’s like being an atheist and being imprisoned in a church. You can’t escape this propaganda campaign,and it’s tailored specifically to you! They try and leave you no room for your own opinion about yourself, unless of course your opinion of you and theirs are alike.
    I’ve read people criticizing this hidden world as people’s imagination and seeing associations where there is just everyday coincidence, but what they fail to consider is that if people are telling the truth about being watched and stalking and harrassed, that the only way you know about it is if you are either one of those doing it to someone else or if you are the target. The reason is because only those two parties are privy to the information about the targets life.You know you’re being stalked because you know what you’ve been up to and what your opinons are and what your emotional state is. So when other people are mirroring you or commenting of what is going ion with you today or at the moment, then it’s very hard NOT to pick up on. Like I said, they get as loud as they need to to make sure you are aware of them. It’s “illegal” to chalk it up to coincidence. That’s a cause forpunishment and ridicule if you do.
    Another thing they do is they will “speak for you”. They’ll try and read you mind by saying whatever they beleive your thinking and say it as if it’s their own assertion about themselves. It’s this constant emotional harrassment, that if they don’t like how you feel about something, or about them, they will constantly attack your inner state by adressing it like this, by mockery. The mockery is just mockery which they don’t admit to, so you can’t object. I’ve had my emotional existence under unrelenting scrutiny by walmart at work, and out of work and by other factions besides them. It’s not just the government. It’s the left and the right and middle etc.. It’s different factions vying for alleigence. It’s a game for people’s souls and loyalty. But they all have in common some basic values, like the ethics of public harrassment.
    See, I don’tknow if others experience the same level of this because, like at Walmart, I was aware that I was the only one undergoing this “therapy” “intervention”, “brainwashing” campaign. One of the most insideous things was the radio. Walmart radio. They have their own radio station they pipe into the stores at night. Well, this is used as a way to alter your emotions and respond to whatever emotional state your in. They focesed on me the time I was there. Like I said, before I went to walmart, there was already a privacy invasion into my life I was aware of, but I wasn’t aware of being ruthlessly stalked. I just got phone calls and other little things here and there which I knew was tied to the surveiallnace. It wasn’t a horrific trtamatizing existence. Walmart though is a faction which was pissed off at this lack of privilege of being ablt to monitor people’s lives. They maneuvered into the job because of my “high-profile” status about this, and proceeded to up the torment of me until I was fully baked. They used, watching me and wathing the other stalkers to figure out how to do what they weren’t able to yet. So I was important to them. They had the radio unrelentinging fixed on me, so that every on in the place know what state I was in at any time. They’d also make announcments to cue others in. They’d watch me on their cameras and if they felt I needed an attitude adjustment, which was often, ther’d be an announcment and someone would know to come bother me. The songs they played were constantly aimed at misreopresenting me in order to demoralize me. It was a campagin of demoralization, to tear down everything about you so that you’d be putty in their hands and they could get you to swallow their worldview, and join their campaign to covertly and treacherously fight for it. They acted to kill my independent mind and they did because of what kind of organization they are. The whole thing is covert. They exist in the outward guise of a capitalist-like pro-american business, but what they are really like is a new incarnation of the welfare state, and worse.
    I mean people are trying to brainwash me. I’m being watched, even now, and my family is being fed the message as to what I’m up to, the neighbors are…The people around me are aware of it. Everything I do is under surveillance and everyone who has contact with me reacts to what I do in private the same way walmart did to me.
    I mean I go to do a job with my father one time after I got fired from wal-mart and the job is at a house, a rental property, and out of the whole street and all the days of the week there is phone company work crew blocking the driveway that day, laying optical cable. I knew what the cable was intended to mean from previous experience and why they were there. They were associated with my previous employer and they tried to bully me into a job with them. They blocked the driveway so we couldn’t leave and that was to get my father into a conversation about my needing a job and since I did I was supposed to not be able to say no without looking irresponsible for turning down a job I needed. But I ignored them, because I knew it was a trap. They were trying to make it so that I had no choice.
    It goes on and on and on. I fucking hate people. There is no fucking way it’s my imagination. I wish the hell it were! There’s no way to even lie to myself that it is.they won’t let me. That’s a no no. They’re in your life and there’s no way to get rid of them. It’s like an infestation. They continue the campaign every day. You can’t play the crazy card. It’s impossibe. I mean they call you crazy, but at the same time they know you understand that’s what they’re saying about you. They know you know they are there.
    I don’t know how it works on the technical side. I don’t know if a satallite is peering through my roof, or if a neighbor is x-raying my house. I’ll tell what I do know. Everything I do is SEEN. Everything I say is HEARD, even atg a whisper. I mean they teach you these things,people do. I used to think if I talked in a whisper, or under my breath, that it was private. But I got laughed at for that. I forget exactly what was said but there was a reference made to my thinking that that was safe, and it was made very clear to me that it’s not.
    It stands to reason that illegal and unconstitutional and just plain unethical spying is something that if it exists and it’s focused on individuals and others know about it, that they can’t talk about it overtly without being called crazy or losing their job or other coercive constraints on nameing the truth out loud. Whatever channels of illicit information gathering are there, you can’t prove it, and so how can you call someone on it when they are using illicit information about you to make sport of your life? It absolutely is going on. It’s one of those things though that you don’t know where to begin to explain it. There are instances of it working all the time, and the truth is it does make you paranoid if you weren’t before. You never look at something as a coincidence anymore, because you’ve learned it might not be,and you worry and worry that something might mean something even if in this case it doesn’t. The thing is is that it’sall that you dio know is not a coincidence and can’t be, like how when I write a certain paragrach of a book I’m working on on my computerand then upion returing to work I immediatel get hit with very loud and very precise speech in reference to it. Or I write something I know people don’t generally agree with and I go back to work and some shouts “bullshit” my face for no apparent reason. Or I make a comment on a website about how I think people at work should do each others jobs for them but should help out anytime someone really needs it, then immediately after someone at work who’s never asked me to something for them before to help them do their job asks me to,and I can tell it’s about what I said, because of how out of line it was our jobs were so separate and it never happens. Then these same type experiences repeat.
    Like I said I’m a high profile case. This happened to me because of a good-natured friendly contact with an OVERTLY high profile individual in our society, and who’s also extremely controversail. So I got tagged from there,not by this person but by others who were watching.
    So what I’ve learned is there are different factions. There’s about four general factions. Walmart is an example of one belonging to one faction. They are all fighting this covert ideological war. Because of my involvement with someone important they started vying for me, each one trying to tell me that their team is the right one, and fighting to make me choose.It’s why I don’t have a job and can’t get one anymore. Every employer sees me coming before I even try, and they evaluate me based upon illicit information. it’s like a hidden court judging your “real” character. Job applications don’t count anymore.That’s not what decisions are based on, although you have to pretend it does matter. You can’t screw it up because you can’t ask them to give themselves away by treating as the bullshit it is. Interviews count, because your there, but you get there with all the bias and baggage about all the shit they know about you, that if you like me, you don’t stand a chance against all that. Last interview I had, I was treated like I was being arrested, and I’ve had enough interviews to be able to tell how unusual things have gotten. I could go on and on. I doubt doing this will have any effect except I’m sure to hear about it at least for the rest of the day. Thanks you big fucked-up stinking world! Love you too! Go fuck yourself!

    Comment by Totally screwed | February 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Wow that was intense. I think you are not being electronically harassed, cause you don’t live by yourself. If you did, the e-harasment would start. Don’t let them get you hateful, it lowers our vibrational frequency and that is what they want. If you are out there and still ok, please let me know.

      Comment by gangstalking | February 13, 2010 | Reply

  3. Hi, fellow sufferer and martyr, both to the cause and to yourself and your own psychological tricks and denials, like me.

    It really is weird, isn’t it? Sometimes you need to step back because some things might be innocent coincidences.

    And since there are many targets, it’s possible that some of the things we take as specific attack is just a general thing, like the talking quietly to yourself being criticised.

    I also think that some of this is not down to stalking, but is a psychic/radiowave/occult manifestation. The combined use of hypnotic selling techniques used on just about everything now, and the use of neurolinguistic programming, is very invasive.

    Motive is something to consider – are all their motives malign? We live in a world that doesn’t recognise boundaries, and some people transgress in the most awful ways with the best of intentions and good motives, or just not thinking it is a bad thing to do.

    It affects the way your conscience functions as well. Anything you feel guilty about will keep re-presenting itself to you, and sometimes it isn’t deliberate or malicious, but sometimes it is. You can feel very torn down, I do. It’s like constant claws. You wonder, who is it that is bad, them or me? And you can only have so many coincidences happening before you think, hey, hang on a minute.

    Another question it leaves ME with is what is authority, and how do you relate to authority which you believe is corrupt or treacherous? I was taught in church to obey authority. I suppose if you do so, carefully, and see how they respond, you begin to get some idea of what you might be dealing with.

    For me at the moment, my conscience is the main issue. Some of my stalkers come on so lovely and desperate I feel guilty even calling them stalkers, and wonder if sometimes stalking is not a crime but a necessary therapy or discipline. Enough already. If you’re still around on WordPress, please read my blog, unless you find it too hard going.

    Comment by suebarnett | November 26, 2010 | Reply

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