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The real fight

After doing a lot of research, I see that all paths lead back to the same source.

The real fight is not going to be exposing Gang Stalking. I believe what is happening to us has been exposed, or will be exposed in due time. The bigger picture is what has to be exposed, the real fight is against the system.

After reading over some of Carissa Conti’s work. Chasing Phantoms.

I read about her personal investigations into her abductions, and gang stalking. I do now realise that there is more commonality with the phantoms that are being chased than I ever realised.

After listening to the Ramona Lopez’s interview and all the other readings I have done about the drug rings, it all goes back to the same source, the same phantom menace.

Gary Webb died, but not before he was able to publish his report called the dark alliance, which showed the the CIA were directly responsible for importing drugs into ethnic minority communities.

Many others have drawn the same conclusions about the government and their involvement into drugs. When a lawyer name Anita E. Bell tried to take on the system, she was forced to flee from one country to the next, after being targeted by the system. She lost her right to practice law, lost her home, her kids were targeted, she fled from America to Canada and eventually fled to Isreal.

All traces of her story seemed to have almost vanished from the Internet over the last year. 
After reading about the pedophile rings, not just what was happening in the catholic church, cause that was one small microbe of what happens in the rest of society. I again see that we are chasing the same phantom.
This means that even after the truth comes out, as it did with Senator John W. DeCamp’s investigation into who was behind the pedophile ring, nothing will happen, nothing will change. In this story children came forward to say that they had been used as drug mules and for all kinds of weird, kinky sex by high level people. I mean we are talking politicians, people with money, etc.

The investigations were stopped eventually, some kids were thrown in jail, others threatened, went missing, etc. The people who were being accused, eventually went onto higher positions in government, or other prominent careers, only a low level drug dealer  was ever convicted for any of this.

When Senator DeCamp investigated this, he found again the same thing, which he documents in his book
the Franklin Cover up, and he found out the reason nothing get’s done, it’s all about protecting the system. The innocent will be sacrificed to protect this system.
Those were the last words I spoke with the Judge on the case. I left his chambers, burnt out, but angry. And I forgot all about Billy Budd, until the night I happened upon the movie. The story of Billy Budd is set in the British Navy near the end of the eighteenth century. Billy was a young sailor, who, although impressed into the British Navy, bore no ill will to the authorities for having dragooned him; indeed, he was the very picture of innocence and good-will, and was almost universally loved aboard his war-ship. One officer, however, developed an insane jealousy of Billy, and set out to frame him up for allegedly inciting mutiny. Since there had been several notorious mutinies in the British fleet at the time, the mere whisper of “mutiny” was enough to spread panic among the ship’s officers.

To make a long story short, because of certain incriminating appearances in the case, the captain and his senior officers, although they knew Billy was innocent of all charges, nonetheless sentenced him to hang, a necessity – as they viewed it – to “save the system,” not just on their own ship, but in the British fleet as a whole.

Now I think I do understand the Franklin case. I know, now, that all the public officials involved in Franklin-whether they ever heard of Billy Budd or not-fully understood what they were doing.

And what they all have done, and will continue to do in this case, Franklin, and no doubt many others like it, is this: Protect the “system” at all costs. The “system” is the only ultimate sacred cow-not any particular law or constitution, but only “the system.” Because, ultimately, it is the system which makes certain that the individuals functioning within it – from judges to lawyers, to prosecutors, to politicians, to businessmen – have their places and positions, and opportunities and pecking order, and future.

And, though it is unfortunate, that on occasion the protection of the “system” requires the deliberate sacrifice of perfectly innocent people, that is hoped overall to be the exception rather than the rule. But without the “system” . .

But then I have one final, nagging question. How do I know when, or if, the “system” itself has become so corrupted, that evil is the rule, rather than the exception? And when that occurs, what do I do about it? But I think I know the answer to that one – my oId commanding officer in Vietnam told me what I had to do. I made some promises to Bill, and I intend to keep them.

John DeCamp 

There was suppose to be a documentary called conspiracy of silence on the discovery channel, in 1994 about this, but the information was pulled, when influential members of congress applied pressure to the cable industry.
Dick Nadeau reveals information about pedophiles in prominent positions in Cornwall, Ontario. He passed away in 2006. Another case where justice will not be rendered.

There was a police officer in this story, Dunlop, he was mobbed out of work, had to move to another provide for trying to do the right thing, so many people in these stories who try to do the right thing, get tortured for trying to do the right thing, for exposing these criminal elements. The sad part is also the fact that the society they are trying help, by exposing this corruption, often does not help or protect them in turn, and it’s a shame.

There are other stories, but the same M.O. the more they investigate, people in positions of authority, with power, to pull strings. Many of these investigations go back to government or the church, and those in high level postions.
Gang Stalking, Mind Control, it’s all the same things. We are small appendages fighting the same thing. Think of it as an octopus. Eight arms, Each arm corrupt. If you are not seeing the bigger picture, you are fighting one arm of corruption, and another person is fighting a different arm of corruption, but it’s all coming from the same beast.

After investigating this for two years, view others and the indepth research that they have done, and my own, in my opinion it’s the government.

We in today’s society have information about Cointelpro, Mind Control Projects, such as MK. Ultra, where the Canadian government paid out million recently in apology for allowing such atrocities to happen.

[quote]Dr. Ewen Cameron, an American doctor who believed he could erase the memories of patients and rebuild their psyches, was recruited by the CIA to experiment with mind-control techniques beginning in 1950.

Cameron gave patients LSD and subjected them to massive and multiple electroshock treatments. Some underwent sleep deprivation or total sensory deprivation. Others were kept in drug-induced comas for months on end while speakers under their pillows broadcast messages for up to 16 hours a day.

The experiments were part of a larger CIA program called MK-ULTRA, which also saw LSD administered to U.S. prison inmates and patrons of brothels without their knowledge, according to testimony before a 1977 U.S. Senate committee.

The CIA eventually settled a class-action lawsuit by test subjects, including Huard, and the Canadian government ordered a judicial report into Cameron’s experiments.

The allegations have not been proven in court.

The McGill experiments were jointly funded by the U.S. spy agency and the Canadian government.

[quote]A Montreal senior who survived Cold War-era brainwashing experiments picked up a cheque for compensation from the federal government on Tuesday.

Janine Huard, 79, accepted an offer to end her class-action lawsuit against the federal government, which jointly funded the experiments with the Central Intelligence Agency.

The terms of the settlement are confidential, but Huard says it will allow her to live out her days in peace, with some peace of mind.


When Tim Field started to look into what he called collusion behind bullying, he wanted to know what the connection was, between judges, lawyers, tribunals, etc. He died before he could investigate, but not before he was able to formulate a link.

[quote]Many targets of bullying report that they seem to be obstructed every step of the way in their pursuit of justice. The management refuse to investigate, or use an untrained investigator, or whitewash the case. The union refuses to help, or initially shows interest but suddenly changes sides. The solicitor initially shows interest but then starts acting in a manner which suggests they have the other side’s interests at heart rather than yours.

The employer’s lawyers apply for, and obtain, adjournment after adjournment, then obtain a pre-hearing review which the tribunal chairman handles in favour of the employer. In the tribunal, favour is shown to the respondent (employer) and you get the impression that the verdict has been decided in advance. Your solicitor, the respondent’s lawyers and the tribunal chairman seem to know more about your case than you think they should.

After the tribunal you’re left with no option but to privately sue the employer, the union, and your solicitor, and appeal the tribunal decision, but by this time you have no job, no income, your savings are gone, so is your health, maybe your marriage too, and there’s no prospect of ever being employed again, especially in the professions.

Sound familiar? If so, you might be surprised to realise how often this happens. Mostly it’s in cases from the education sector, although it may happen in any public sector case, for example the NHS. Occasionally, but less often, it happens in private sector cases, and in rare cases from the voluntary sector.

Although there’s never any substantive proof, it seems that all the parties arrayed against you have been colluding in secret. The question is, what allegiance binds these individuals together, and where could they meet such that the normal rules of confidentiality do not apply? What fraternal obligation places their duty to support and protect each other above the moral, ethical and legal obligations by which the rest of us are bound?

Employers, unions, law firms, and employees of the justice system are part of society, and every group, professional or otherwise, contains a few poor performers and rotten apples. This ranges from inexperience through ineptitude and incompetence to collusion and corruption.


The same truth applies for mobbing, and several other scenarios where individuals, whistle-blowers, etc, try to get justice.

If you are not seeing the bigger picture you might think that you are fighting several separate entities, but you are not, you are fighting the same enemy, with different appendages, but at the end of the day, we are all chasing the same phantom.

It’s a system of control and conformity that we are fighting against.

[quote]The system that really exists and that controls society is really made up of the powerful and elite, Corporations and Governments. The powerful elite, do not care who is in government, because they will always have the primary say with how things go, and what the final outcome is. The same has become true for corporations, and powerful interests. Then there is the will of the government, the body that appears to be elected by the people, but who is there to really serve the will of these powerful interests.

To keep the system in place and running smoothly, there are appendages that are set in place to teach the population how to act, think, behave, and yes how to conform to the system. The system wants people to come up thinking that they are completely free and can act, think, and feel however they choose to. This is true to an extent, as long as your interest do not run too contrary to what the system has in mind. Once your interest start to run contrary, or you do something to step out of what the system considers acceptable boundaries, that is when you enter the Targeted Individual zone.
What do the above elements all have in common. They all lead back to the same source and they all paint a similar picture. A government that is run by corrupt elements. Corrupted elements Who will do what it takes to protect the system they have in place.

The more alarming picture that many of us are waking up to, is the fact that they have the ability to do this.

In my research, and Mark. M. Rich’s research, we both realised that they have an army of citizen informants. Some of these people are just average people like yourselves, who probably have no idea that there is a bigger picture happening. A lot of others are people that the government feel that they own or can control, and can manipulate. Homeless people, street kids, the poor that they have forced into this.

We can look for phantoms all we want, but at the end of the day, it’s the same strings being pulled. What the main stream media, which is controlled by governments and corporations does, is it tries to paint people who try to bring these discoveries to light as insane, or paranoid, or try to make it seem that these things do not exist, and if evidence does present itself, they try to make it seem that it’s being done by anyone else but the actual source.

When evidence is too great and the system can no longer hide the truth, they still find ways to protect themselves, and society instead of demanding change, adjust to the new reality, and it continues. I have spoken about this before, I saw a documentary that talked about the church and the priest and the documentary said, that after the exposure, the laws in Rome were changed, which now make it harder to prosecute these priests. The system again protected itself.

So wither it’s exposure of the CIA running drugs, or mind control, if it does get out to the main stream, there is usually a period of shock and awe, and then the controls that are in place, move in very quickly to squash it’s sources of opposition.

The threat passes, the knowledge becomes a part of society, and that’s it.

How did it all become so corrupt? Like attracts like. In every institution, in every country there have been increased reports of bullying, and mobbing, etc. The ones being targeted fit a specific profile, and they are the ones who get pushed out of the system.

What we also see happening, is that the ones doing the targeting are the ones to be advanced, the bully get’s a promotion, the accused pedophile becomes governor, etc. We see the corrupt elements in these stories advancing, and their victims or targets, often being eliminated or left without means.

A system like this under these conditions can become corrupt very fast. Corrupt elements are protected because they have something to hind and so they protect each other.

Others believe that protection of these elements is necessary to protect society and so they go along with what they know to be wrong.

Other are scared, they have seen what the system can do. They see it happen to whistle-blowers, journalist that do controversial stories, lawyers that go up against the system.

Others over time have learnt this is the way things are, and they just comply.

Others are just unaware of the real mechanisms in place, and would be shocked and disgusted, but when they try to do something about it, they find that there is no one there to help.

I think change is possible, but only if we truly wake up and realise that something is wrong. We are living in a corrupt society, with some very wrong elements. Elements in many cases that go up the top of the chain. Elements that protect and look out for each other.

Elements that know how to and which continue to manipulate, scare, and subdue people in to complacency.

If you try to see the bigger picture, or are not familiar with conspiracies, it will be hard to take. Two years ago, I didn’t want to see or believe that there could be any correlation between the abductee community and gang stalking. I thought my government were the best and that it was just a matter of bringing this to the attention of the right person in government. I now realise that this is not the case, because this is the source. I thought I lived in a democratic society, but I realise that democracy is not what I first thought it is.

I realise this system is also moving towards a one world government, and until we find some way united to see the bigger picture and act on it, things will not change. How can they if people do not realise that there is a need for change, and once they realise this, they have to begin to understand the true structure that they are up against.

For now it  was just important to bring these elements all together in one place so we could have a better understanding of what we are dealing with.

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  1. […] The real fightThere was suppose to be a documentary called conspiracy of silence on the discovery channel, in 1994 about this, but the information was pulled, when influential members of congress applied pressure to the cable industry. … […]

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  2. You found out the same thing I did. I tried to help a woman get her child back from the Orange County CPS/family court industry. Her child had been given into full custody of a convicted child pornographer. The had a video of the child speaking about how her father had not only molested her, but took pictures of her while he was doing it. She also had the local children’s hospital report of vaginal injury and bruises consistent with being tied up. To top it off, the father was and is HIV pos. The authorities would not release the adress of the child, allow any incriminating evidence against the father etc. I finally realized someone was making money off of the child porn or the renting of the child, and the state is and was gettng CAFTA funds from the Feds because the child is classified as abused while she is living with the father. I don’t believe the feds are unconscious about the latter. I think it is a way of perpetuating, and thus normalizing pedophilia, so they can participate without encumbrances or culpability because it will soon be as commonplace as same sex sodomy. She is now 5 and this has been going on for over two years. I have moved it out of the court system and will deal with it there. BTW, any child that goes into the “cps/family court industry” has a good chance of being sexually abused, and the younger they are, the better the chance. These guys in power are demonic assholes. They “will” do the unthinkable, and they will “take you out” if you interfere. So just don’t allow yourself to be drawn into the game.

    Comment by fletcher hobbs | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. Unless we all want a future where this is common place, then now is the time to speak out. When everyone is chipped and tagged, and you don’t want to go along with this stuff, what choice will you or your children have.

    They are evil, and evil must be opposed at every end.

    Comment by gangstalking | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. is there any meeting places for victims of gang stalking, community policying & harrassment

    Comment by michaeline jones | October 31, 2008 | Reply

  5. I am a victim of gang stalking, community policing & harassment. I search and looked at several websites and much to my surprise, I share many of the experiences as others. I am monitored 24/7, my ins and outs are monitored, I am approached by strangers telling me I can work. My mail has either been real delayed or opened and resealed. My pet cat had to be put to sleep because someone made her sick while I was away. I’ve learn my past confidants, friends & ministers are all participants in the government spy program. Things in my apartment are moved or taken when I am away. My home and cell & internet are monitored. Community members have access to my medical information. Church leaders are volunteer participants in the government spy program and care less around the congregation. See president’s executive order 13397. I’ve had strangers attempt to befriend me, when their intent was to gain specific information, for example, my weight, the type of things in my home, what I pray about, where do I stand in my home when I pray. I have also had people try to encourage me to buy things, knowing I couldnot afford them, and attempt to lead me in to conversations their were secretly being recorded. Such as talking about the presidential candidates and their safety. My advice to anyone being gang stalk; say nothing to no none, unless you know their motives behind their questions.

    Comment by michaeline jones | October 31, 2008 | Reply

  6. Victims of Gang Stalkers, also beware of dr’s visits. Make sure you are not placed in an examining room where your visit with the doctor can be view from another room. Insist you be given another room for your exam. Also, watch everything you say to everyone. People in the spy business do not care about you, its just their pretense they do. They are cold-hearted people, even the old ones. Most of them are receiving some kind of monetary rewards. Even church folks who speak in tongues and jump up and down every Sunday in church are participants. If you get the chance, look up author Nancy Levant, she has plenty on stalking and the new world government. Most of all, pray, do not cease praying and read your bible.

    Comment by michaeline jones | October 31, 2008 | Reply

  7. Hi michaeline,

    There are sites, but I don’t give out recommendations. I think using places like craiglist might help, but in reality most place and sites for help, just bring the civilian spies to your door.

    I am glad the site was helpful. I always recommend starting your own blog and taking it from there.

    Comment by gangstalking | November 3, 2008 | Reply

  8. Thank you for your courage in posting all this information. This world is certainly different than what I thought it was as a child. It is a shame we have allowed ourselves to be bullied into the sheep we have become. Just prey for the wolves that are our governments.

    Comment by Jim Lunsford | January 3, 2009 | Reply

    • This happens every time that we refuse to speak up and speak out agaist injustice.

      Comment by gangstalking | January 14, 2009 | Reply

  9. I watched Ramona Lopez’s most recent interview. She complained of being followed by some type of aircraft that looked like s space ship. I found several articles where the government has contracted out for airships for surveillance purposes. The purpose of the balloon aircraft was to provide a platform for surveillance that was able to hover for long periods of time then move when needed. Additional information can be found by looking under airship surveillance.I would imagine these could be made to be different sizes and configurations. Here’s a link to a video of one spotted over Salt Lake city. Here is another link describing the dirigibles.

    Comment by targeted2 | March 26, 2009 | Reply

  10. I need assistance. I live in Tampa, Fl. Thanks.

    Comment by steve | March 26, 2009 | Reply

    • Hi Steven,

      With the targeting it’s more of a self serve option. If you have specific questions, I am happy to answer them and wee if I can make some helpful suggestions.

      Comment by gangstalking | March 27, 2009 | Reply

  11. Some people don’t like the posts some of us put on here but that probably just proves they are in on it and are the perpetrators. Why can’t we tell what the police and others are doing to us. My daughter was slapped by a nurse when she was in intensive care and was told she had to make her own bed and change her own gown and the nurse threw the gown and sheets across the room and my daughter had three i.v. needles in her arms trying to recover from a coma and getting medicine and fluids put back in her body and this is how she was treated. The police and firemen abuse us all the time. And social services and all kinds of people. Landlords, neighbors, etc. Surveyors. Contractors.

    Comment by Mel | June 27, 2010 | Reply

    • There are posts that people will like and won’t like. Comes with the territory.

      Comment by gangstalking | June 28, 2010 | Reply

  12. […] [quote]There are other stories, but the same M.O. the more they investigate, people in positions of authority, with power, to pull strings. Many of these investigations go back to government or the church, and those in high level postions. Gang Stalking, Mind Control, it’s all the same things. We are small appendages fighting the same thing. Think of it as an octopus. Eight arms, Each arm corrupt. If you are not seeing the bigger picture, you are fighting one arm of corruption, and another person is fighting a different arm of corruption, but it’s all coming from the same beast. […]

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  13. It is a sad world we live in today. Being targeted for what-ever reasons is plain evil. It is my goal to expose perps and their motives. I see no reason not to. Perps want the victim to commit suicide or contract an illness so the victimization is covered up.
    Once one knows what is going on, the MO of the perps and how one is being perpetrated against a door is opened. Crossing the threshold into the world of gang stalking is a place I never wanted to go, but now I’m there I intend to take the stalkers on, take them down.
    No ONE victimizes my Family and I without dealing with the consequences of their actions.
    I will fight to the end of time to free myself and my Family from the evils of Organized Stalking!

    Comment by karenwinupsedge | October 6, 2012 | Reply

  14. Link exchange is nothing else except it is simply placing the other person’s blog link on your page at appropriate place and other person will also do same in support of you.

    Comment by caught downloading illegally | December 24, 2012 | Reply

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