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This post is called disinfo. It’s taken from a post called false Sheppard’s from the Naff site. The common tactics have been reworked to apply to Gang Stalking, and the Targeted Individual Community.

Even as part of the community I don’t always have my hands in everything that is happening. I tend to stay away from things that I know will not move this cause forward, that will not get us the answers that we need.
1. Covert Agents will make themselves experts on Gang Stalking. People will be dependent upon them for information instead of looking for other more valid sources of information.

Eg. When I first came online I joined several groups. One group specifically had a leader that many trusted, but over time I realised this person was a what we all called perps at the time. I watched person after person trying to prove that this person was a perp to no avail. When someone would challenge this person the other agents which were most in the group, would start going, no this person is legit. I can tell you I have worked with this person for years and they are legit. Especially this one person who would always pretend to argue with this person, this second person would always come to this first persons rescue.

I watched this scenario repeated, time and time again. Each challenger beat down, and run off the forum. I learnt that it’s pointless for me to try to tell others who is a perp and who is not a perp. You have to figure it out for yourself. If you have come this far, only to be deceived by one of them, then I feel even more sorry for you. However I have been deceived by them before, so just keep questioning, and trust your instincts.
2. By being experts especially when claiming to be under attack by the bad guys, they will make legit targets feel sorry for them. They will make targets feel like we are all on the same side, but we are not. This brings targets to these experts for help and information. They see these people as trusted sources. This gives these people opportunities to continue to control targets, and harass targets. This gives these trusted people access to people, to find out their names, where they live, etc.

Eg. When I first started out, like everyone else I went looking for help. I was scared, didn’t know WTF was going on, and wanted answers. The first things they tried to do is find out my name and information. “Oh you could be a perp, we don’t know who you are, we are not giving you any information till we know more about you, we have had lot’s of perps try to infiltrate us”, etc. Being a naturally private person, they did not get a lot of details.

When they did think that they knew enough about me, they started to try to use my sensitivity against me. I was confused, because I was like what the heck? How could they all be doing this, just like offline. Cause online you expect to be in the presence of friends right? Wrong, if you can’t find people to trust offline, be just as cautious online.

The thing that accidentally clued me in, was one day this perp was having a little too much fun. I didn’t think of him as  perp at the time, but he said something to the effect of, “wouldn’t it be funny if you were in a forum full of perps and didn’t know it”? Something about that really stayed with me, and I sat back then and just observed, pretty soon after some time I began to see that he might not have been that far off, or joking. After that I started to learn. It was shortly after that, that I started to look for other answers.

The other problem with these groups is anytime someone started to suggest something that sounded reasonable, it would be shot down and only what this leader said would have validity, it went back and forth like that for some time, and I learnt.
3. These agents what they will do is use legit victims to promote other perps. Eg. A legit target thinks they have found a trusted source, they will promote that source and then get other legit targets to trust the agent and therefore giving out personal information to these people.

Eg. When I first became a target, I use to really reference the David Lawson book, and at first I was on forums going well David Lawson in his book… says this, or says that…, but I had not done the research, I just trusted what these leaders had said, because I knew nothing about disinfo agents, and all these stupid games they play. I learnt in time.

4. Control of information. This is a biggie. Some of the experts in the targeted individual community can restrict what is said. I remember when people would bring up legit topics and it was something that they did not want said, well they would suppress a topic, sometimes legit observations that other targets had made.

Also many of these agents or citizen informants you see them on YouTube, doing their best to make targets look insane, paranoid, or by making up the worst stories.

When I was on some of these sites or forums, you just knew some of the things being said didn’t sound right, but you just thought, they can’t all be perps can they? Maybe not all, but too many are, and it just brings down legit targets.

Even on normal forums, what they do is they will have specific people who’s only job it is to make the topic sound paranoid or crazy, or get legit topics banned, threads closed, or removed. Anything to make sure the correct information does not get out.

Eg. You have Covert sources on these forums going, no the government is not involved, why would the government stalk people, this is vigilante groups, I know this for a fact, cause I know who set me up for the stalking. Don’t get me wrong, you have some real targets who might believe they know who did it and from whence it came, but you also have these people spreading what sounds like just enough correct information to make the disinfo sound truthful.

5. The truth factor. Yes this is where they will spread 95% truth and then 5% disinfo, but it’s that 5% that will really screw you up. Most people will believe everything said, because you are getting truth, truth, truth, truth, truth, disinfo, truth, truth, truth. I talked about this when I saw a David Icke’s video and I said that I believed he was right about 95% of the things he had said, but I believed he was 5% telling a myth with this references to how many messiahs had existed before.

Even without that example, there is the David Lawson book, came out the same year as 9/11. Had all the information needed to sound legit, but he comes to the conclusion that it’s foreign terrorists and “anti-government” groups, who are responsible for the organised stalking? Really David? You were like a detective for 12 years, you travelled with these people for like how many years? Yet in my opinion he does not draw the right conclusion. Why is that?

Come on people think. What do you think the purpose of the book was? I have said it before and I will say it again. Either he is an agent, or he is the worst detective ever.

I believe the book is disinfo, using the 95% to 5% rule. Thanks to that book however, how many are still searching for terrorist or right wing groups as the source of their stalking? Remember not everyone has access to online groups. So many will get the book, look in the wrong place, and get themselves put in a mental hospital talking about terrorist stalking them, which I think was the purpose.
6. Yes another problem. By making themselves experts, targets get lazy. We trust them to speak for us. Depending on them to speak for us silences us, and determines the way our cause will move forward, or more importantly will not. Their goal is to keep the truth from us, and from the general public for as long as possible. We also then parrot their disinfo, so when we go to forums and talk about terrorist stalking us or whatever the lie is, then we look insane.

I keep encouraging targets, to find the leader within. Do your own research. If you are not good at research, just think. Does the information they are giving me match what I am seeing offline? Eg. The lie that this was extremist groups doing this, didn’t wash. My friends and family were involved, they may be many things, but they are not members of extremist groups. Nore were they likely to be. What they were telling me in these forums, and what I did see, when I finally went outside again did not correspond. So I researched, came up with a hypothesis, when it didn’t fully fit, I reworked it, tested it again, and then eventually the evidence matched what I was actually seeing. The pieces of the puzzle started to come together.

If the information is correct, I believed the corresponding proof would come. I think in the last week or two, a wealth of information has been found in my opinion to match what I was saying. I remember when I presented these theories on the forums, I was totally felt shot down and devalued, and I politely just left. It was not giving me the correct answers and I knew it. I more importantly knew that things were not what they seemed. For me it was the right thing to do. I can work well on my own, and if I had stayed in forums, or let others confuse me, I would not have been able to get to the correct information as quickly as I did. Trust your instincts if you have any.

7. By making them experts and our voices, they take away our power, and they move the movement forward the way they want it to go. Also if a target is about to reveal the truth, or come out with information, they will have someone on their side come out with it first, or come out with the information in greater detail. When they can no longer suppress the truth, they will tell the truth, but with their spin, and they will try to make sure that one of their people on their side is running the show.

They never just have one person. They always have several, and they will in subtle ways back each other up. I have said it before and I will say it again. I think out of let’s say 10 sites, you will find one or two that are legit, and the rest will be run by their people. That is my personal opinion, but I have my reasons for feeling this way.

They won’t all say the same thing, they will be working different angles so you will be like, well these people are doing something different, so you might feel that they are legit, but they still might not be.

8. Being an expert in some ways can be lucrative. Again the David Lawson book was the only thing the community had for some time. A lot of these people know how to work it with books, and DVD, etc. They will know how to network and how to organise better then most targets. Also they will have an agenda, if the truth is going to be disseminated on mass scale, it will be via their channels and not usually ours.

9. The agents I assume have a vested interest in making sure that the truth does not come to light. They do pose as leaders, cause we trust them to know more about the cause than we do. I mean many of them have been here before. Many of them knew about things like mind control, electronic harassment, etc.

When I came online, I looked to others, cause I didn’t know what was going on, and it was easy to truth these people. I was lucky, or maybe I don’t know, but I didn’t fall into some of the traps that I could of. Mostly I just wanted the truth about what was going on. It’s taken up so much of my time.

10. As mentioned before, they will play off of each other. Eg. They will pretend to be on separate sides, then they will both be agents. I have seen this play a dozen times. It’s confusing, cause then you are all like, ok I know this person is a perp, so the other person must be legit, not so. They can both perps.
If you are willing to see the truth, then ya it’s pretty shocking that most in the community are not what they seem. Not by a long shot. On these forums, I mean normal forums, there are people there to push down our threads when we have legit conversations about these topics. In other cases to get threads closed. In other cases to make the topic sound crazy, and to just pretend to be targets, and make other targets disbelieve the truth.

When I tell you that we are up against a system, I am not joking. Till you see, feel and experience it for yourself, you will find it hard to believe. However for your own sakes, try to see it for what it is, if you are not able to do this, then at least make sure what they are telling you matches up. Do a little bit of searching yourself.

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  1. […] Also offline they seem to be trying for mini setup’s, little things that you might not think of, but things that might get you in trouble. I have always been law abiding, and continue to be, but that does not mean they are not testing the waters to see if they can find a weak spot or a way in, trust no one, seems to be the key. It’s pretty horrible, how they own people once they do set them up. I have witnessed this close up, seen people that I use to know, and they are shells, it’s like they own their souls or try to, whatever they do, it’s sick, and I would say it’s against God, because what they do, contributes to the darkness of this world, and it’s not in favor of the light what they do. All good people, must stand against this. Rachel Hoffman is a good example of how they can make a good kid turn desperate. She was so desperate to have her own charges dropped that she was willing to first try to set up one of her friends, and then she was willing to do a drug buy, to try to get her records dropped and get the hell out of dodge, but she lost her life doing this, and the same way they can make someone like Rachel Hoffman desperate, is the same way they work on other people, little by little. There is something truly wrong with these people. […]

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  2. I agree with you with regard to disinfo. I had a perp-posing-as-victim (or perhaps someone using a victim’s email) socially engineer my case to go to a certain agency. What tipped me off initially was that he was flirty with me on the phone – how would he even know what I look like? Why would someone flirt in these circumstances? Secondly he tried to have me blame the wrong group (some people in my own community)… since I know more about my targeting than I ever post, I knew it was not them and also that wouldn’t explain government coverup. Sheesh. I am also beginning to think that there really aren’t that many targets (or that many don’t have access to the net or won’t post)… most of it is perps. Even on conference calls there are perps.

    That makes their crime even more heinious – first traumatize and torture innocent people (and find reasons to blame them through entrapment or lies), then keep them away from any potential support and undermine efforts to organize.

    It made me think of something else too… A lot of information I’ve seen about this implicates psychologists and psychiatrists as giving false diagnoses. I’ve had the case where two psychiatrists refused to help me or see me again when I was depressed and going through a divorce years ago. I don’t have any kind of diagnosis. Then at my university I was set up with an intern psychologist (and had signed consent to have it filmed – mistake – I’m positive it’s related to my OS but didn’t know I was a target then)… this moron said, “Ok, should I listen to you and then pretend to be empathetic, will that help you?” (all in a sweet little voice). If this indeed is part of their modus operandi it’s to refuse the victim ways in which their trauma can be “healed” – as though they want us to experience the maximum of trauma so they can plug that information into their useless and amoral databases. I’m going to guess that other targets have been denied support much in the same way I have.

    Comment by Rosey | May 14, 2010 | Reply

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