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Settling In

I got a lot of sleep over the last several days, and since I now realise they are trying to take my sites offline, I have been working at back up’s for the website.

I do have an ongoing situation with one website, where they have hijacked the domain name, stolen it and taken it offline that way, but otherwise I feel pretty settled. Guess I must be doing something right. I was starting to feel that my efforts were not effective enough, but they have restored my faith.

For the first time in about two years I didn’t wake up going oh my gosh, how can the world be like this, or something similar to that effect. I just seem to be in a place of acceptance.

I think some of this garbage is finally settling in. I still would like to move forward with the campaign of making people aware. We are in contact with Civilian Spies all the time. Some who know exactly what’s going on, and others who might benefit from knowing more.

The other thing I noticed is that there is still a lot of confusion online about what is really behind Gang Stalking. The thing that always strikes me as odd is that several sites that were going with the Vigilante theory knew and had know about covert war and Cointelpro before the David Lawson book, but after 9/11 the year the book was written, that information on at least one of those sites disappeared, and we were all sucked into the void of Vigilante groups doing this.

I guess the truth really is out there, but only if you really want to find it. You really do have to be in a place of readiness before you can find it. If you are not, you will never discover it. It brings me back to the movie the Matrix, Morpheus can show Neo the door, but he can’t make him go in, it’s a choice we all have to make.

The information about Gang Stalking, Targeted Individuals, The Hidden Evil, whatever you want to call it, it’s all out there, but I can’t make people choose to believe it. They have to come to the realisation that their cities have been taken over by Citizen Informants and those numbers far out weight what is left of none Citizen Informants. They have to come to the realisation that it’s the government doing this. That this is leading up to the one world government scenario.

Some people can be helped with information, such as what is found on Mark. M. Rich’s site. Others by reading about Stasi, Cointelpro, or by watching videos such as Naomi Wolf talking about the end of America in 10 steps. Others by talking to other Targeted Individuals. Others will never try to see the truth, or want to see the truth, because it is that bad.

For me there are very few things as bad as not knowing the truth. I would rather have the truth than lies. Yet it’s still taken about 2 full years for this to sink in. I am finally sleeping, maybe just cause acceptance has come. This is what it is, and hopefully productive and creative solutions as to how to deal with it from here.

I feel fairly calm. I have used the last few days just to relax. Back up the sites a little bit. Meditate a little, not a lot. Sleep and just realise this again has been like this for sometime, and it may continue, cause the human will is what let’s it go on, but the human will is what can change that as well.

I also realise that some people really do like and prefer these time periods. There were still people after the fall of the Berlin wall crying for the good old days. People who still have parties celebrating how things were back in the good old Stasi days. In Nazi Germany, much like now, many people felt a sense of togetherness. It was for some, one of the best times in history.

For people like me and mine, we hate these times, but we tend to always be ever present in these times. Trying to warn others, trying to get them to see things our way, and sometimes we can, but most times if you are not experiencing what we are, it can be hard to understand. For many things are great. They are helping the country to catch crazy people, terrorists, pedophiles, rapists, etc. They feel connected for the first time in their lives. They use the one handed handed Stasi sign language when a target is near by, so they can at times maybe even forget what they have signed on for, or more often is the case, continue to feel proud of what they are a part of.

Thus is human nature and it’s ever repetitive cycle. I also think that the more decadent a society becomes, the more it can leave itself open for things like this. This kind of occupation.

On a positive note. We have more sites and blogs than we did two years ago when I first came online. I don’t even think we had a YouTube video then. Maybe we did. The term has and is slowly making it’s way into several lexicons. There is more awareness, but not enough. Even if there is what do people do? There is an individual will and a collective will, the two might not match up, but you have to pray that they do, and hope that maybe the human will does want freedom, and will not stand for the future oppression that we are in for.

Again I would have thought that our countries would refuse to go and attack other countries without reason, and that the people of our countries would not stand for it, but most of us did, is subtle ways. It’s horrifying, but it’s all happening over again, and not much is getting done any differently. We have had the biggest failure of our lives and that is failing to learn from history. The parallels are all there, but most fail to see it.

On another note, I have been giving some thought to the DT Stokton article. Now I don’t know if he is a perp posting half truths, or a real target with some accurate information some in accurate information, but I thought I would post a link to his information again.
The article is fascinating, but much of what is there, is not documented or substantiated in the usual ways. So therefore it’s an interesting read, but hard to substantiate in any factual way, except for the fact that some of what he says, I have been able to observe on my own. Other things I would like to research, but have no way of doing so. Has anyone ever heard of a burst bug?

It’s a road travelled, with a path further on to go. We each brave this journey the best way we know how. We are hoping for someone to lead us into the light, to be our saviour, but at times like this, you really are the best saviour you are going to get. When I first came online, I was so looking for one of the many other established groups, or sites to get this out into the light. I then realised that most had no intention of doing so, it was one step forward 2 steps back. At that stage I had to make some tough choices, about what could be done and could not be done. I started a website, took the time off to do the research and came to my own conclusion, and have worked very hard over the last two years to bring this into the light as much as possible.

I see others in their own ways doing the same, and I applaud them. If each TI did the same, we would be a lot further off in the game. For those who can do, continue to do what you can. For those that don’t feel like you can, know that you won’t until you believe that you can, and even then it will feel like a lot at first, but the more you do, the better it get’s. Being passive is just as energy draining as being active. Do something simply because it feels better than doing nothing.

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  1. Hey gsw,

    I have heard of a burst bug. I ended up looking it up while searching for info refarding various forms of implants. It´s really freaky stuff and at this point, I´ll believe or at least consder anything. I´ve just created a blog and put a link to your page. I was wondering if you might be interested in being the first of what I hope will be many interviews that are designed to enlighten the general public and hopefully give the ti community some hope. Pleasa let me know. I´m hopiing that yopu will get my email address. Thanks for all your hard work. Be well.

    Comment by freedom jones | September 4, 2008 | Reply

  2. There was some truth in that article,and maybe more than I know. The fact is,as much as I want to believe the scope is still limited,evidence around me constantly suggests its maybee 1/10,or even1/5 who are involved. Either of these scenerios means its too late to expose. I enjoy your blogs,and am constantly impressed by your composure and thinking ability,yet wonder how you still dont get uniting(fast) is the only chance. Is it the fear of infiltration(understandable),or of being duped(why care),or just wanting to lone ranger it?I dont even wish to consider the option of you being a perp,I doubt you are,but have come to feel ignorance is bliss,at least compared to the option of never trusting. Very few of us have the ability to unite TIs,you do. I wish youd excercise it,if the govt scenerio is viable,and I fear it is,how much time is there?

    Comment by siftedby666 | September 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. Hi freedom jones,

    When I saw the article I tried to research burst bug, implants, etc, I could find nothing to verify that part of the article, but the other things he said about the number he is seeing, those match the numbers that I am seeing. I don’t doubt some of these people would let themselves be implanted with a burst bug, but I have no way of prooving it.

    I will still try to verify what I can.

    Hi siftedby666,

    The numbers are higher. I can honestly say, in the last two years since finding out about this, 95-98% of the people I have met or come across are Citizen Informants. I think I just realised, it’s been like this, probably since the colonies were formed. They come and they silence these people. I see children who’s parents have turned them into Citizen Informants, and they are doing the one handed sign language. One family recently had their innocent 8 year old, spy on me. Had I not been fully aware of what was going on, I would not have had a clue. It’s truly reprehensible.

    The numbers are more like 80% or 90% of some cities. Other cities the numbers are probably 50% or higher, but not lower. Don’t get me wrong, many of them do want freedom, this I know.

    It’s never too late to try for freedom, they know this, and that is why they seem to be stepping up what they are doing. Just because people are Citizen Informants, does not mean they don’t want freedom, many just don’t know how. They did not know what they were getting into, and no idea how to get out.

    I do understand that we need to unite, this has been on my mind, but with the website attacks, I have had other things to deal with, plus a personal situation that has been sucking up my time for months. I think I just got the later dealt with.

    I do have concerns about infiltration. This is how they stomped on a lot of the Cointelpro leaders. If I had not gone at it alone in the begining, then I would not be this far now. But I do get that changing tacktics might be the only way. I don’t like being duped, it’s not a fun thing. I hate being betrayed, and I do not react nicely to deciet. I do like being a lone ranger in some ways, for security, but if this is not what will help the cause, then I am willing to reconsider.

    I don’t feel ignorance is bliss, but I do see that people are the same. I look back at the Jesus time period, and am shocked to realise that the same set up was likely going on then. Instead of Judas just being a snitch, how many others in that time period were citizen informants. I mean only Judas betrayed Jesus, but how many others were citizen informants. I realise not everyone believes in this, but it got me thinking. Also McCarthyism. Again the same forces that were in play then, are still the same now. It has not changed.

    I find it hard to trust. I just went through a situation that taught me once again, trust is not a good thing, but what is the alternative?

    I don’t know if I have the ability to unite TI’s, but it you don’t try, you won’t know. You are right, time is of the essence. I do know that, and thus the attempts to take the websites down.

    I am thinking about it, but thought is cheap after awhile, action is what is required.

    Your points are well made. Mulling it all over, while cleaning up a bit of a personal mess.

    Comment by gangstalking | September 6, 2008 | Reply

  4. In response to “Settling In”

    This is my first reply to your site as I haven’t been online for a couple of years doing any research on the subject. I must say I was greatly surprised to find that the sites have multiplied by leaps and bounds. I hope that this is due to the fact that we’re talking more about it and not that there are so many more of us.

    I have a feeling that what you’re experiencing now is “emotional numbing” which is the bodies rescue response to the stress you’ve been under for a number of years. What you said struck me close to home as I have been feeling the same lately (after 13 yrs) and have just recently acknowledged the fact to myself.

    I personally relish the fact that I am “emotionally numb” because without it I would most likely be insane. They (gang-stalkers) are not the first thing I think about in the morning anymore. I seem to be able to put them out of my mind for the majority of time I am awake and am not as sensitized as I was, but alot of that has to do with the fact that I am now unemployed and not “out there” for them to torture me…

    I thought your comments about going online hoping to find a “saviour who could lead us to the light” was right on track as well. When I saw all the sites, my first thought was “Where is the list of victims and how can I sign up?” and “Who is leading the march?” I guess you’re right, we each have to lead the fight for ourselves. Unfortunately there is no leader. We need the media to back us up and they’re unwilling to stick their necks out for the “good feeling” they would get from it. Who would protect them from being next on the ‘List?’

    How about an International Day of “Stop Gang-Stalkers in Your Community” or “Stop the Torture Day”..something with signs and posters that we can display each in our own way.

    What can we all come up with?

    Comment by Safe Harbor | September 9, 2008 | Reply

  5. I think there are more sites, cause more targets and citizen informants are making sites and blogs. It is getting talked about more, by targets and snitches, it’s just they are still using a lot of disinfo, as a recent search of the net showed.

    I think I have been numb for a long time, I don’t feel as deep as I could, I am sure there is a great deal of emotional numbing involved. I have still gone over a week without going I can’t believe the world is like this. I guess it really has Settled In, but that is sort of good.

    People always want a leader someone to save them, I don’t think many people wake up and go, I am going to go out there and lead, till they have to, just like in braveheart.

    People who do step out of line do get targeted, whistle-blowers, reporters, it would be the same, the only thing is, they would be targeted citizen informants, people who know some of the truth and can’t even speak it.

    People need to become leaders in their own rights. I look at Tim Fields bully online movement, and I don’t think it’s the same since he died. Had he lived, what would have been discovered about collusion and our corrupt system? However that is how the world constantly is. It’s sort of like BTVF, (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in every generation tehre is one.

    Even if there were lot’s of leaders, we have seen what a program like Cointelpro is capable of. I do agree with campaigns, but you can’t fight something that you really don’t know the scope of, at least not very well.

    I think a lot of the TI community still refuses to believe or acknowledge that we are up against a system. Many others do just want to be lead, and will believe and follow the one who seems to be able to help them get out of this. Usually that is the leader the state will appoint. Just like they try to when they tried to get Martin Luther King to kill himself.

    Studying this stuff is facinating, there is not one quick answer, but I do believe the right spark could do a world of good. I do believe people are looking for orginization, resources, direction, and that is not a bad thing. I think what I will continue to try to do for the time being is point them in the right direction, give them the best resources available, and in time I hope we will each get organised.

    Coming together is a strenght and a weakness, as a unified body we could do so much, but as a unified body it’s an entity that can be struck down, and eliminated, just like they did before with other groups.

    I think we must come together, but I don’t think we can do it in the ways other groups have done it in the past. We must find a new strategy for what we are faced with.

    Comment by gangstalking | September 10, 2008 | Reply

  6. I invite those here to read my articles at

    But be aware: Some web sites devoted to gang-stalking are fronts for just more persecution designed as “help” … who knows, there could be elements of that here.

    I check my blog site daily, and the “comments” section is replete with paid disinfo, some of it quite cruel and sadistic. But the articles are mine, although there have been attempts to alter content. Since all articles are constantly archived, that effort won’t succeed, but it requires vigiance on my part.

    Again, watch out for those “meetings” and “friendly” chat boards, folks… it could be another path for your tomenters to work their sadistic torture.

    Comment by Vic Livingston | September 24, 2008 | Reply

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