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United we stand. Divided they fall.

Your government knows.

This is a two part post. The first part is to basically reiterate what has been said in the past, but to hopefully drive these points home a lot deeper.

Your government knows. Don’t believe, not a problem. For those who will believe no evidence is necessary, and for those who will not believe, no evidence will be enough.

However life is not that black and white all the time. It’s still nice to have some proof of what’s happening. If you have never encountered the concept or the idea that governments of the world are slowly coming together to create unions that will eventually merge into one big world government, then I would also want some proof.

Over the life of this blog there have been dozens of amazing links, in this post I am again going to point to a couple that I think are pretty neat and well laid out.

On the site, Mark goes into really in-depth detail about how the elite have come to rule, and who they are. Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergs, etc. He talks about some of the families, and the process that has gotten us here.

He also talks about future plans to to move towards the one world government, (communistic style one world government) and other important topics. The site is a well worthwhile read.

The next site.

Not a site that I am that familiar with, but it also explains the move to try to turn the world into one big police state. For people that are into the more everyday easy to understand x y z, this site might be a decent place to start.

The next site

Niki Raapana, she has done some really nice research on agenda 21 and also talks about the plans that are underway to turn the world into a one world government. It’s a nicely detailed site, and the book is available on her site as well.
But what does this have to do with Gang Stalking and our current situation?

It’s to help put it into perspective. Many are still operating on the delusional belief that the government is going to come to your rescue. Don’t get me wrong, I am sure that there are still some decent people in government. Every once in awhile they shine through.

The person who blew the whistle on the My Lai massacre was aided by one Congressman.

[quote]The carnage at My Lai might have gone unknown to history if not for another soldier, Ron Ridenhour, a former member of Charlie Company, who, independently of Glen, sent a letter detailing the events at My Lai to President Richard M. Nixon, the Pentagon, the State Department, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and numerous members of Congress.[23] The copies of this letter were sent in March 1969, a full year after the event. Most recipients of Ridenhour’s letter ignored it, with the notable exception of Congressman Morris Udall (D-Arizona). Ridenhour learned about the events at My Lai secondhand, by talking to members of Charlie Company while he was still enlisted[/quote]

Also let’s not forget Senator John De Dechamp and his role in trying to expose and get justice for the children of this horror. Even though he did not do what he set out to do, he opened the eyes of those who wanted to see, to some of the things that government and people in high places were doing and are capable of doing to children with drug running, and linked pedophile rings.

Then there was also Cynthia Ann McKinney

Not afraid to speak her mind, and she tried to get Cointelpro investigations re-opened, which would undoubtedly have shed a lot of light on our current situations, but lost her post, before this could happen. 

See I don’t think that they are all corrupt, but too many are, and when someone tries to do the right thing, often they are discredited, lose their post, like Senator Church did, when he finished investigating the first batch of Cointelpro. Often their investigations are stalled, ruined, or nothing comes of it, and the criminals are not punished. History has shown this time and again, and if you are still wondering why, or don’t get it, then I can’t make you get it.

Mark has a great article on his site called Your politicians can’t be trusted.

Not everyone is crooked, but the government knows, and more importantly, the people with power know. If we ever were lucky enough to find one decent, brave, well meaning person, who championed this cause, they would likely meet the fate of their predecessors or worst. I am not saying this to discourage anyone, but just to get you into a more realistic frame of mind.
How can everyone or the majority of people be in on this? That is the part that makes me want to more often than not, bring up my food. Again 2 years ago when I just started to understand what was happening, what was going on, and the source or causes for my harassment over the last 7-8 years or whatever it was a real shock to my system.

If you have read my blog, you have journeyed with me. From realising that the police can not be trusted to solve this or help, there are still good police officers out there, but either they get the system, or are part of it, trying to figure it out like everyone else. I am not going to go over the attempt to file a police report again, it was a lesson I had to learn for myself, but learn I did. I am going to go over the shock and horror of finding out that friends, family, people that I thought I could trust, were a part of this. That this is how society is.

What does that mean? It means that over the last two years, every job that I have had, about yep every public place I have attended, place that I have moved to, people that I have worked with, etc have been a part of this thing, this entity, these Citizen Informants, as Mark calls them. I still call them Snitches. I probably always will, because my first awareness of what was happening, happened due to cluing into the one handing sign language and the fact that some people that I knew to be unethical were doing it. However that did not last long, because before I blogged about it, I also noted decent people being a part of the same thing, I noticed that the stores I went into, had the workers doing the same thing, people on the train, on the street, etc. I then did the research. Found out about the snitching system, East Germany, Red Squads, Cointelpro, etc. Most of it is on the Gang Stalking website. Hundreds of articles, websites, etc that I read, trying to understand this.

Bottom-line, it’s systemic. I have explained it before. This system goes back to Roman time, remember Judas? It also happens that the British Empire, was rife with the snitching system, just one more reason to get away and come to the new world, and the snitching infection came over as well.

Since the beginning of the new world, snitching has been used. Red Squads have been later used to squash and oppress dissidence, again with the snitches being used. Also wives of cops were paid pin money for their info. Yeah keep it in the family.

Wave after wave of immigrants were exposed to these harassment Red Squads. Remember that once a snitch always a snitch and then you teach others the same, and the next generation. That is why you get such a wide range, and most likely why countries with large immigrant populations are seeing more of this. In part because of a) who get’s to come to the new world, and b) because you are more susceptible to the exploitation.

We again had Cointelpro, where many were destroyed, even after the truth came out, the murders, assassinations, false imprisonments, destruction of lives, never changed, never stopped. Even when the truth comes out, the band marches on, in part I am sure because of who Cointelpro was aimed at, but also because it came from the top.

The war on drugs, then terrorism, then something else, has produced legions of snitches, and concerned citizens informants who think they are doing something useful. (You are practicing to be your own jailers, nothing else.)

I digress, how can this be happening in just about every country? How can there be citizen informants? Why would people do this? Why would they go along with this? How can so many be a part of this? Even though I know the answers, I still ask the questions over and over again.

If this is how the society is set up, then overtime, most people will be inducted into this system.

Some via illegal acts or actions, some due to being patriotic, some bullied, bribed, some told lies. Many again believe that they are taking part in something useful, decent, most have no idea that they are a part of their own future enslavement, and if they did, I don’t know how many would care. Also don’t forget, if you were a snitch in your homeland, and you come to another country, the snitching goes with you.

Then that leaves us, the thing that I find interesting about Mobbing, Bullying, Cointelpro, Gang Stalking, the Buzzsaw, etc is who get’s targeted.

A lot of targets of these harassment’s have a lot of the same characteristics. Also a lot of us, seemed to not know about this cute system that is in place. For that matter, even when people become Citizen Informants, they don’t seem to realise the system that is in place, or what it really means, or how wide ranging it is. Most are not asking the vital questions. They are in their own little scoop, which is fine, but the bigger picture is not pretty. For those who do clue in, some turn to drugs, suicide, insanity, or just zone out, and party, cause it’s all corrupt anyways right? Easier to not fight back right, cause we can’t win, right? We still have to try, we might not win, but we have to try. It’s easy to zone out, I have had moments, cause I do realise how overwhelming this is, on top of life’s other garbage, but the end results are too important, we have to keep fighting, and trying to find a way.

It’s no coincidence that while our counterparts are being bulling, mobbed into suicide, job loss, poverty, etc to a lesser degree, we are seeing the more brutal form of this. Keep in mind many of us started with the lessor forms, and didn’t clue into the Gang Stalking, till years later.

This is how society deals with these types, this is how society will continue to deal with these types. It does not matter what field you are in, school you go to, eventually if you do not fall into line, you will be pushed out of line. There are very few people in our society independent enough, wealthy enough to make their own rules. When something or someone does come along, they are often gobbled up into this system. I like to think of what someone said about the Nazi’s and that they would kill off that 1 in 20.

Another factor is the ‘one in twenty’ theory. Apparently, administrators of jails and POW camps, etc., *find* the one in twenty, and isolate them. The one in twenty is the one who initiates action; who motivates the remaining 19; who acts as natural leader. The one in twenty is smarter, more capable, more independently minded than the other 19. The other 19 can be restrained with minimum effort; they are sheep-like, relatively obedient; are ‘followers’. Get rid of the one in twenty, and your job of controlling the other 19 is easy. Perhaps repressive regimes are actively seeking the ‘ones in twenty’ within our midst. They might find them at protest rallies; in Internet forums; etc. They are the first to be picked off. Perhaps they’ve *already* been picked off, which might account for all us sheepies, just sitting here in confusion and dismay, waiting for our ‘leaders’ to come and show us what to do to save ourselves ?

The crazy part of this for me, and will always be, that even though the rich and powerful run the system, they have no control without us. We are going to be the ones enslaving ourselves. It might be the rich and powerful running the show, but on ground level, it’s my fellow humans. You might be getting told, or asked to do this, but you are the ones doing it, and making active choices towards the fate of humanity.

I know it won’t happen, but can you imagine if everyone suddenly just stopped the bs? No more snitching, Citizen Informing, would the world really end? No, but you would miss your rumour mill, your access to be in touch and to know what is going on. I get that it’s important to know what is going on, but if the choice is to be part of the outer circle and a little bit free, not bound by this garbage, then that’s the choice for me.

It’s an easy choice for me, I am single, no dependents on this realm, a few debts, don’t care about fitting in that much, and I like freedom, and I am not willing to sacrifice freedom for security, a false sense of security at that. I also like my independence a great deal.

I know the choice is harder for others. Being a man or woman and having a family to think about I am sure is a harder state to be in. Having a home, and actually caring if you fit in, and wanting to be clued in, but it’s still a choice that we are making for the future, and it’s a choice that you are making for your families future. The world is corrupt, it’s easier in the short term to play along and go along if you can stomach it, but in the long run, what’s the price that is going to be paid.

Then there are those who like this, who really really like this, and will do anything to be a part of this, they don’t question it, they just go along with it, somewhere along the line this dazzled them, and it brought meaning, order, sense of power, belonging, they like society they way it is, they revel in the corruption of this system and would happily trade humanity, conscience, etc for a piece of this pie. More power to ya, and so they do progress.

I really believe there is no fate but what we make, even if it’s with our minds, thoughts and will, resist, fight, don’t go along with this. 

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  1. Very good post, with some very valid posts, particularly the 1 in 20 concept. You’re correct. The majority either are afraid and will snitch out anyone just to a: wither become a part of the structure and fit in, or b: to be left alone.

    I am one of the “1’s”. Targeted for the last 16 years because they know I despise them and am not fearful of them. I have made it perfectly clear that I will kill any who stalk me, and they are afriad of me, because they know that I am extremely weapons proficient and have no scrules about eliminating scum. Call it a public service. So the don’t stalk me anymore, just attack me psychotronically. They are afrid of me. I love it!!

    Comment by jetdrvr | July 2, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hi jetrvr,

    I really wasn’t even aware of the concept before. I like that you have put fear into them. I think that can work. I think that is what they try to do to us. We have to keep fighting.

    Comment by gangstalking | July 4, 2008 | Reply

  3. I believe we must be on a continual campaign to normalize the definition, term, and subject of gangstalking – in the public’s vocabulary and perception – and bring it out in the open by making nontargets aware there is an association between bullying or mobbing with the more wide-reaching practice of gangstalking. This makes it real perhaps. I don’t think it can be harmful to make noise, of course perps will try to come up with some counter measures, but I think nonstop exposure will not hurt targets. Of course we discern that material is actually coming from fellow targets. Gangstalking really exists. Perps approach me and pretend to want to help, want me to email them, or make more obvious ‘crazy’ accusations on my various posts on the ‘net. They can know I am an enemy target! 😛 God bless.

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | July 8, 2008 | Reply

  4. What I still find hard to believe and come to grips with after so many years of this is the sheer size of this. The orginisation involved, for anyone not in the know I can understand why it would be so hard to believe that this goes on. More like something you expect to see in a horror movie than in reality.

    Comment by aussietargetted | July 15, 2008 | Reply

  5. I still can’t believe that this is a system. What amazes me is that I really had no idea. If not for this experience, I would not have believed. I understand why others don’t believe this, cause I don’t think I would have.

    Comment by gangstalking | July 16, 2008 | Reply

  6. I can’t believe it either. I’ve only learnt now that gangstalking itself is a system; Whereas I had thought the perpetrators were soley breakaway-factions of legit organizations. The sinister story keeps unfolding. I never believed in similar stuff like this before, but of course now that I know I’m a target – its all believable! And its starting to become entrenched. Take care.

    Comment by proudchristiangirl | August 4, 2008 | Reply

  7. Divided we fall united we stand.

    This is terrorism – fact —

    Could it ultimately be fueled by terrorists — The world’s perception of the USofA has declined since 911 — and how many countries has our nation tried to “control” with our own values and beliefs?

    Are war has focused outside our borders (decoy) and maybe we should have focused within….

    Targets know the root of this assault on them is ‘THE LIE” but who started it and why? Most of the people are ordinary citizens — which also makes no sense. But, insanity is not understandable.

    Targets do need to unite and need to support each other – simply because the lack of witness is a part of the ploy and the lack of support is part of a target’s fall. I’m clueless and want truth.
    “Three things can not long be hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth.”


    Comment by Rosie | May 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Well if you want to call the government of these nations terrorists, then yes you could say it’s being done by terrorists.

      Comment by gangstalking | May 13, 2009 | Reply

  8. Do we aka the gang stalked community have a petition to congress requiring them (our paid/elected officials) to investigate and immediately terminate this hideous crime on it’s own people?

    It needs to be in one location – like that used by the ACLU? I’m not computer techy – THERE IS NO EXCUSE for the perpetuation of this crime. I do not believe it is difficult to prove. My situation is localized. Ideas/expertise for a professional petition to congress in one place — with TI’s directed people to that place via Twitter, Facebook, and their own web sites????

    Comment by Rosie | June 20, 2009 | Reply

    • The problem is if Congress approves this practice then what are you going to do? Cynthia McKinney tried to get Cointelpro investigations re-opened and look what happened to her. She lost her post, and is now an independent. They know what’s going on, cause they approve it, and when legit people like Candidate McKinney try to get an investigation started, they are mysteriously voted out. It goes all the way up to the top. I will leave it at that.

      Comment by gangstalking | June 24, 2009 | Reply

  9. I do not believe congress approves “this practice”. I do believe there is abuse of power in play. I do believe that even within the “gang stalking” community there is a lot of unsupported information. It is my understanding that Rep. Guest, MO and possibly Ted Kennedy are involved in action to correct this abuse/anarchy. I also believe that “awareness” is a significant factor in correction of this problem. Without participants there is no gang stalking. In addition, with a support network, the psychological ramifications, diminish significantly. It would decrease the harm to the target caused by the isolation and constant third party activity.

    I also understand that there is a class action law suit being undertaken.

    Congress works for us — not the other way around. The people of this country “””us””” have power power then ever before simply because of the WWW. Restoring our liberties or THE LAW under the Constitution is really what this is about.

    Comment by Rosie | June 24, 2009 | Reply

    • When McCarthyism and Cointelpro were in full blown swing, the government were there. When the Stasi was hot, the government was there. I can agree that at times there is information that could be better substantiated, but most times it’s a matter of getting proof to back things up.

      It it my belief that Jim Guest is being put forward as such, wither he is really working for targets or other I don’t know, I have not looked into it. I believe Cynthia McKinney truly was working for targets, and to get Cointelpro re-opened, before she lost her Congress seat, but that will happen.

      I believe awareness is one way to stay alive, and hopefully stay out of the jaws of this cult, that is society, and an informant system that has always existed.

      Wrong this is not just about participants, this is a systemic practice, that has no proper boundries, because of how it’s set up. With awareness comes power, and it gives targets a fighting chance, but that’s it. This society is corrupt, and people have to be aware of this. It can help targets to be aware of what’s going on, but not if they fool themselves into thinking that this is just a few bad elements, the societies are corrupted and have become corrupted, these types of informant systems breed these types of conditions.

      That would be your understanding. Congress does not work for the people, or else the first stimulus bill would have been killed and stayed killed, don’t play yourself. Yeah you would think it would be as simple as restoring the rule of law, but from what I can see, this system has been in place for sometime, people have grown up into it, been obsorbed into it, and many are comfortable with it. I believe it works for many, and if it did not, there would have already been a move to change it.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 8, 2009 | Reply

  10. I tend to believe their is a class action suit in the works as well. I’ve been experiencing this practice for 12 years. In my case I had two “entities” doing the stalking. One intending to do harm, the other, the feds, to observe the ones doing the harm to see first hand what was going on. I’d often felt like a “point dog” in that I’d point the feds towards something I was observing and they’d check it out. Awareness is the biggest weapon we have. Being that this is always under the radar, I wouldn’t be suprised if Congress is oblivious. It is an abuse of power so it would make sense that all of the powers that be are not aware of it. This is one of the things the FBI investigates. The good news is that the people who are involved in this are not terribly bright. I always can spot what trick they’re about to try simply because someone always lets me know. So I experience it, document it, and from time to time send the doc’s to the DOJ. I recall years ago someone mentioned their should be a class action suit, so yes, I’d tend to believe it’s probably in the works. Local Law enforcement are usually aware of it as well, try not to fall in to the trap that they’re “in on it”. The vast majority of people in law enforcement at all levels are very serious about what they’re doing. So give them information to help, it’s their job. Remember the goals of the goons are to try to keep you off balance, don’t help them, help the people who can do something about it. It works.

    Comment by Rick | July 12, 2009 | Reply

    • The truth is the society is set up this way, and a lot of what is out there is stuff the government is letting go through. Many of the sites they own or run, many of the fake cases that were being run or stories that make the news they control. These people are a cult that control society and they bring to the front those who they will. Remember the Stasi used Activist and Dissidents to destroy others, they turned them, and they are doing the same stuff now. I see it but if I wrote about everything it would just sound o unbelievable.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 18, 2009 | Reply

  11. One other comment. The post regarding the “lie”. That’s also correct, terrorism is within our borders, not from beyond. The scam was to make us believe otherwise. My backgound is Mechanical Engineering, specifically metals. You would never be able to convince me that jet fuel can melt steel, or that a 757 hit the Pentagon. It’s not physically possible, regardless of what we were led to believe. One reason most of us were “targeted” is that we’re not “corruptable”, and somewhat influencial. That’s a very common thread. When you understand that you get an idea of how widespread this is and the reason it’s happening. All the more reason for us to help the ones who want it stopped as well.

    Comment by Rick | July 12, 2009 | Reply

    • All we can do is our own part, the scary thing is that most of society will never question this till it’s too late, the ones that come too close to the truth, will be ruined or killed etc, 20 years later it will be just like who killed Kennedy, but it will be was 911 an inside job? Society is very scary like that.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 18, 2009 | Reply

  12. Found a petition – signed it a couple of days ago – Twittered the info and no new signatures — don’t believe that — someone do a test….. trust — what’s that?

    Comment by Rosemary | July 19, 2009 | Reply

    • I removed the link. This is what I think. When new targets get online, they have no freaking clue what they are up against. Most are naive like I was, and they sign petitions or do surveys, giving away their real names. What they don’t understand is that most of the signatures are by informants, or the surveys asking for their personal info, where they live, who their lawyers are are by informants, and the information is just going to be used to mess them over.

      I say fill out a petition or survey if you wish to, but do so at your own expense. I believe that these were good ideas when I first got online, but now I don’t know. I am not even so concerned about the petitions, but when targets use their real names it just makes them more vulnerable unless they are already out.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 21, 2009 | Reply

  13. Hi, I have been gangstalked since 2006, and my life has been extremely bad. Its a very sad existence. The way my targeting goes, is that everytime my mind concentrates on someone or something, there is death, mamiming, or destruction. There have been many deaths that have been linked to me. Gangstalking, I want to thank you, for fighting this battle.

    Comment by Andrew Lewis | July 23, 2009 | Reply

    • I want to thank you for your feedback and say hang in there. I do believe this will come out what they have been doing, but then they will have their people, politicians, media shrills, etc doing the interviews and what not. Real targets have to be aware of this, cause it’s how they opperate.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 26, 2009 | Reply

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