Gang Stalking World

United we stand. Divided they fall.


This post goes out to any other weary traveller that has been exhausted on their path. May you find the most peaceful slumber. 🙂

I woke up this morning and I was really exhausted. Not just because of the electronic harassment on going and the fact that I have been forgetting to shield properly, but because of other things.

Other unanswered questions, not really, I realise the answers and solutions will come when you are ready and you let yourself be open to them.

Ok this post is mostly not gang stalking related, so feel free to tune out.

I have been thinking a lot about reincarnation, not because I am wondering about it anymore, but because I am sure that we do reincarnate. Time and time again we take shape and form, to have human experiences. We form bonds, love, hate, and we tend to reincarnate and be attached and attracted to those we have formed the strongest bonds to. That’s the truth, it’s weird, but it’s the truth. It’s a truth that I knew on some elemental level, but always refused to believe or fully accept until recently.

For any Trekkie’s out there, think Dax, and how the host inherits the memories of the previous host. Except with humans we thankfully don’t often remember what is behind the veil. That is often closed from one lifetime to the next for good reason. Makes sense, I mean you would remember people, places, pain, love, and you could do very little about it, because you are a different entity and must start anew, no going through on the good Karma of your last incarnation. Well that’s not fully true. Even if we don’t openly remember, we have feelings of, or a sense of it. It’s all really interesting stuff.

I also accept that we can have pretty real spiritual experiences in human form. Some which we remember, many that we won’t. I accept that the spirit realm might be as messed up, or more messed up than this place.

I also accept that really rational logic people can find themselves in strange circumstances where they don’t know what to do. along with the whole Gang Stalking thing, I have for the last several months, found myself in a circumstance which for many would seem even more strange than Gang Stalking, except for me, nothing has topped finding out that the world is a creepy government experiment, with snitches at just about every corner. Otherwise this experience would normally top it, and for many others I am sure it does.

Anyways along with that strange path came a lot of weird baggage. I found myself in yet another game I did not want to be a part of, and every time I thought I had finally yanked myself out of the game, I was right back in and sinking deeper and deeper. I wanted out, but just kept getting pulled back in. I realised that the only way to win the game some months back, was just to leave it and lose. Sometimes when you lose you win, and sometimes you win, you really lose. Anyways with and often without my consent or willingness to participate the game continued.

The majority of the players knowing way more about what was ongoing with the game than I did. What else is new. One more area of my life that I suddenly was not in control of, not in charge of, and I hated it, but could not pull myself out.

During that time, I am trying to find the answers to the universe, what to do about the Gang Stalking, and the fact that the world is pretty much enslaved already, the fact that their is a whole entire spirit world that we can tap into if we really want to, mostly if we are at our happiest. So in the midst of the usual junk, I had more weirdness to contend with.

I often think it’s bad enough that the government can get inside our private spaces, imagine when they get inside your head and can hear your thoughts, know your dreams better then you, and what is going in your inner realm better than you do? Creepy? Yes, I am just glad that even if they can read minds, they can’t read hearts.
Anyways back to the irritating game. It was like playing with an immature preschooler, who can’t make up it’s mind. Except really what was happening was dealing with an entity that wanted to see how long the game could be played. Back and forth the ball would spin, all the while promising a winner for the game, and really the only winner was the spinner.

Still a fun trip, one that was better not taken. A path that was better left unmapped and uncharted. It hurt a few innocents in it’s wake, that’s what I am most sad about. That’s the part of this path that I hated. My mandate is to not do harm to others, but every time I got sucked back into this path, it would invariably hurt others, people that I actually had concern for. It was a really bad path to be on. One that I should never have been on, or stayed on as long as I did. Yet it gave me insight into a realm that I would not have had insight into otherwise. A realm that I want to know more about.

Anyways last week I took the advise that I had given myself months ago, and finally got off the path. It’s a game that is never ending, the rules are always the same. Nothing ever changes. Keep the target off balance. In a state of anxiety. Never let them know what is really going on. Be the one in control. After Gang Stalking, this was just another version of the same thing.

Anyways I hope I can stay sober and off the path. (Sober being an expression only.) So that’s my big share moment. Anyways when a path leaves you exhausted, weary, tired, etc. Sometimes as much as we hate it, and might want to hang on, you just have to exhale. Speaking of which, I want to say congrats to Whitney Houston on making a come back. I read that after years of being away she is recording again. Good for Whitney, sometimes things and people pull you off your path, and sometimes circumstances get you back to where you need to be. I am told that destiny is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice.

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  1. One of my perps sounds and acts like she is 5 years old, very annoying, and she always says “Do you hear me!”, I don’t think they realize how stupid they sound, so immature for being involed with the police or government agency.

    Comment by Irma Gonzales | July 31, 2008 | Reply

  2. Title (same)

    This is kind of funny because the sometimes when you win you lose, reminded me of White Men Can’t Jump.

    Also because I have found myself in somewhat of a game, playing field our minds “Earth” its basically a series of coincidences and I don’t mean by the perps, I get them too, but these they can’t possibly produce and it’s constant,
    I mean of a supernatural origin maybe ET’s I dunno.

    I see a word as I think/say it on a piece of paper or a sign, a U2 song was on in my car and ‘your an accident waiting to happen’ were the lyrics as my car skidded and almost hit a pole, but I mean this shit is constant, I mean all the time that’s the coincidence thing.

    I also suffer from the Double Did-get Phenomena if anyone is experiencing this they know how agitating it gets,The double digit is happening with the clocks, CD and DVD players. I mean EVERYTIME I look at them, I get}1.11, 1.22, 1.33, 1.44 1.55 or the damned 3rees 1.03, 1.13, 1.23, 1.33 or 33 on everything especially 3.33 on the clock it is so constant it’s kind of common place now , but the coincidence thing is cool sometimes, like the other day I saw the number plate WAO at exactly the same time as it was sung in a song.

    Now don’t get me wrong, they do play the number plate game, the perps that is, but this was too perfect for the likes of them, usually their stuff is like
    U D OWN= OTO like 4 the order, they use AO, A and O Alpha and Omega, (They love Crowley) so X like for Xeper which just means the becoming. Evy Hammond and V 4 Vendetta or UR EV, OVA U like I am Evy like Eve, Adam and Eve= MAD A + UEE, UR E etc. N U C Y U R E= And You see why you are E, I am quite talented at word smithing so I understand what they r saying, its DIS-EASE so I ignore them, unless I am really bored.

    The other stuff is beyond them, and happens with a magazine on the floor or thinking a word while someone says it, or saying the exact same greeting or thank you as a checkout chick, even if I don’t usually say it, happens all the time.
    Anyone else I would love to know.

    Comment by 3V3NG3LA | August 14, 2008 | Reply

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